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Pale Beginnings of Spring

Gorgeous blowjob for the advent of spring

It’s March!  I know that it’s still technically winter, but at least the beginning of March always signals that spring is slowly but surely on the way.  As much as I do love winter, there are a lot of things to look forward to about its end…  For example, in exactly two weeks, I’ll be able to ride my motorbike again!  But also other lovely things like sun, cute dresses, no more big coats and boots, grass and trees and flowers…  It’s a season of rebirth, so I wanted to make a video that somehow felt like the moments just before all of those amazing changes start to take place.

Pale Beginnings of Spring was shot and one of our friend’s houses out a little drive from Montreal.  It’s gorgeous, spacious and has a lot of natural light, so they were kind enough to let us film…  The white room, the white lingerie and the white light coming in through the large windows, reflected off the (lots of) snow made for this almost suspended feeling, like when you can tell that something lovely is around the corner, but isn’t quite there yet.  That feeling is as old as time itself, and I think that experiencing it while also indulging in a really sweet blowjob feels like sharing that sensation with the one I love.

It’s always hard to capture these moments in words, but I think the video does quite an excellent job, so I hope you’ll let me know if it resonates with you in that way.  It’s official…  We’re on our way towards spring.


Camille Crimson gives a blowjob with a flower in her hair.


So, it’s allegedly spring.  I say allegedly because, well…  It doesn’t feel much like spring at the moment.  It feels like Montreal is in the perpetual state of almost thawing out and then snowing just enough that everything freezes again.  This is just such a tease.  But much like every tease, it’ll come to an end soon, and then we get a few months of glorious spring and summer to tide us over through to the following year.


I tell you, there are few things more gorgeous than the first days here in Montreal when the weather is nice.  It’s like everyone drops what they’re doing and comes out of hibernation to enjoy the beautiful weather.  When the sun starts to shine, it’s like people everywhere are out and about, smiling at each other and picking up on this fun, wonderful flirty energy that wafts in the air.


There are so many beautiful parks in the city.  I remember going on little picnics with Mike last year and seeing so many happy couples doing the same, even if it’s just sharing a cool drink on a bench and watching people walking their dogs.  Seeing all the beautiful people of this city take off their slushy boots, their big coats, their scarves/hats/mits and show off their nice summer dresses, their smart casual outfits, their pedicures, their sunglasses…


Even though the winters are long here, when it finally gets nice out, it’s so easy to see why people love this city.


But seriously…  Hurry up, spring!