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Watch Sophie’s Demo

Here I am. I was on 13 Spicy Nights here in Canada, which is a live streaming sex education/discussion show leading up to Valentine’s Day. I got to represent porn and also give a demo on giving beautiful blowjobs — with a dildo, not a real penis. If you have 4 hours to kill (or just a few minutes) you can watch it, and hey, people certainly commented on my sizeable breasts, too. You’ll learn a thing or two and maybe you’ll laugh at all of our delightful banter. Catch me again on Valentine’s Day from 6pm to 8pm EST!

Porn or HBO?

We already know that we want more penis on HBO, but that’s because there’s already such a sexy precedent set by the channel!  This video exemplifies just that…  HBO sex scenes, when taken out of context, sound exactly like porn.  Many of their shows feature softcore takes on extremely hardcore sex in situations that might not even organically come up in most porn…  At least not the porn I make.  They’re certainly more intense than the average bedroom, I’d believe.

This is fantasy, of course, but it’s still quite vivid…  As is porn!  Maybe I should be thanking HBO for normalizing this level of vivid erotic content.  After all, if you can see all of the things on Girls, True Blood, Game of Thrones, etc…  What’s to keep you from logging on and looking for some high-quality cinematic porn after your favourite show is over, just when your appetite is whet and ready for a little more?

Are there any sex scenes (and we’ll open this up to non-HBO shows and movies, too) that have made you unbelievably turned on?  Would these scenes, if they did contain non-staged sex, basically be porn, at least when taken out of context?  Or is there a difference outside of the fact that it’s mainstream television, so it couldn’t possibly be objectionable?  Oh, and I hope you find the video funny, too!  I think it’s pretty charming.

Social Media Action!

I’ve been trying to be more and more active on social media lately.  Summer fun means that I’m out and about a lot, so I tend to show a lot of the things I’m up to, but there are also lots of things I can share in other mediums.  One medium I’ve used today is sharing via SFW video!  Here’s a bumper that I put up today on YouTube, featuring a little bit of my trip to Paris, and framed around a new series that I’m working on where I teach sexy French words…  Check out the video and you’ll see exactly how to learn dirty French with me!

Sexy redhead Camille Crimson with new bangs

Another thing that I just posted recently on Instagram is my brand new haircut with bangs!  I’ve been without a straight-across fringe for a while, and I decided it’d be nice to go back to this look.  It can have a very modern edge, but also looks very sweet and sexy with a cute, retro feel.  What do you think of my new ‘do?  I love that this candid includes my hair blowing in the breeze in the car.

What ways would you want to see me share on social media?  And what’s your favourite way to share?

Make the Most of Your Jellybeans

This is a video that really touched me when I saw it today.  I love when things are broken down into artistic and easy to understand visual formats.  Sometimes that makes all the difference when it comes to understanding concepts…  Especially when they’re something of this level of importance.

While these jellybeans may be sweet and colourful, their message is a tough pill to swallow: we only have so many days on this earth.  But, instead of looking at that in a negative way, they’ve decided to take it as more of an open ended challenge and question: what are you going to do with them?  We spend so many days of our lives sleeping and eating and working and taking care of responsibilities, which are of course important and necessary, but we also have leisure time.

I try to spend my moments that aren’t taken up by the essentials embroiled in fun projects, getting out on the open road, enjoying my sexuality and indulging my senses.  There are only so many moments, and I really want to get the most out of them.  Watch this video and let me know…  Did it make you want to live your life differently?

Geek Girls Are Real

Upworthy shared this video, and I wanted to share it with all of you.  Although I certainly spend a lot of time here talking about porn and sex, I also spend a certain amount of it talking about gender and about my own personal interests (outside of porn, sex and gender, of course) including some of my geekier proclivities.  Luckily, I haven’t been subject of much speculation on whether or not I’m geeky enough, but it’s tremendously common for women, especially those in sexier professions.

This song is pretty and catchy, but it’s the smiling faces of proud geek girls who really make it, and the simple defiance that they don’t have to prove anything.  It’s nice to have passions and interests and to feel a sense of community, and to have people bully you and tell you that you can’t really love what you love because you’re a girl (or you’re pretty/sexy/seem cool…) is a real shame.

On top of the lovely music by The Doubleclicks and some very special geek guest stars, it’s just a lovely message.  What do you take from it?  Do you think anyone can be a geek?  They do say that we shall inherit the earth.  😛

Dystopian Penis Robot Future

In the future, robots have penises…  Supposedly.  The Onion, as usual, has it right and has made an absolutely hilarious video about our scientific priorities.  Can you imagine someone making a penis robot in earnest when the time comes?  Because I can.  People love two things in life, if the internet has taught me anything…  Robots and penises.  And dinosaurs.  And Scotch…  But you know what I mean!

The robot’s name is Wesley, and maybe some day you could have a Wesley of your own!  I love the idea that the penis somehow would make people feel more comfortable, and that price is an issue.  That robot’s penis is pretty big, though…  It might knock something (or someone) over during his household chores.  And, as we see, he’s not quite ready for sale just yet…  I did feel bad for him when he ran over his own penis.  No one wants that, robot or otherwise.  I just hope he doesn’t feel pain!

Does this version of the future intrigue you?  Would you like a penis robot in your home?  Hopefully this made you chuckle…  It did for me!