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2017-07-12 16_07_35


See the contest rules below…

Tell us if you sense the difference between 24fps and 60fps! Examine carefully the two videos we give you this week. Then partake in our Twitter poll to get a chance to win. One vote, one chance!




Contest to triple your membership at TheArtofBlowjob.com!

Are you able to see the difference between 24fps and 60fps?


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Watch both versions of this week’s update. Go to our Twitter @TheArtofBlowjob, tell us which video you prefer of ‘Sexy in Jeans Blowjob’, is it the 24 fps or 60 fps? Leave us a comment, so we know to whom we should send the grand prize ; )

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Last Chance To Win A Free Membership For The Art Of Blowjob!

FreeOnes Contest

FreeOnes Contest

The Prizes 
1st place: 1 free 1-month membership to TheArtofBlowjob!
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3rd place: 1-week free membership to TheArtofBlowjob!


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Win Free Memberships for The Art Of Blowjob With FreeOnes!

FreeOnes Contest

FreeOnes Contest

How To Play 

  1. Answer the questions on FreeOnes! Look alive, matey! A quiz be on the horizon!
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The Prizes 
1st place: 1 free 1-month membership to TheArtofBlowjob!
2nd place: 2 weeks free membership to TheArtofBlowjob!
3rd place: 1-week free membership to TheArtofBlowjob!

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Sophie Takes On XBIZ


Haha! Yes, that is Sophie with Ron Jeremy at the XBIZ Awards.


As you know, we had Sophie representing us at XBIZ and, I must say, she did a great job. She even had to improvise and make extra business cards because she did so much networking that she ran out, despite having an ample stack as she left for LA.  She’s written up a great summary which can be seen on WhackMagazine, but she’s also included a little personal note about her time there as it specifically relates to the work we do:


I’ve got to say, XBIZ was amazing, but it wasn’t just because of the chance to hang out with sexy people and do a lot of business… A big part of the reason why I loved being there so much is because I love the company I’m representing. I’m a huge porn consumer and I’m a fan of a variety of different approaches, but when it comes to working in porn, beautiful porn is the only kind for me. Whenever I hand people my card, they respond with delight, mostly because they are very well aware of the sites. On the rare occasion that they haven’t heard of our work, they’re immediately intrigued by the concept of beautiful porn created by people who have an incredible connection.


Even though we feel very small in our little company, the influence is far-reaching and it is genuinely changing the face of the industry. The keynote speech at the conference broke down the potential for success in the adult business, and the facts about content producers were as clear as day. If you’re putting up the same old stuff and not caring at all, you will not get anywhere. Give up now. But if you’re making something fresh and new, reaching out to your audience and putting love into your site, now is the best time to be making porn! People will care about what you do, they’ll be so refreshed by your approach and it will flourish. There aren’t nearly as many companies as you’d think who really take this to heart, so it’s wonderful to be a part of a company that lives and dies by these ideals.


We didn’t win. That kind of sucked. I was poised there with my camera, adrenaline pumping, shaking like a leaf as our category came up, preparing to take a shot of our name on the screen. It never did. Maybe it’s because we’ve received so many accolades already, but there was a part of me that genuinely believed we’d win. I was disappointed, but the fact is, we’re a small company. We’ve only been working towards really getting our content out there in the past year to two years. The fact that we were up with so many well-known multimillion dollar companies is something to be grateful for in and of itself. But I hope we’re up for the award again next year, and hopefully a few more where that came from. This kind of porn is worthy of recognition. We’re already making impressive strides, but the day will come that our name will be at mainstream awards.


It’s so heartening to know that word is getting out about what we do, and I share the optimism that we will continue to climb that hill, sharing more and more widely that porn can be beautiful.

Christmas Present Guessing Game Contest

Camille Crimson trying to guess her present on The Art of Blowjob


Okay, so it’s still not looking like Christmas in Montreal but I’m beyond caring at this point.  It’s December 19th and I am going to get into the holiday spirit no matter what.  And what better way to get a little cheer than to guess my present?  I’m not a really impatient person normally, but as soon as I saw this gift, I had to know what’s in it.  I don’t know what drew me to this box, but it’s for me and I want it.  Sometimes we’re allowed to regress a little bit.  You can see me with it in the latest portrait update: Guess What’s my Christmas Gift!


This is where you come in.  I don’t know what the present is.  I need you to guess for me.  You get one guess, and if you guess right, you’ll be entered to win a free one month membership to The Art of Blowjob.  If only one person guesses right, then they get the prize automatically.  And if no one guesses correctly, everyone gets entered into the draw and I’ll pick a lucky person anyways.  It’s not the time of year to be a Grinch, after all.


So, what do you have to do?  Just comment here with your idea of what’s in the box.  Not too complicated.  I’ll post the winner here (and just about everywhere else)  on Friday, December 23rd, 2011 at noon.  Yes, that means I get to open my present early.  Jealous?


Lastly, here’s a video of me with the box that might give you a few clues.  Good luck!