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Quickie BJ in the car!

I, Piper, decided to share with you something more personal and original for this update. I thought it would be fun to take you with me on an exciting little road adventure. The YouTube Vloggers inspired me to make this video. To stay faithful to the Vlog style the video was made with only an iPhone clipped on a handheld stabilizer. Watch the full NSFW video here!

Piper Blush

I won’t say too much here because I am quite talkative in the video. So let’s go! But first, we should stop by Starbucks to get something for the road. Then it’s more driving until I arrive at the secret location… got to make sure no one is watching and there goes your belt!

I take your cock out. Place it between my lips. It feels so great to swallow you whole. I move up and down on your hard shaft. As I come up for air, I look around to be sure we are still alone. You throb on my tongue. I this moment when you are about to explode. I stroke the cum out of you into my mouth. It’s so thick and warm. It’s time to clean up and go!

My First Vlog!

I’m so excited to share my first vlog (video blog) with you!

I was kind of nervous and shy at first, but I started to really love talking about everything.  As I said in the video, I am so happy about my Fleshbot feature and my JanesGuide review!  Hopefully you can check them both out and see the amazing sites.  Also, as I’ve said before, don’t forget to participate in the video contest for Our Porn, Ourselves for a chance to win one of ten amazing prize packs including:

* A Babeland gift pack (Moregasm Book, Babeland Buzz Vibe, and BabeLicious Lube in Dulce De Leche, stickers), a silicone Tantus Pixie dildo, a Carnal Nation t-shirt, a one month membership to Camille Crimson’s Art of Blowjob, a one-month membership to NoFauXXX, a copy of The Smart Girl’s Guide to Porn (Cleis Press), two free digital or audio books of the winner’s choosing (Digita Publications), a copy of  I.G. Frederick’s BDSM romance Dommemoir, and from Hot Movies for Her an “I heart girl porn” t-shirt plus 30 free minutes, a sticker and button.

* One winner gets a Dream Package, plus a one year membership to MadisonBound.com.

* One winner gets a Dream Package, plus a one year membership to Femina Potens which includes VIP invites and a complimentary artwork by a local artist.

* One winner gets a Dream Package, plus a one-month membership to For the Girls.

* One winner gets a Dream Package, plus an Indie Porn Pioneer Package that includes five of Madison Young’s most recent DVD’s, all autographed.

* One winner gets a Dream Package, plus a Love Swing from Bliss Connection.

So, as I mentioned at the end of the vlog, I’m going to be doing one a week and I want to answer a question from you guys each week.  Please post your questions here, on Twitter, on Facebook, on Plurk, on Flickr, on Fetlife or on Tumblr!  You’ll get a special shout out from me and you’ll get your question answered!  I really want to connect with you even more and I think this is a really good way.

Finally, my PR/Marketing consultant Sophie has a blog of her own now and she’ll be doing reviews, talking about her sexuality/sex life and sharing with stories of working in the porn industry.  It’ll be really entertaining and you can check her out at www.sophiedelancey.com!