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Teacher and Student Role Play on TheArtofBlowjob

What would you do if you were a teacher and had to deal with a none obedient student like Piper? Make her stand in the corner, keep her during the recess, make her write: I will not…, hit her fingers a the rules… Don’t guess any longer see what happens now, click here!

Click here to watch now!

Click here to watch now!

See the length of what her teacher filled her with to make sure she obeys the school rules from now on, click here to view.



Canada: An Infographic


I tried really hard to find the source for this, but I couldn’t, but it’s been making the rounds in Canada on social media…  I think it’s pretty funny.  Obviously, it’s full of a lot of stereotypes, but they’re all in good fun and none are mean, of course.  I haven’t been able to see much of this great country (yet) but everything I know about the different provinces through my friends and their experiences do kind of back this up.


Looking at Quebec, I can’t say I disagree, most of which sounds pretty great.  I mean, Catholics, sure, but asides from that…  Oh, and the protestors.  There are a LOT of them right now with regards to the students opposing tuition hikes…  But, you know, we’re a passionate people with a strong commitment to fighting to keep our province great, so that’s fair.  Maple syrup!  Poutine!  French!  Who could ask for anything more?  I’m quite proud of my province.


So, how about you?  Where have you been in Canada?  Where do you want to go?  When you see these little snapshots about our different aspects, what rings true to you?  And…  Do any of you know where this delightful infographic came from?  😉

Blackboards in Porn


This blog is hilarious.  I found it on my usual trolling the internet for porn, well, trolling for information about the porn world…  Let’s go with that.  Since there are so many sexy teacher/naughty student porn out there, there are many a school blackboard in porn.  Those blackboards can’t be empty, though.  That would be too easy.  So instead, some director, stage-hand, star, whoever, will be charged with filling the blackboard.


Since I’m such a stickler for details, I’m glad I’ve never been in this position, but if I was, I’d pick something a little more challenging than what some people have put up.  The blog Blackboards in Porn shares some of porn’s blackboards and then assigns the content a grade.  It goes everywhere from advanced university math to Mary Had a Little Lamb.  I don’t know who thought that last one was a good idea…  Regardless, it’s really funny and worth a look…  Seeing the silly set decoration and concepts that go into porn sometimes is just too funny, so blogs like this just bring it all to the forefront.  I love it!