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A Hot Summer Cum… compilation!


You have been waiting for this special video since leaves have started to fall. To your request, it’s finally here. A collection of the most erotic moments of TheArtofBlowjob.com‘s summer 2017!

You desires are Piper’s orders in this very hot compilation. She is restless for your cock, wanting you to cover her face with as much cum as you possibly can. Go again and again until you can’t bear it anymore, because you know she is only insatiable for the taste of your throbbing shaft. For the way, she feels you penetrate her drooling mouth makes her wet.

She needs you to be satisfied for her to be able to climax. Give her want she wants, click here.

Get Ready To See Some Boobs!

Spring is here and with it comes fewer clothes. Don’t be a creep! Train yourself right now to be able to look women in the eyes this summer. Piper thinks the best way is for you be less sensitive to the womanly charms is to see as much as you can before swimsuit season arrives.



Enough tease I slap your cock on my titties. It creates a strong sound that makes me wet! I squeeze my cleavage closer around your girth and stroke. The warmth of my your soft skin is too much to bare. You explode! My chest is covered with the juices of your pleasure. I lick it off and swallow it.

Get your eyes ready for the most aesthetic appreciation of the female chest out there!

In this mesmerizingly crisp 4K POV vid all the focus is on what Piper does with your male member and her two melons. Not joking, they are really the size of two very big fruits! And that is just the tip… because the video is only the behind the scenes of its uncut version you can find on YourVRPorn.

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Summer 2013 Cumshot Compilation

Sexy redhead Camille Crimson taking many cumshaws

They say to give the people what they want, and one thing that we’ve heard absolutely resounding positive feedback for is cumshot compilations.  Who doesn’t love seeing burst after burst of gorgeous orgasmic force rushing through?  This is a special capture of our summer 2013 antics, full of lush, bright natural light, a few of our little travels and even a cameo from an earlier Florida shot, which is summery just because it was essentially summer there.

You may notice that the end of this video harkens back to a very special blooper which still makes us collapse into fits of giggles to this day.  There is nothing more surprising than seeing a spurt with a serious bit of momentum when you’re not expecting it.  I’ve tried to be a bit more careful about where I aim that thing now…  Just in case it decides to fire wildly again.

There’s a little taste to be had with a still and the description, but the full video entitles you to, well, the full video.  And that’s a whole lot of cumshots – facials, swallowing, cleavage…  I really mean a whole lot.  Let me know what you think of this very special summer edition of our favourite cumshots!

Bright and Beautiful Blowjob

Camille gives a gorgeous and bright blowjob

I love vibrant colours…  I think it comes from being a redhead.  It’s a really effervescent part of life, and yet we take colour for granted so often.  In my turquoise top and Mike’s red shirt, we looked like quite a bright and beautiful pair, so why not enjoy a blowjob that fits the bill?  This update, with my flaming red hair, our rich hardwood floors and some beautiful pale lilac flowers in the foreground is a celebration of summer in many ways.

It’s not the most obvious summer video, but it encapsulates so much beauty in the lens flares, the bright lights and the way that is all mimicked with the blowjob.  I love feeling light, breezy and free when I give a truly beautiful blowjob.  It’s sensual to be removed from any heavy, intense feelings and to focus on the little flicking of my tongue or the fluttering of his cockhead in the moments before he comes.

I get so swept up in the beauty of it all, and I hope you will too.  The trailer offers a light tease of a summer breeze, but the full blowjob video is like an afternoon out in the sun.  Maybe we’ll all get a few freckles!  I know I will.  😉

Seasons of Porn

A graph on porn searches by season

From the Archives of Sexual Behavior via theatlantic.com


It’s fall, starting to slowly feel and look like we’re getting towards winter.  Not yet, of course.  I want as much fall as I can handle.  But, there’s a silver lining to the cold months…  Apparently people are really into looking for porn then.  And I’m just fine with that.


I have had this link saved for a while, but today I was thinking about how quickly fall seems to dissipate in Montreal and it reminded me of this fascinating little graph against the harmonic rhythm.  And yes, I said that this graph from The Atlantic was fascinating.  Analytics is part of my geeky world.  There’s also a peak in the late summer, which fits well with my findings from the sites.


But I was wondering…  What do you think makes for this natural progression?  Do you find it in your own life?  I definitely see a spike in desire in my own life, perhaps to stay warm in the winter and then when it finally starts to cool off at the end of the summer and you can have more fun without getting all sticky.


I’d love to know what you think…  Do you find that there are times that you are just much more interested in sex, and especially in porn?  Is it a personal thing, or does it change with the seasons?