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Loving Cunnilingus!



Seeing a woman totally relaxed and being utterly pampered with attentive and loving cunnilingus is an amazing thing. It’s a breathtaking sight to behold as she opens herself, lets go of any tensions and allows herself to be completely in her body and aware of all these incredible sensations. Vacillating between slow moments of awe-inspired licking and kissing to frenzied, furious and passionate cunnilingus like you’ve only dreamed of seeing before.

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Erotic Teaser Cumshot!



Your wet erection tempts her with delicate throbs. Her fingers move sensually towards her inner thighs. The lace of her white panties teases you; her pink skin peeks out. A wave of pleasure flushes her cheeks. She strokes you to the same rhythm as she rubs herself. She climaxes to the vision and sensation of your cock between her fingers. It does not take long for you to gratify her skills with a thick ejaculation, which falls all over her hand. She rapidly licks the whole of it. You are both drenched and satisfied.

Do You Like It Hot or Not?


Emilie likes to give it to you hot and wet!!!

Emilie is a little bit kinky. She gives her pussy a spank and then strips down out of her black lace lingerie, but leaves on the fluffy cuffs and collar. When she wants to seduce you, she starts by playing with herself. Watching her masturbate is one of those instant aphrodisiacs for you.

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A Christmas Tease!

Piper From TheArtofBlowjob

Piper From TheArtofBlowjob

Piper brings the sweet paste to her taste buds. She knows you are looking. You can see a glimpse of pleasure passing thru her eyes. She needs more, and you are more than happy to oblige. She makes you sit next to her project and undresses your cock in a slow and sensual tease. She feels you thru the fabric of your boxers. You are already semi-hard. It takes Piper a few second to make you reach full erection.

She moans as the softness of your semen drips in her throat. She pulls you out so you can cover her face.

Merry Christmas!!!

Niki the Sultry Brunette!

Niki from TheArtofBlowjob

Niki from TheArtofBlowjob

In the spirit of the coming new year, a beautiful wave of changes and renewal has drifted upon us, bringing with it very special things. You have already enjoyed the layout of our new mobile-friendly site, but there is more… So before you get caught in the Holidays frenzy, here’s your little pre-gift from TheArtofBlowjob.

Piper thought you might want to mix it up a little before it gets too hectic. So today she lets you have some quality time alone, with someone she chose especially for you. A new model! Her name is Niki. She is such a brunette beauty, young and firm. Her gorgeous temptress eyes look up at you as she gives you her very first POV on TAOBJ. It only happens once in the life of a model.

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