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Making Porn to Make a Happy Relationship

A loving blowjob by Camille Crimson

Do you want to have your heart warmed?  Well, Violet+Rye have a post that will make you feel all fuzzy and good about the world.  They keep their faces and identities anonymous online because of their jobs and very few people in their lives know what they do.  When they told a particularly (charmingly) curmudgeonly friend about their secret porn lives, he responded that it made perfect sense.  “No wonder you guys are so happy together!”

As someone who also has a happy work/personal sex life with the man I love, I have to say that I think that the porn we make contributes to our happiness as a couple too.  It’s a creative project that we embark on together, it’s a constant reminder of our intimacy and it just means that we have a whole lot more sex than a lot of other couples out there, both on camera and off.  Because I blog about sex and relationships, I think more about my own relationship and how to strengthen it.

The rest of their blog post is charming and, quite frankly, hilariously cute.  I hope you’ll read it.  Also, there are breasts!  I want to know from you…  Do you think that having this kind of a project, whether for work or just for passion, strengthens relationships and keeps people happy?  Could you see yourself ever doing something like this, even if only in your wildest dreams?

Rye on Prematurity

Kissing a cock after a sensual facial cumshot

Today I was very much reminded that one of the things I want to do with this blog is to normalize a whole bunch of different aspects of male sexuality and show people that there are valuable reasons to be just as sensitive to its issues as we try to be with women’s sexuality.  Rye of Uncommon Appetites took to their blog to explain a phenomenon that had been happening to him lately…  He’s been experiencing ejaculation sooner than he would like.

Essentially, his masturbatory habits have become less frequent over time for a variety of reasons and he’s left with a lot more pent-up sexual energy.  He loves pleasing his lovely partner Violet with his hands/mouth/toys, but she also loves it when they have penetrative sex, so they eventually get to a place where the penetrative sex just doesn’t last as long as they want.

This is where things get especially amazing…  They spoke about it together and came up with a solution that totally worked for both of them.  Instead of retreating out of shame or confusion or continuing on, just thinking that something might one day change, they took action.  What did they figure out?  He just needed to come once and get it out of the way and then he’d have a much easier time afterwards.

So, they went right to penetrative sex, they had a bit of fun and he ejaculated, then they kissed and played around until he was ready for round two, which was exactly what they needed.  Perfect, right?

On top of making very sexy videos and sharing lovely glimpses into their lives, Violet+Rye are also real examples of making sex work.  We all go through peaks and valleys, we all have things that sometimes interfere with the natural progression we’d like, but there are ways to communicate, explore, try things and work out a solution.

If you’re having any issues with any degree of premature ejaculation, this is a really great strategy to try.  Who knows?  It might work for you!

Have you ever had a little hurdle to get over, sexually speaking?  What did you do and what did you try?