Vintage Camille Portrait

Vintage Camille Portrait

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Vintage Camille Portrait

Published Aug 01, 2013 ~ 11 photos

This is a vintage Camille portrait series from nearly five years ago. I can see how I've changed, but I feel just as beautiful now as I did then. My hair isn't as wild, I'm not tanned from my days at the beach. My look has changed in the way I do makeup, and I'm a little less moody looking now.

Still, I like what I was doing, showcasing more of a modelesque way of being in front of the camera. I've learned a lot about myself, how to show my true personality on film, how to show my joy without being too cheesy. There's something fun about looking back at these photos, though. They are a perfect snapshot of a beautiful time in my life.

Shot on May 22, 2007