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Are you in for some role-play action?

TheArtofBlowjob goes all Halloween themed for you with a few of the best roleplays! Choose between all of the different Piper, as a member¬†you can view all of them plus the 650 updates ūüėČ

Say goodbye to your favourite air stewardess before she leaves for her flight!

Click here to watch: Air Stewardess!

Click here to watch: Air Stewardess!

Teach Piper a lesson, she’s not listening in class and her schoolgirl uniform is not quite reglementary!

Click here to watch: Schoolgirl!

Click here to watch: Schoolgirl!

Invite the cowgirl next door in for a fresh lemonade, she might want to keep on ridding afterward?

Click here to watch: Cowgirl!

Click here to watch: Cowgirl!

Feeling cold on this fall day, Nurse Piper can take care of all your needs. Just ask her!

Click here to watch: Nurse!

Click here to watch: Nurse!

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A Sexy Nurse for Halloween: Just what the Doctor Prescribed!

Some women are just natural caregivers. They like to take care of your every need without ever asking anything in return. That is just the way they are, helping others makes them feel happy and satisfied. Let Piper cure you, click here!

Naughty Nurse Piper

Click on image for more

Piper is the nurse that has the most success rate in healing the patients. No wonder she takes great pride in making them feel as comfortable as she can during their stay at the hospital. The Doctors love to work with her because she is always smiling and in a good mood. You are about to discover what Nurse Piper is capable of… Become a patient now!


Sexy Nurse gives you a Hand!

Intoxicating Nurse

Intoxicating Nurse

Let nurse Piper cure you now, click here! Your nurse enters the room. She leans over to place the essentials on your side table. She bends over on purpose, or does she? You can’t see a pantie line. She comes next to you to feed you a glass of water. Her gentle fingers brush against the ugly fabric of your hospital gown, right next to your groin. She lifts up your robe to make sure everything is on order. Piper takes her job very seriously. Her hand massages your enlarging crotch. She pours oil over it. Is that what the Doctor ordered?

Teacher and Student Role Play on TheArtofBlowjob

What would you do if you were a teacher and had to deal with a none obedient student like Piper? Make her stand in the corner, keep her during the recess, make her write: I will not…, hit her fingers a the rules… Don’t guess any longer¬†see what happens now, click here!

Click here to watch now!

Click here to watch now!

See the length of what her teacher filled her with to make sure she obeys the school rules from now on, click here to view.



Piper Blush is a Naughty SchoolGirl!

Naughty Schoolgirl!

After School Naughtiness

Piper is the naughtiest of all schoolgirls. She never listens, always talking and writing in her diary. A real brat. Today her teacher has had enough of her indiscipline. She stays after school hours to write all of the bad things she will no longer do in his classroom. Watch her punishment right now, click here!



Men I Would Like to Fuck

Hi everyone!

Since I did a post about the women I’d like to fuck, I thought it would only be fair to the gentlemen out there if I made a list for them, too. ¬†Of course, we all know that Mike is at the top of my list, but a girl can still fantasize a bit, right? ¬†So, you’re probably going to notice right away that my list of men is very different than my list of women, and not only because of the gender switch. ¬†Pretty much my entire list of men is based on my geekiness, so not all the men on it are as hot as someone like Dita Von Teese, but what they lack in conventional sex-appeal they more than make up for in other areas.

Without further ado, here’s my list!

The first gentleman on my list is one you might recognize from a little show called Star Trek: The Next Generation.

That’s right. ¬†It’s Michael Dorn as Worf! ¬†That rugged, ridged head is just to die for, am I right? ¬†I’m such a Star Trek geek. ¬†It’s because he’s got such a primal aspect in the character. ¬†It’s all right there.

But seriously, as a non-Klingon, he’s pretty sexy. ¬†He’s got a real warmth about him, but he’s still very striking and sexy. ¬†In and out of costume/makeup, I would definitely fuck him. ¬†He’s tall, he has a deep voice and I just love that about him.

The next man on my list is from another one of my favourite sci fi shows… ¬†Battlestar Galactica!

It’s William Adama, played by Edward James Olmos. ¬†I am an absolute sucker for a man in uniform. ¬†He’s strong and he’s a real leader. ¬†I find that so sexy. ¬†He’s got the perfect blend of quiet power. ¬†Plus, his eyes really pierce through and emote.

Who’s next on my list? ¬†Well, as a Mac evangelist if would be pretty hard to skip over this genius…

Steve Jobs!  Really, is anyone surprised?  This man gave the world the most wonderful computers in the world and completely revolutionized the way we listen to music.  I would want to fuck him in an iBed, which would be like a giant iPad with pillows and a bunch of great vibrating apps.

So, I didn’t say that all of my choices would be purely geeky…

I find Edward Norton to be so sexy. ¬†Ever since I saw Fight Club, I’ve had periodic fantasies about how he shed his meekness and embraced all of the animal nature inside of him. ¬†He could unleash that all in bed… ¬†I hear he can be kind of a bitch in real life, but I’m sure I could set him straight.

As a music lover, obviously I’d have to include a musician…

Trent Reznor is so sexy. ¬†I love NIN and I’ve always had a crush on him. ¬†His vocals are so seductive, his lyrics are so raw and his music is just so intense. ¬†Besides, look at how sexy and brooding he can be? ¬†I’d push that hair out of his eyes and fuck him like an animal.

Finally, my number one is pretty obvious, and another score for Star Trek…

Patrick Stewart as Captain Jean-Luc Picard. ¬†Just look at him! ¬†He’s so debonaire. ¬†He has such charm, wit and presence, he’s just like a magnet and all eyes are drawn to him. ¬†That accent is so unbelievably sexy. ¬†I’d make it so hard. ¬†(See what I did there?) ¬†But seriously, how could anyone not want to be all over him? ¬†Trekker or not, you can’t deny that the man is hot.

I was going to include my love for sci fi writer Ray Bradbury, but that might be a little creepy since he’s in his 90s. ¬†That said, I agree with this video in a big way.

There’s even a pretty cute picture of Ray Bradbury watching the video. ¬†I wonder what face he’d make if he knew I wanted to show him The Art of Blowjob.

So, that’s my list. ¬†What do you think? ¬†Do you like my choices? ¬†Are you surprised? ¬†Is there anyone you thought I’d pick but didn’t?