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Using Cock Rings in a Blowjob

Piper using a cock ring during a blowjob

Another Wednesday means another new update in The Art of Blowjob’s educational blowjob video series. This week, we focus on the cock ring. Since there aren’t a ton of sex toys for penises, we wanted to explore this one in depth both for safety and for how to include it as part of a blowjob.

You’ll learn how to avoid snags and snapping and how long to keep it on at first, all of which is very important to keeping your cock ring experience positive and sexy. You’ll also learn how it can change up sensation, prolong your enjoyment and how some licking around the cock ring can really liven up and expose the different feelings.

Go ahead… Put a ring on it and explore a new kind of blowjob! But watch the video first and learn a thing or two to add to the excitement.

Vibrator Song

Here’s a silly song for a Tuesday afternoon.  It’s cute, extremely cheesy and about a vibrator.  Who among us hasn’t felt the glowing anticipation of enjoying something sexy for the first time?  Maybe not necessarily a vibrator, but perhaps getting excited about going home to watch a new video, try out a new position or even explore a totally new side to your sexual self.

Maybe you don’t quite feel overwhelmed enough to sing like Michelle here does, but I know that there’s nothing quite as lovely as letting your enthusiasm bubble over the moments before you expand your sexual horizons and allow yourself to be pleasured in a whole new way.

What makes you feel this way?  What do you do to get this feeling of excitement and novelty in your life from time to time?  I hope you all get to experience it soon.  For me, I love bringing home lingerie or sometimes even a new toy.  It’s so nice to feel the thrill of something like this.

Careful What You Put In There!

Machine for making dildos

What does that machine say?  Oh, the DildoMaker.  That sounds like a perfectly normal household appliance, right?  Nothing strange about that, what so ever…  Well, maybe a little, but it’s an interesting idea.  If you want a cheap dildo or you’re too lazy to leave the kitchen (it looks like it would go in the kitchen, maybe next to the mixer) to get yours from the bedside table, this handy tool will take that carrot, zucchini, sausage, stick, candle…  Basically whatever phallic item you have lying around…  and give it a head ribbed for your pleasure.

A carved wood dildo

They are actually fairly interesting pieces of at in a way, and I’m sure that, as long as they were sanitized and very well-sanded, they could potentially do the trick, but I’d advise using a condom over them anyways.  😉

The main word of caution is that you should not, under any circumstances, try to see if it would feel good on your penis.  This is not a toy for men…  It’s a giant pencil sharpener.  This is not the type of mistake you can easily shrug off!

Thanks for Violet Blue for sharing this bizarre piece of equipment.  Would you ever use a DildoMaker, or perhaps an equivalent machine that would tunnel holes through melons and, I don’t know…  Soft loaves of bread?  Or do you prefer to keep your foods and inanimate objects anatomically incorrect?  😛

Vibrator Love

Gorgeous redhead masturbates sex toy


(Yes, this is a tease from an old photoset on Dolorem…  Enjoy!)


I find the history of the vibrator really interesting, so I enjoyed reading this post recently featured on The Guardian all about the evolution from the treatment of hysteria to the empowering sex toy it is today.  There has been an increased talk about vibrators with movies like Hysteria out recently.  It’s interesting (and odd) to think how medicalized the female orgasm used to be.  Doctors used to “administer” orgasms to anxious women by hand, then made these huge contraptions to vibrate for them.


Eventually, they started being sold for the home for their “revitalizing” properties, and basically women were having orgasms as time out from their daily chores by the turn of the century.  In hindsight, this seems pretty outrageous, but also kind of cool to think of all of these proper women having wonderful sexual feelings under the guise of health.  Of course, orgasms are healthy and good for you, but they’re also a sexual thing.  :)


We eventually realized they were sexual, which added the shame element, but also made them more accessible as we came into the last 50 years.  Now women know they can use them by themselves or during sex to get the orgasms that they want.  Not everyone can come from penetration, and a lot of people like having clitoral orgasms too, even if they can.  They’re an excellent tool for pleasure.


To all the women out there, I say be upfront if this is something you want and make it part of your life.  To the men, I hope you will try to get over any feelings of intimidation.  It adds another wonderful dimension to sex, but it doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with you.  Having a hot, turned-on partner who is having lots of orgasms will be very arousing for you too!

New Macbook Smell

Camille Crimson on a Macbook


This sounds like the best idea in the world…  I love the feeling of getting a new Mac product, and there are a very large number of reasons for that, but at least one of them is the unique smell when you open up that box for the first time.  Clearly I’m not alone in this, because an Australian company has created a perfume with the smell.  It’s glue and rubber and paper all put together to somehow create the perfect blend…  Called “Stink Different” of course.


I just wish it was actually for sale, because I would probably spray it around everywhere, though it might make me sad…  I would always be feeling like there was a new Mac toy for me in the room.  I feel like I have everything I need for now, but I’m sure I’ll be smelling that smell again next time they unveil a new product…  Do any of you know what I mean about loving that wonderful smell?  I guess I’m not alone here.  😉