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Published Aug 25, 2013 ~ 37 photos

These are the shots I made during February 2013. A lot of them are good night pictures that I post on Twitter / Facebook. I like to say sweet dreams to all my fantastic fans!

February is the coldest month here in Montreal, so I like to warm up with meatloaf, ratatouille, scotch or some nice wine. :)

For Valentine's day, Mike gave me a box of Godiva chocolates. They were so yummy that I ate most of them the same day!

Nostalgia is February's mantra for me, so I decided to re-watch some old episodes of my favourite show of all time: The X-Files.

To lighten up the season, I decided to learn to play the ukulele... I lost interest in playing for now, but I know I'll pick it up at some point because it's such a fun instrument!

February is also the month of the Montreal Motorcycle Show. The Ducati Hypermotard looked promising but after I read the specs and sat on it, I was not so into it anymore.

Shot on Feb 28, 2013