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The Art Of Sensuality: Eroticism in Black and White.

The Art of Sensuality is a site that emphasises on the beauty of eroticism. The videos and photos capture raw acts of desire that come from bodies reacting to each other’s sexuality. An artful depiction of sexuality nourishes the spiritually and the intellect.

Sensuality in its whole is an expression of one’s self-love, passion, and grace. To truly appreciate one’s sensuality we need to focus on its essence. Leaving everything else behind us. Therefore the medium chosen to render justice to one’s sensuality better is the art of cinematography and photography in shades of grey.

Black and white. A poetic uncertainty resides in the absence of colors, one that leaves only place for creative fantasy. Let your senses guide you towards the object of your admiration. No knowing if you will ever recognise her in the street. She can be blonde, brunette, or even a redhead. The scales of gray will forever keep it a secret.

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Official Launch of The Art of Cunnilingus

Selina gets blissfully sensual cunnilingus

Today is the official launch of The Art of Cunnilingus. We’ve been perfecting everything while in beta, but we feel like it’s all ready to go and be shared. We have so many gorgeous updates. so it’s really exciting to see how much we’ve amassed already in just a few months. When you actually sit down and watch it all (as I have done and will not doubt do again, both for work and for fun) it’s an almost overwhelming to see so many women experiencing pleasure and orgasms. It’s a departure in a sense from what we’ve been doing with The Art of Blowjob, but it’s so compelling to show the beauty of oral sex in a whole new way. We hope you’ll take a peek to enjoy the fruits of our labour and the beauty of cunnilingus!

The Oatmeal on Making Things

Comic from the Oatmeal about making things

This is a really great comic.  The Oatmeal comes up with many clever and touching things, and this is no exception.  It’s all about the experience of creating content specifically for the web.  Although he makes comics and I make porn, the experience actually doesn’t seem to be all that different.

For one, the above comic panels illustrates how it can feel like inspiration is elusive.  I know it sounds funny to say that about blowjobs, but we really do try to make each video different.  Different angles, looks, sensations, focuses, backgrounds, outfits, styles…  This Friday marks the 400th update on The Art of Blowjob.  It’s phenomenal to think that we’ve come this far and managed to keep things fresh.  It’s exciting.

The other thing is the importance of balancing the delicate art of listening to suggestions and comments and not being completely swayed to change beyond what is comfortable and reasonable.  We have certainly evolved over the years, but it’s not because people want to see me do particular things, but rather that there are things I want to try sharing.

For those of you who make creative things and share them, do you ever feel like any of this?  Or even if you don’t, have you felt similar feelings about the ways in which you relate to the world?  It’s funny to think that a hilarious comic could so succinctly describe the interesting experience of putting yourself and your work out there to the world.

Brand New Sex and Nudity Site – CamilleCrimson.com

Gorgeous redhead Camille Crimson having sex

This is a long time coming.  This is a long, long, long time coming.  I have heard every single time someone has told me to show more nudity, take more photos and make videos featuring penetrative sex…  I promise, I have.  But I wanted to wait until the moment was right and I could really focus on making a website that would reflect me and my sexuality throughout the years and in the present.  Luckily, that time is now.  I present to you: CamilleCrimson.com.

The site is still in beta while we bulk up the content, but my friends on my blog and through social media get the first sneak peek.  You can sign up as of right now and see the 40 updates we have so far.  That’s already nothing to sneeze at…  Though you may need a tissue after.  It’s a mix of some vintage content showing different sides of my sexuality and more and more new content, ranging from cute teases to hot sex videos.  We already have a few of them, but there will be more where that came from.

I would really love to know what you think of it, from the layout to the content to the decision to go in this direction.  I’m incredible proud of it, and I think that it’s the perfect way to show a different side of myself and share my sexuality in a new way.  Thank you so much for being such a supportive environment.  I’m glad I can share this with you here first.

Your Favourite Updates

Camille Crimson gives a sweet and sexy blowjob

This is the week I’ll be hitting 1000 blog updates, and I did want to address the question I got in the Q+A about my favourite updates, but I also wanted to know yours for the momentous occasion…  At least in my mind!  Here’s the original question:

When you think back on all the shootings of the past years, do you’ve some personal favourites? Something like your all time favourite, something like your top five of all shootings? – and please, tell something about them.

Before I get to that, I would really like to know, what are your top 5?  Are they videos?  Are they photos?  Are they old?  Are they new?  Are they focused on something in particular, or based more on a feeling or simple look?  There are so many wonderful ways to make these videos, and I think my reasoning for having favourites would be so different from yours.  I’m sure we could have a little interplay between the two and that would make for quite an interesting conversation.

So, let me know which updates pique your interest and then I’ll tell you mine!

Lilyanne’s Blog is Back!

Beautiful Lilyanne Bloom nude on the dock


It’s been a long time coming, but Lilyanne Bloom’s blog is finally back.  There was a very odd technical issue that wiped out her whole blog, so she had to go back and add everything from the beginning, which was quite a lot already.  Considering she had tons and tons of updates to create for Pornographic Love, she had to take her time.


Now, nearly 3 months later, it’s back online and she’s posting her thoughts, moments from her life and previews to her beautiful porn updates again.  She has a wonderful voice and she is so great at sharing herself, so it makes me very happy that her blog is back.  I’ll be featuring her posts here from time to time, but I really hope that you’ll add her to your blogroll…  She is so worth it…  And there are so many sexy photos and videos there…  It’ll stimulate your mind and a whole lot more.  She sure does for me.  😉