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Piper Explores Blowjob Eroticism

Sensual blowjob by gorgeous babe Piper


Piper looks so beautiful in this shot, but it pales in comparison to the beauty of her blowjobs. She really pulls out all of the stops with this one, exploring different facets of eroticism as she plays with the reaches of what a blowjob can be. It is at once simply elegant and yet unbelievably creative. She’s like an artist at work and, well, we do call it The Art of Blowjob for a reason. Just let yourself fall for her as she seeks out the eroticism of the blowjob with all the skills and techniques she has at her disposal. It’s hard to take your eyes off of her, so why even try? Just settle in, enjoy yourself and follow along as you imagine what a blowjob can be if you just position yourself as a conquerer of pleasure, open to new sensations and interesting ways to play.

Explore with Piper on The Art of Blowjob.

Watch Sophie’s Demo

Here I am. I was on 13 Spicy Nights here in Canada, which is a live streaming sex education/discussion show leading up to Valentine’s Day. I got to represent porn and also give a demo on giving beautiful blowjobs — with a dildo, not a real penis. If you have 4 hours to kill (or just a few minutes) you can watch it, and hey, people certainly commented on my sizeable breasts, too. You’ll learn a thing or two and maybe you’ll laugh at all of our delightful banter. Catch me again on Valentine’s Day from 6pm to 8pm EST!

Listen to Our Beautiful Cunnilingus Compilation

A sensual video compilation of moans and cunnilingus

Moans, moans, all kinds of moans. As much as the visual aspect of cunnilingus is very compelling, I’m all about the sounds. In fact, when it comes to sex in general, sometimes I just close my eyes and listen to my partner and my own sound and the sounds of our bodies together. Sometimes it’s exciting to focus in on one sense in particular. Of course, this video is a video, so there is a visual element, but you can try closing your eyes and listening to it as well. It’s so unbelievably sexy to hear these different women and the way their moans can be so varied. Even from woman to woman, there’s such a diverse soundscape from soft, gentle, almost whispered reactions to intense, loud, visceral sounds of extreme pleasure. Then, when you finally can’t take it any more, open your eyes and witness the amazing spectacle of women’s orgasms with the added bonus of the auditory experience. You’ll be glad that you took the time to layer those senses after enjoying just the sound all on its own.


Listen to the moans and watch the orgasms on The Art of Cunniligus.

Focusing on the Frenulum

Sensual educational blowjob with frenulum teasing

It’s fun to wield power during a blowjob, and I’d highly recommend adding frenulum teasing into your blowjob experience if you like to give with power or receive with a little more surrender. For those who are sensitive to frenulum stimulation, having someone work their tongue, lips, fingertips and palms over it can be almost excruciating, but in the best way possible. It’s not too much stimulation, but it’s ALMOST there. It’s so exciting to watch a man writhe under me, responding to my every whim with a jolt of intense pleasure. Even for penises with less sensitive frenulums, it feels extremely good to have this kind of attention focused on such a particular spot on your body, especially when it’s included as part of a larger blowjob experience. Piper shows the ins and outs of frenulum play, so that you can enjoy it whether you give or receive. She charms the penis and the camera, too.

Watch the latest educational blowjob video series update on The Art of Blowjob.

Free Video

Gorgeous Selina relaxes in lace panties

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Good Vibrations for Blowjobs

Sensual blowjob with a vibrator in educational series


Think that vibrators are just for women? Think again. One of the easiest ways to spice up a blowjob is to add a prop. For this week’s educational series video on The Art of Blowjob, Clara shows off how to use a vibrator to accentuate the sensuality of a blowjob. This includes using the vibrator on different parts of the penis and balls, but also using it on herself to make the experience about mutual physical pleasure instead of just about giving. Seeing your partner experiencing pleasure while you’re enjoying a blowjob is absolutely the best, don’t you think?