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Discover Lily’s Dominant Beauty!

Lily, TheArtofBlowjob.com

Lily, TheArtofBlowjob.com

Her lovely hazel eyes look up at you! Lily is happy to show her skills on TheArtofBlowjob. Her love for the cock is impossible to deny. It’s wonderful to find a woman who has this kind of chemistry with your shaft… And does she ever know what she’s doing!

It’s all about stirring everything up to an inevitable conclusion of a beautiful cumshot. Watch this truly phenomenal blowjob experience, Link Here!




No, I haven’t gone out and gotten a whole bunch of tattoos, or any at all, but I wanted to share some cool fan art that I got from a lovely gentleman named Daimon.  It’s an interpretation of me with a lot of beautiful henna-looking tattoos all over my skin.  It’s interesting to see, because it’s never something I’ve really considered for myself.


The thing is, I’m a pale redhead…  I have my virginal skin as a centrepiece in my appearance and I think it really fits who I am.  In spite of my relatively newfound biker chick lifestyle, I’m still very much a pure and classic type.  At least that’s how I see myself.


Then I think about Lilyanne and her gorgeous tattoos, all perfectly designed and executed, representing different things to her to create a mosaic of her experiences across her skin.  It’s such a gorgeous thing on her, and it fits exactly who she is perfectly.


I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m so happy that there are so many ways to be beautiful.  It’s very gorgeous and inspiring to know what you are, but to also be open to seeing the beauty in something totally different.  What do you think of tattoos?

Photo Section on Pornographic Love


You all know that I think that Lilyanne is absolutely gorgeous, right?  She’s pretty dreamy, very charming and smart and she oozes (gross word, but applicable) sexuality and sensuality.  You can see why we decided to help make a website with them, right?  😉



Pornographic Love started out with just a basic updates section with videos, and the emphasis wasn’t as much on photography.  But quietly, they were stocking up on photos until they were ready to burst forth with a new photo section, filled with gorgeous shots…  And here they are!  Aren’t they stunning?



There’s something about her look that really drives me wild.  I’ve always been a fan of brunettes, and seeing her very tanned, very slim and athletic body with that perfect amount of artsy Montreal “woman about town” tattoos…  I need to compose myself.  Speaking of composition, though, I think Max is an amazing photographer with a great eye.  It’s so clear that these two love each other intimately with a real connection, because that always comes through in the way they can capture one another on film…  That sounds kind of weird, but it’s true.  It just shows that they really know each other.



I’d love to know what you think!  Words of encouragement for this brave couple making beautiful porn would be very much appreciated!

Pornographic Love

I know I’ve been a little cagey and have been alluding to something on the horizon.  Well, here it is.  We have been developing a new website and I’m excited to be able to preview it to my blog and Twitter followers as of today.  It follows a different formula than our past attempts, and that’s exactly why I’m so unbelievably proud and confident in its inevitable success.  Without further ado…  Pornographic Love!


Gorgeous brunette Lilyanne of Pornographic Love


So, what makes it so different?  After trying a few different approaches, we figured out that we need to develop the kinds of websites that are just as true to the passion and intimacy as we’ve been able to achieve with the sites featuring Mike and I.  What helps with that?  It’s just the two of us and it’s on our own schedule when the mood strikes.


We were lucky to meet the beautiful Lilyanne and her very talented boyfriend Max through the Montreal adult grapevine, and something just clicked.  They are really passionate people and they really love sex, and they want to put out their uniquely romantic view of sex through a tasteful and beautiful site.  Sounds like a match made in heaven, doesn’t it?


From there, we talked about what they like to do and found that they are doing a lot of what people want to see, specifically showing two people in love giving each other pleasure.  This site goes beyond an individual niche scope to showcase oral sex on both him and her, solo and mutual masturbation, intercourse and squirting…  Which, as many of you know, is one of the sexiest things to me.  On a personal level, this is exactly the kind of porn I want to see.  It feels so natural to be a part of their process because it’s something I believe in so strongly.


Lilyanne gives a Pornographic Love blowjob


As you can see from these photos and from the previews on the site, their artistic aesthetic is exactly like ours.  Mike got together with them and taught them our tricks of the trade, and Max was incredibly eager and picked it all up immediately.  He’s so creative with his shots and it captures the little moments perfectly.  Every breath is captured in the most highly erotic way.  It’s really exciting to watch.  He’s gotten really industrious with making all sorts of DIY camera accessories and his passion for filmmaking really shows.  After seeing what they’ve come with up together, Mike and I have been more inspired to elevate our filmmaking too!


Lilyanne is just gorgeous.  You know my love of brunettes…  I think you’ll agree.  She has these big, deep bedroom eyes with long lashes and gorgeous bone structure with lovely, soft lips.  Her body is lithe with perfect handful breasts and a cute bum to match.  A few tattoos are sprinkled across her naturally tanned skin and add just a bit of quirky artsiness to her look.  She has a background in horticulture of all things, so she has that great sun kissed-girlfriend-in-the-garden thing about her.  I know that sounds specific, but that’s the first thing that jumped out at me about her when we met.  She’s a really sweet and down-to-earth person and I’m very excited to get to help out with the site!  You can find out more about both of them on their about page.


Max has a great look.  He’s a really handsome guy with a few tattoos to match, with a strong but not creepily unattainable body and a handsome uncut cock.  I’m a one-penis-woman, but it doesn’t mean I can’t admire it on an aesthetic level, right?  😉  It makes us happy to be representing both cut and uncut penises now, so no one has to feel left out.  😀


The main thing is that what they do feels so natural and effortlessly erotic.  It feels like they picked up the vibe of The Art of Blowjob and just ran with it!


Lilyanne from Pornographic Love Masturbating to Orgasm


So, the main point of this blog is to let you know that I would really, really love to hear your feedback about the Pornographic Love before it goes public.  There’s a discount while we’re beta testing, so it’s $19 for a month, $42 for 3 months and $69 for 6 months!  I would really appreciate it if you would check it out and get back to me here, via any of my social media or by e-mail with your impressions so we can tweak it to be just right!