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The Uniqueness of Blowjobs

PIper witnesses an amazing cumshot

Each and every blowjob is like a special, sensual snowflake. Well, not really, but kind of. We have so many updates on the site, and they’re all blowjobs. You might think that would become boring but, well, would you get bored of blowjobs in your personal face-to-face life? No, probably not, provided they were enthusiastic, skilled and connected! The same can be said for our blowjobs. There’s always a new energy, a new approach, a different manifestation of connection. They take on so many different styles and atmospheres and elements… Today, for instance, Piper dons a pearl necklace (the literal kind) and uses a cock ring and her mesmerizing blue eyes to add something different to the blowjob, and she in turn is absolutely spellbound by the eventual cumshot she helps to create.

Watch yet another unique, special and beautiful blowjob now on The Art of Blowjob.

Personalized Vibrators for All!

Crescendo by Mystery Vibe from MysteryVibe on Vimeo.

This is on our wish list big time! It’s an incognito and adjustable vibrator called Crescendo by Mystery Vibe. Their tagline is Your Body, Your Pleasure, Your Way… The awesome folks over at Mic herald it as the greatest vibrator of all time, and we may just have to agree. It’s aesthetically beautiful, it can be customized to fit all sorts of bodies and desires and it doesn’t scream sex toy right off the bat if you were to find it in a drawer.

Really, you only need one to replace so many different kinds of vibrators. And it’s not too noisy, it uses wireless charging, it’s waterproof, it’s easy to clean and you can customize patterns using their app! Some new sex toys seem pointlessly gadgety, but this one really addresses the fact that vibrators can be disappointing when you take them home if they don’t fit your body right. With the Crescendo, you just bend it how you want it and enjoy internal or external stimulation… Or both!

They’re crowd funding and there’s a whole month left, so get in on the bottom floor and you could take home one of their totally unique takes on the vibrator.

Blog of the Beast

You all know I’m not superstitious or religious, but I do think it’s funny that this is my 666th blog post.  This is the blog of the beast!  It’s weird to think that I’ve already written 666 posts.  That feels like an incredible amount, but then again, I really amped it up a little over a year ago (has it been that long?) to about 5x per week.  Obviously, I haven’t been able to post every single day, because sometimes life gets in the way, but largely I’ve been on track with posting here every chance I get.


It’s been great to be in a writing routine, because it’s so easy for a blog post to get pushed to the bottom of the to-do list unless you have certain expectations of yourself.  I have to admit, when I first started this blog, I was nervous.  My English wasn’t quite at the level it is now, I didn’t have anyone to check it over for me and I was worried that I’d run out of things to say fast.  Luckily, that isn’t the case.


I try to keep a good balance between site promotion (and the necessary reblogging of interviews/reviews/features) with more indepth though and even day to day stuff.  I don’t always get the recipe perfectly, but I think it’s largely pretty good.


There are so many incredible commenters here, and I feel unbelievably supported by all of you.  I’m glad that we’ve developed our own little unique community here to discuss things, although even your compliments are very sweet.  I know it’s weird to get this sentimental over a blog milestone…  Especially the 66th blog post, but I’m a little bit different.  😉