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Oral Sex Is An Art!



You might have been with us since 2007 or are just joining us, no matter for how long you have been one of our dear readers. We are happy to share with you all that is happening on TheArtofBlowjob.com. With 2017 almost at our doorsteps, we have decided it is about time, after ten years, TheArtofBlowjob gets a brand new look. We are thrilled to announce that TAOBJ is now compatible with any mobile devices. Yes, we are talking smartphones, tablets, and everything. Don’t panic! We didn’t change a thing to our incredible content. It is only in a different package. Enjoy the brand new site right now!


How Do You Watch?

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Piggybacking off of my recent post about watching porn on your iPad, I wanted to devote a whole post to finding out how you watch porn.  This is twofold as a question: the first part about what you watch it on, the second about who you watch it with!  These are things I think about, but it’s always best to get it straight from the source.

So, what do you watch your porn on?  Do you sit at your desktop?  Do you balance your laptop on your chest and aim away from the hardware?  Do you have a tablet or phone in one hand and another hand to do what comes naturally?  Do any of you watch DVDs/BluRays (or VHS, if you’re old school) on your TV?  Or have you hooked up your computer to your TV so you can watch The Art of Blowjob or Slow Motion Blowjob on the big screen?  I guess I always just picture people watching on their desktops even though I’ve optimized the videos for all sorts of mediums, but there are lots of ways to watch!

Speaking of ways to watch, what company do you keep?  There was a mention in the comments about watching with friends.  Would you make popcorn and watch it with a group of friends?  And if so, would you keep it strictly a viewing experience, or are you comfortable enjoying yourselves?  How many of you watch porn with partners?  Do you like to watch to get in the mood or to enhance the experience during sex?  Or are you a strictly solo type?  Some people like to keep their porn private, after all.

Let’s get a discussion going here.  I want to know the ins and outs (hahaha!) of how you enjoy porn to get to know you all better.