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An Erotic Exploration Of Piper’s Breasts!

Piper's Breasts

Piper’s Breasts

It is not solely the mouth to cock contact that renders the oral sex experience unique, it all that is done apart from the blowjob that makes each session different. By using her fingers, hands, moans, etc. She can create the most passionate and sexy oral sex with a twist. Let’s start 2017 with just that a create new twist the blowjob you love to receive from Piper.

Watch the Full-Lenght Video Here!


A Sexy New Model on TheArtofBlowjob!

Niki from TheArtofBlowjob

Niki from TheArtofBlowjob

With the arrival of our new site, we wanted to give you another little something that was new!  An exclusive video with a new girl.

I present you: Niki. She is a very ‘coquine’ brunette. Her smile is enchanting and so are other parts of her body… She will be in this Friday’s Update on TheArtofBlowjob.

Don’t miss it, she quite something!

A Gorgeous Reflection on TheArtofBJ!



Her long body folds as she gets down on her knees. Piper is completely nude. You see her curvy bottom. Your eyes come upon her narrow waistline. Her proportions are exquisite. She makes you hard just looking at her. It’s just her reflection in the mirror, the real thing is in front of you, on you.

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Piper moves on your length with her lips. She keeps both her hands on her thighs, submissively. You are in control, guiding your cock into her hungry mouth, slapping her lascivious tongue making her moans longer. You get absorbed in the immense pleasure she is giving you, and still, you take a glimpse at her lower back’s fair skin thru the mirror.

Amarna’s Five Secrets For The Best Blowjob!

As a good sucker, I have my tricks:

1 – Eager sucking

This is the main factor that differentiates a good blowjob: you have to enjoy it as much as your partner. If you are tired, do not get it! If you end up looking bored your partner is not going to enjoy what could have been a great blowjob.

Also, when you really want the other person to feel pleasure, you strive to do your best and that’s what we want! Perfect cum! : D


2 – Drooling

Natural lubrication to keep the cock wet. Take care not to put a lot of drool! If it is too much you can make the area less sensitive  (This is what It usually happens to me, I’m a walking factory of drool). Depending on the person and their personal tastes it can be a plus to spit or create threads of drool when you separate the mouth.

I personally like to do threads of drool while I’m jerking off, stare at him and go collect the drool with my mouth without separating my eyes or stop moving the hand. Triple hit combo.

3-Combining  hand/mouth

The purists will criticize this point, but for me, it is an essential part of a good blowjob. The mouth and tongue eventually  get tired, and it’s much better to combine the heat and humidity of the mouth, with the minimalist sobriety of a handjob, to look tired. Return to step 1.


4 – Change the speed

The speed and pressure, in fact. There is no better blowjob that the one that goes in crescendo. First with your hand, gently, you move the skin up and down, without too much pressure. Then, now with the mouth, you fill the area with drool as you press a little with the lips. You start to shove it deeper and deeper, while the pressure of your lips increases tightly, sealed around the cock.

If in addition, at the end of the deep throat  you separate your mouth from the cock and create a thread of drool, that means that you’re on track.

5 – Looks

For me, one of the essential parts for a blowjob is to look at the right time. For example when he is about to reach orgasm, with a face of “ohmygodimgoingtocum ” and then you slow the movements and stare at him.

Or while you ‘re doing a deep throat and you stare at him with a face of “pleasecumonmymouth”. Irresistible.


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TheArtofBlowjob’s Halloween Special!

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On Friday the 28th you can enjoy, a little in advance, TheArtofBlowjob’s Halloween treat.
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