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The very essence of sensuality!


Have you ever wondered where sensuality takes its sources? So have we! And you’ll be quite interested to find out that it resides mainly in the black and white. Anything in shades of gray is automatically viewed as art. None the less you still need to be an artist of at least and tasteful person to distinguish the many details that separate the simple black and white form the real masterpiece.

This is what we have done on TheArtofSensuality.com, remastering many of TheArtofBlowjob.com’s videos so they titillate the Masterful eye. Unveil the veil over TheArtofSensuality.com and become a curator of the artist of the erotic.

Black and White for Connoisseurs!

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For our readers who prefer a more intimate and erotic approach to showcase raw acts of passion, we have created a brand new site- The Art of Sensuality! With only the best of TheArtofBlowjob’s videos remastered in black and white. So you can truly appreciate the beauty of one’s spiritual essence. It’s iPhone and iPad compatible. Give it a try!