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Is watching porn without your partner cheating?

Model Piper Blush

Model Piper Blush

For some couples, watching porn without your partner is cheating. The way you experience a porn movie is getting more and more real. With POV VR porn is so life-like that you feel like you are having sex with another person. Expect for the fact that its only virtual reality, there is so real contact. But it is way more intimate than it is from a computer screen. Where do you draw the line?


The best thing is most certainly to talk about it with your partner before you put on your VR goggles! So why would VR porn be cheating when looking at old Playboy centerfolds is not? Probably because VR has got 3D, head tracking, surround sound and it does not get more intimate than that. You could argue that the video you are watching is recorded, you are viewing a representation, it is not there for real nor is it a live feed. But life is an entirely different subject.


A few reasons to help you out convincing your girlfriend it is alright to watch VR porn as much as it is to watch regular porn. Keep in mind is that it may feel more immersive, but it is not more real than a wet dream, your imagination or even 2D porn. The best thing is to let her experience it for herself and see what she thinks about it. Make her try some VR Porn for women. She will be placed in her usual POV and receive loads of love from the man of her choice or even women if that’s what she is into. Try this site, NSFW content ahead, Sssh.com.

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How Much Porn Did People Watch in 2016!

You don’t see many people spreading the word around that they watch porn on a regular basis. But that doesn’t mean they are not doing it. Numbers don’t lie!

Pornhub released a very detailed summary of its year 2016. The largest porn site on the internet sure has enough data to put us all to shame.

Just to give you an idea, they have 729 visits per second. And that is nothing compared to the amount of time people spend on their site, actually watching porn. We are talking 524,641 years of content. Imagine if that time was spent doing something else?

In the United-States alone the visitors spend about 10 min 15 sec per session. Maybe you would have guessed this, but your average Joe prefers to watch porn between 10 pm and 1 am.