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How To Get Better Blowjobs From Your Girlfriend!

Get The Best BJ!

BJs are about trust and satisfaction! A blowjob is as much for you as it is for her. You can both enjoy the experience. That’s why if she’s doing something you don’t like, you should find a way to tell her! Okay, saying it out loud is not for everyone. So here’s what you can try first!

Okay, saying it out loud is not for everyone. So here are a few alternatives, you can try first, on what you can do to get better blowjobs from your girlfriend!

She’s Too Shy


As soon as you drop your pants, she becomes shy and doesn’t really know what to do with your cock. Start slowly; you don’t want to scare her off.Add some of your masturbations tricks to the mix. Gently take her hand and place it over yours while you stroke. There are many ways to show her what makes you feel good. Close your eyes and accentuate your moans as she moves the way you like it. That way she will feel less foolish around your cock.


Too Much Teeth

bruce finding nemo 2You’re dealing with a shark attack every time she goes down there!?! There is an easy way to get rid of teeth. And it also works, if she is trying to go deeper, then her mouth allows. You know when your cock head hits the back of her throat in an uncomfortable way.

Take control of your cock. Hold your length, placing your hand as close as possible from your pubis. You want your hand to act as a buffer. That way she doesn’t go too far down. That keeps your cock clear of the back of her mouth and her sharp teeth. You can even masturbate. With only your tip available to her, she will licks, kiss and sucks it. You don’t have to worry about your valuable member. As she gains expertise, you can loose a few fingers from your grip, letting her go deeper.

Good For You

There are many ways to keep control over your junk while teaching her what makes you feel good. Don’t be shy trying these tricks. Your girlfriend will gain confidence as she sees you enjoying yourself and soon master the art of the blowjob.

You can always try visual support and learn together with TheArtofBlwojob’s Educational Series. Click Here to watch the 25 videos!

Blowjob Tips by Erica Lust!

Do you know Erika Lust? Here’s a little about one of the women who decided to participate in making porn beautiful!

Erika Lust was tired of chauvinistic and tacky mainstream porn, she burst into the adult industry in 2004, with the indie short film The Good Girl – a humorous statement of principles. The immediate success of this first attempt encouraged her to pursue a film career. Erika has since then directed three multi-awarded erotic films: Five Hot Stories for HerLife Love Lust and Cabaret Desire. She also directed the experimental documentary Barcelona Sex Project and wrote several books.

XConfessions film “Circus Aerius Perversus”

XConfessions film “Circus Aerius Perversus”

Here are a few hints on how to give the best blowjob!




Ask What They Want

Great Blowjob Tips by a woman who knows what she’s talking about! Read all you need to know about blowjobs on Erika Lust!!!


Sexy smile from beautiful Laura

We’re working on a few new educational series videos and we wanted to know: do you like teeth as a part of your blowjob? I don’t mean pointless scraping… I mean a little light nibble along the side of your shaft, some gentle placement on your cockhead before the sucking begins or even a little teasing like they might be used, but then they aren’t actually… You know, just to keep you on your toes.

Or, even as simple as a smile… Do you find a grin with teeth to be sexy, or a laugh that shows off the teeth? So many people say that smiling in porn is such an aphrodisiac, but is the toothy element of a smile a part of the appeal, at least when it’s genuine? I mean, I know I find a nice smile irresistible, and good teeth is certainly part of that. There’s even charm in the imperfections a lot of the time.

It’s funny. For all the thinking we do about mouths, it seems we do very little about the teeth, which are certainly a big element of what goes on behind the lips. We’ve got some thinking to do, and I hope you’ll chime in and let us know how you feel about seeing teeth on The Art of Blowjob.

Bad Blowjob!

This may be kind of an old video, but I couldn’t resist the urge to show off another redhead giving a blowjob.  Or, well, about to give a blowjob.  I think it’s probably fair to say that she hasn’t seen any videos from The Art of Blowjob.  I just think this is hilarious…  Mostly the chomping noises.  At least she has nice teeth…
Have any of you ever had a less than satisfactory blowjob?  I’m talking dry, toothy, painful…  How did you react?  I’d like to think that anyone can improve their technique, and it always makes me so happy to hear that couples watch my porn together to improve the sensuality and pleasure in the blowjobs.  That said, you have to make sure to return the favour to your partners…  Hopefully that goes without saying.
So, have a great weekend and have some great blowjobs, or at least some fun with yourself while watching a really sensual blowjob.  I love you guys!