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How To Get Better Blowjobs From Your Girlfriend!

Get The Best BJ!

BJs are about trust and satisfaction! A blowjob is as much for you as it is for her. You can both enjoy the experience. That’s why if she’s doing something you don’t like, you should find a way to tell her! Okay, saying it out loud is not for everyone. So here’s what you can try first!

Okay, saying it out loud is not for everyone. So here are a few alternatives, you can try first, on what you can do to get better blowjobs from your girlfriend!

She’s Too Shy


As soon as you drop your pants, she becomes shy and doesn’t really know what to do with your cock. Start slowly; you don’t want to scare her off.Add some of your masturbations tricks to the mix. Gently take her hand and place it over yours while you stroke. There are many ways to show her what makes you feel good. Close your eyes and accentuate your moans as she moves the way you like it. That way she will feel less foolish around your cock.


Too Much Teeth

bruce finding nemo 2You’re dealing with a shark attack every time she goes down there!?! There is an easy way to get rid of teeth. And it also works, if she is trying to go deeper, then her mouth allows. You know when your cock head hits the back of her throat in an uncomfortable way.

Take control of your cock. Hold your length, placing your hand as close as possible from your pubis. You want your hand to act as a buffer. That way she doesn’t go too far down. That keeps your cock clear of the back of her mouth and her sharp teeth. You can even masturbate. With only your tip available to her, she will licks, kiss and sucks it. You don’t have to worry about your valuable member. As she gains expertise, you can loose a few fingers from your grip, letting her go deeper.

Good For You

There are many ways to keep control over your junk while teaching her what makes you feel good. Don’t be shy trying these tricks. Your girlfriend will gain confidence as she sees you enjoying yourself and soon master the art of the blowjob.

You can always try visual support and learn together with TheArtofBlwojob’s Educational Series. Click Here to watch the 25 videos!


What To Expect When She Deep Throats

Her Responses to DT

Eye watering is not a bad thing! Do not worry she is not crying. To open her mouth that wide and feel you back there, will make her eyes water. Breathing can be hard, but let her take control. She will go to her own rhythm it easier for her to take breaks and breath. Once she is comfortable, you can take the lead, she will adjust to your rhythm. Do not push her too hard and too long, if she has too much difficulty breathing she will gag.


Not A Bad Thing

During deepthroat many women will experience the gag reflex, eyes watering and difficulty breathing. There are tricks to makes all of those discomforts go away when she gives you a blowjob. The gag reflex is one of the hardest to overcome because it is a natural response to choking. She as to very relax and do as if she is swallowing your member. Her throat will widen, given her more space to accommodate you. Her body will find it normal that something is tingling the back of her amygdala, making the gag reflex disappear.

Focus On The Eyes!

The room is drenched in the fresh sunlight that only the early day can bring. Nothing is better than to be surrounded by a big green leafy plant and some radiant colors to spark in Piper’s creative vibes. She mesmerises you with the way her white laced bra holds her fabulous breasts. Piper’s body is gorgeous at your feet. It’s time she gives your morning kiss.

Click Here To View Video!

Click Here To View Video!

Her eyes are just so profoundly hypnotizing as she takes in every inch of your shaft. Your hardness makes her moan. Your view constantly shifts from the blue of her eyes, to her talented mouth, and to her beautiful cleavage. She does things to you that make your lower stomach scream for release. She looks at your cock with desire as she puts three of her fingers in her mouth. She takes them out and rubs her thick saliva all over you.

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The Wednesday Tips: Stimulate The Vagina and The Clitoris, Long Wet Licks!

It’s Hump Day!

Here are some tips that will facilitate or enhance your “hump” technics.


For Her!

2015-08-10 17_40_43

Cassie from TheArtofCunnilingus!

Not every woman can squirt, but she will get a great deal of pleasure from fingering. Especially when you stimulate her clitoris and her vagina at the same time. It makes a ground breaking orgasm.


For Him!


2015-08-10 16_52_32

Piper from TheArtofBlowjob!

She hold your hard manhood straight, starting at the bottom she sticks her tongue out. In one long lick she goes from bottom to top, spreading warmth and wetness on your length. It can be used as a simple tease or repeatedly to make you go crazy.

The Wednesday Tips: Sharing His Caring, Hold Her Hair!

Finally, it’s the middle of the week!

That gives you plenty of time to learn today’s tips for your weekend adventures.

For Her!

2015-07-31 17_17_55

Piper from TheArtofBlowjob!

Take advantage of her being naked during a blowjob. You can touch her as she gives you head, let your hands wander on and in her many folds. As you do, you will be forced to stare at her. Seeing her filled with pleasure will excite you even more. You can alternate between masturbation and blowjob to hear her moans of pleasure.

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For Him!

2015-08-10 16_59_51

An always smiling Piper, from TheArtofBlowjob!

As much as it is sexy to have a woman with long beautiful hair blow you, some hair may get in the way and kill the mood.

You can be a gentleman and hold her hair while she is down there, it will give you a better view.