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What To Expect When She Deep Throats

Her Responses to DT

Eye watering is not a bad thing! Do not worry she is not crying. To open her mouth that wide and feel you back there, will make her eyes water. Breathing can be hard, but let her take control. She will go to her own rhythm it easier for her to take breaks and breath. Once she is comfortable, you can take the lead, she will adjust to your rhythm. Do not push her too hard and too long, if she has too much difficulty breathing she will gag.


Not A Bad Thing

During deepthroat many women will experience the gag reflex, eyes watering and difficulty breathing. There are tricks to makes all of those discomforts go away when she gives you a blowjob. The gag reflex is one of the hardest to overcome because it is a natural response to choking. She as to very relax and do as if she is swallowing your member. Her throat will widen, given her more space to accommodate you. Her body will find it normal that something is tingling the back of her amygdala, making the gag reflex disappear.

A New Technique: The D Move

A new technique called the D move


No, it’s not called the D move because it’s a move you perform on the D… It’s called that because, as you can see from this still, the thumb forms the back part of an uppercase D and the rest of the hand forms the curve. With enough saliva (or flavoured/non-gross lube), moving your hand up and down in this position can feel absolutely incredible. Combining it with licking, kissing and sucking of the shaft, base and balls makes this a must-add to any blowjob skill and technique repertoire. Try this tonight, have your partner try it, make sure that the hand and the cock are both nice and slick and you will be beyond happy with the sensitive, lovely feelings. Watch Piper, listen to the instructions and play along!

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Teasing the Head

Sensual blowjob with head work

The head of the cock is super sensitive, and that’s really exciting when giving oral sex. It’s also the focal point for a whole lot of blowjobs, but with good reason. People often get stumped on what to do with it, though, so they keep going back to the same techniques over and over again. Piper is here to show a bunch of different options, with her tongue, her lips, her hands and her entire mouth. Hopefully this will expand your blowjob horizons and also your pants tent. So go ahead, learn a little bit about the cockhead and enjoy yourself!

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Learn About the Fundiform Ligament

Sensual teasing with Piper

What the hell is a fundiform ligament and why should you care? Why should I be writing about this on a beautiful porn blog? Well, it’s a ligament connecting along the area just above the penis. It’s on the inside, but you can stimulate it lightly by kissing, licking, caressing or applying light pressure to the little groove just above the base of the shaft. It feels really good for a lot of people, and it’s a nice light way to stimulate compared to some of the more direct blowjob techniques. Piper shows it off in our latest educational series blowjob video, sharing her skills and exploring how to best incorporate it as part of a larger blowjob experience.

Learn something new and have better sex.