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Heidi and Jessy; Blonde VS Brunette!

Heidi and Jessy, TAOBJ

Heidi and Jessy, TAOBJ

Heidi and Jessy have an electric kind of connection. These are two beautiful women with a common love of exploring sensuality. When they get together, it’s absolute paradise watching the way they take their time with each other. Every moment is engaging and each little caress has an element of thrill in it. Seeing their two bodies entwined is almost orgasmic. Just imagine what it’d feel like to have them turn their attentions onto you… See it HERE!

2 Gorgeous Brunettes Sharing 1Cock!

Laura and Clara, TheArtofBlowjob.com

Laura and Clara, TheArtofBlowjob.com

Clara and Laura are both forces to be reckoned with in so many ways… When they’re together, it’s a whole new level of intensity, passion, playfulness and sensuality. Really, this blowjob isn’t just a simple double blowjob, it’s about collaboration and interplay between these very different, but equally gorgeous and incredible women. As they kiss and caress each other, exploring the connection and chemistry, they find their roles, both in the blowjob and between themselves.

Discover Clara and Laura, click here.

Blowjobs Are The New Morning Coffee!



Imagine if women all agreed actually to replace morning coffee! What a great world we would live in…

Well until then our models at TheArtofBlowjob.com are at your disposition at any time of the day.

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Join Cassie and Jemma every morning, and it’s cheaper than one coffee per day!!!

Beautiful Oral Threesome with A Blonde and Brunette!

Sit back and relax… Don’t worry about a thing. Yes, the cuffs and the blindfold may seem a little intense, but I promise it’s worth it. Absolutely no peeking! Heidi has a mischievous look to her┬álike she’s always up to something. This time, she certainly is. Her dark hair frames her face, smirking a little bit as she goes to find your surprise. You can imagine what might be coming, but your fantasies can’t even match what’s about to happen.


You hear movement and smell beautiful perfume, then feel something on your lap, definitely warm, surely Heidi’s beautiful body. When your blindfold finally comes off, you see two gorgeous women: Heidi and her blonde friend Jessie. They kiss, caress each other and tease you with the sight of their gorgeous bodies as they disrobe. But eventually, their attention turns back to you for an incredible blowjob.

Their mouths work in sync, kissing over your cock while you sit there with your hands fastened behind your back. They take you deep, suck you shallow, lick you all over and take turns giving you the kind of blowjob that makes your eyes roll back in your head. All the while, you fumble with the clasps of your cuffs until you free your hands. You’ve been aching to touch them, to feel their warmth in your hands, their soft hair curling around your fingers… As your hands creep back to your cock, you finish the final few strokes and shoot spurt after spurt of cum for them, watching them kiss and lick it off each other while you come down from your powerful orgasm.

Delight your mind with this beautiful video on TheArtofBlowjob.com!

#Throwback Thursday: Double Blowjob, 2 girls 1 cock!

Piper Blush from TheArtofBlowjob

Piper Blush from TheArtofBlowjob

It starts with her brushing against her thigh, hand moving up Piper’s body, caressing her breast and kissing her neck while you sit back and watch. They lightly brush against your cock, almost accidentally… They’re passionately kissing now, their hands wander your body, getting you ready for what’s ahead.

Laura gives you a little glance, you see her smile as she breaks away from Piper. She goes to give a little kiss to the top of your cock, and Piper goes underneath to lick the bottom of your shaft and takes your balls in her mouth. Laura’s sucking you deeply, and you’re almost about to come – when they break away to feel each other’s bodies again, you can feel them enjoying making you squirm as you’re so close to the edge. A few more teases go by and you can’t hold back anymore. You feel the deep warmth surrounding your cock as you cum inside Laura’s mouth, and just as you’re done, Piper takes you for the last few drops.

Double Your Pleasure!

Clara and Laura give a sensual blowjob together


What’s better than a blowjob? A blowjob with two talented and enthusiastic people giving it! Clara and Laura are in full control in our latest educational blowjob video on The Art of Blowjob, showing us how to share nicely and make a double blowjob go smoothly.

This is the first in several videos that will be rolling out over time, and this one focuses on a few things: taking turns to arouse and inspire, shifting back and forth between the cock and the balls as individuals and then sharing the tip as a prelude to a sensual kiss.

They have a beautiful natural rhythm together, and we’re excited to show other ways of giving and receiving an amazing double blowjob in future educational updates. After all, two heads are better than one, at least when they’re working in tandem to make something really hot happen.