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New Photo Update on TAOBJ!

This week on TAOBJ, you get multiple photo updates. That’s a big¬†extra to accompany the sexy Facial Friday video that’s already online!

Throughout the week, Piper will put up all of the pics she took during her time in South Beach. Go to the Photos section of TheArtofBJ. Careful, torrid content ahead!

Here’s a sneak peek ūüėČ

Piper Blush Photo Update

Piper Blush Photo Update

My first day of exploration in South Beach was to find the perfect Miami bikini. This Photos update is focused on me wandering around the streets trying to find a great swimsuit store… See more wild pics, click here!

At a Japanese Blowjob Bar

Cock rubbing against her lips, Camille Crimson gives a sensual blowjob

Today I ended up reading an article about a subject that I’ve never given too much thought to before. ¬†This article is about Japanese blowjob bars. ¬†Although this type of sexual business is unheard of in Canada, there are lots of salons in Japan with various types of available sex acts. ¬†In fact, you can even get away with passing yourself off as a restaurant if you serve food or drink and don’t allow full penetrative sex. ¬†I can’t imagine that flying in Montreal!

This article is mostly in interview format with a young woman who works at one of these bars. ¬†Unfortunately, it doesn’t paint the best picture of the situation. ¬†It’s fairly matter of fact, but she doesn’t seem to be at all passionate about it, and she started as a virgin (her words – she means she had never had intercourse) because she really needed the money. ¬†Obviously this drew a parallel in my mind to mainstream porn hiring people in need of quick cash… ¬†That’s never the easiest way to get into an industry with such a personal aspect.

The blowjob bars themselves actually do sound interesting, but you’d have to be a very specific kind of person to thrive in a workplace like that. ¬†I may dearly love giving blowjobs, but a big part of that comes from the fact that I do it when I’m genuinely turned on and I do it to someone I care about. ¬†Some of these girls end up giving 15+ blowjobs per day, which is rough on any jaw.

The ending is kind of odd, but I suppose very real. ¬†They discuss infidelity and prostitution and the interviewer (a man who goes to sex workers) ends up admitting that he’d be distraught if he found out his partner was a sex worker. The young woman he’s interviewing has a boyfriend who doesn’t know what she does. ¬†Then he asks if he should break up with his current girlfriend and just spend time with sex workers instead, and she doesn’t seem to really know what to say. ¬†Obviously, this is not an uplifting end to the discussion.

This interview, while not easy to read, is an interesting peek into this kind of workplace. ¬†As with any sex work, there are some people who love what they do and others who don’t as much, so it’s important to remember that this is just one story out of many.

Read it for yourself and let me know… ¬†What did you think? ¬†Have you ever been to a place like this, or would you?

MacBook Pro Retina

Camille Crimson has a new Mac toy


Isn’t it beautiful? ¬†Yes, I know, I know… ¬†I’m always getting pretty new toys, but the MacBook Pro Retina is certainly useful! ¬†The thing is, we’ve recently realized that traveling is a huge motivator and aphrodisiac! ¬†Changing up the scenery is really wonderful, we get to go to new and exciting places and it makes us want to work even harder!


So, of course, we need a really great computer for everything from editing to popping in to say hello to everybody and updating you all on our trip! ¬†Any excuse to get a new Mac, of course, but this is as good an excuse as any! ¬†I love the retina display so much. ¬†It really is as vivid and precise as we could hope for, which is extra important with the HD videos we’re making.


It’s nice to have something portable that feels just as good as our trusty iMacs. ¬†We want to deliver the best quality we can to you. ¬†If that means I need to buy myself more toys to make that happen, well… ¬†I guess I’ll have to sigh heavily and open another Mac box. ¬†ūüėõ


Have any of you experienced the MacBook Pro Retina up close and personal?  What did you think of the display?

Goodbye 2012

Camille in sexy lingerie and putting on makeup

2012 has been an amazing year. ¬†We launched Slow Motion Blowjob, I was picked as the 2012 Fleshbot Crush Object of the Year (and today is my last day!), we were nominated for XBIZ Awards, AVN Awards and the Feminist Porn Awards, we launched our first DVD…

So much happened professionally, but we also went to Paris, solidified our love of motorcycles, I embraced primal living to the fullest and we let our passion grow more and more. ¬†I love everything that I’ve been able to do this year… ¬†I learned a lot about how to enjoy life even more, and that’s a valuable lesson.

What did you experience and accomplish in 2012? ¬†Are you sorry to see this year go, or are you ready for a new set of adventures? ¬†It’s a mix for me. ¬†2012 was definitely a year for the books, but that’s what I said about 2011, too! ¬†I’m always ready for new things and to toast to the new year. ¬†I can’t wait to see what you have in store, 2013!

Planes, Trains and Blowjobs

Camille Crimson giving a sensual blowjob before a vacation


I’m off to Paris pretty soon and I couldn’t be more thrilled. ¬†I am of French lineage and I can’t wait to get to spend time luxuriating in a city so close to my heart in many ways. ¬†French food! ¬†Amazing destinations! ¬†Lots of culture! ¬†Wonderful people watching! ¬†There are so many things to do… ¬†But first, we had to pack. ¬†Planes, Trains and Blowjobs takes a little diversion before we get back to organizing our suitcases to make sure they’ll fit on the plane.


Sexy sucking with a sensual blowjob among the suitcases


While we’re away, I’ve got some blog posts lined up and we’ll have updates. ¬†Sophie will be making sure everything runs smoothly and I’ll no doubt be checking on social media to say hi and let you know how my Paris vacation is unfolding. ¬†Well, it’s not just a vacation. ¬†As much as we’ll be enjoying ourselves and experiencing the city, we’ll also be doing a lot of shooting to get lots of new content inspired by the sensual and romantic surroundings!


Sexy kissing from sensual blowjob goddess Camille Crimson


As we get back to getting things straightened out for our trip, I hope you’ll take a peek at the trailer or watch the full video and let me know what you think of this nice little break we had before getting back to the headache of making sure all my lingerie is present and accounted for! ¬†ūüėõ