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World’s Longest Tongue

Adrienne Lewis of Michigan has an amazing tongue. It may even be the world’s longest tongue. That remains to be seen by the Guinness Book of World Records, but Brazzers has already taken note and contacted her to see if she’d perform in a scene for them. She has already made it pretty clear that she’d not be interested. If you watch the video, you’ll even see that her boyfriend wishes he could beat up the internet.

Not wanting to be pummelled, we just wanted to bring attention to her Youtube page and hope that you’ll take note of her exceptional tongue. While we’re very happy for her, it’s important to note that size isn’t everything, but you could certainly stand to emulate some of the moves in her videos to limber up before going down. Consider her dexterity aspirational and use it for whatever suits you, even The Art of Blowjob or The Art of Cunnilingus!

Ukulele Love

Beautiful Camille Crimson playing her ukulele


I recently bought a new toy…  A beautiful ukulele.  I love playing around with instruments, and it felt like high time for me to buy something cute and portable, especially with our impending trip to Miami.  What better than a ukulele?  Although the fingering is different than the guitar, it’s not a completely new world either.  I already know how to strum, though ukulele strumming patterns are often different than the standard guitar experience…


I’m loving it.  It’s such a sweet and simple sound and it’s really lovely when I’m singing softly along with it.  Also, because it’s becoming a more and more popular instrument, there are tons of sites with chords and tabs…  I can play just about anything with a simple Google search!  So, any requests?  😛


I know it may sound kind of weird, but playing music really does make me feel sexy, almost irresistible.  There’s so much attraction to talent, to skill, to someone who can do something creative.  Wait, am I describing music or a blowjob here?  The two aren’t mutually exclusive.  Do you feel the same way?  I’ll have to make a video of myself playing some time and you can see for yourself.  All I know is how I feel, which is pretty lovely with my new toy!

More Amazing Fan Art

Fan art for Camille Crimson of The Art of Blowjob

I’m excited today to share another great piece of fan art with you all.  I saw this wonderful drawing this morning and I was floored by seeing myself in this wonderful piece of art.  It’s so funny to see how uncanny the resemblance is.  That’s the sign of a really great artistic eye.  My thanks to HiveTyrant47, who is the very talented artist behind this drawing.  His DeviantArt page is http://cahook2.deviantart.com/ and he’s open for commissions.

I always really appreciate it when people take the time to send me fan art because they’re always so gorgeous and also because it’s a really sweet gesture.  I love my eyes in this shot…  I almost look like a Disney princess in a way.  There’s nothing more exciting than seeing yourself in a work of art because it’s such a wonderful glimpse into the way people see you.  What an amazing thing!