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What To Do With Unused Semen!


A group of leading female legislators have enacted a new bill that forbids American men from disposing of “unused” sperm, requiring them to bring any recreational semen to a nearby fertility clinic.

According to noted alternative facts specialist, Stephanie Yorke, sperm is intended for “procreation only” and not to be “wasted” on pleasure: “Any sperm not being used for the purpose of procreation must be immediately donated to a sperm bank,” Yorke warned. “Failure to do so will lead to hefty fines and ultimately, incarceration, under the new ‘Level Playing Field Bill’.”

In response, leading male medical academics have raised concerns that refraining from masturbation would be hazardous to men’s testicular health, increasing their chances of prostate cancer.

Dr. David Ambrose hit out at the bill, claiming it put American men in the very difficult position of having to father and immediately surrender a child, everytime they ejaculate. He claims this will have very negative effects on men’s long-term mental health.

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She Swallows All That Is Left Of 2016!

New Year BJ

New Year BJ

As she takes you in her mouth, you feel her breast on your inner thighs. She groans on your shaft, and her saliva drips all over you. She feels you are about to pop like the bottle of champagne she opened earlier. The white and thick sweetness drips on and in her. Piper is happy to give you your first blowjob of the year!

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The Wednesday Tip – Tell Her When It’s Time!



Tell Her When It’s Time

Facials often come as a surprise for her; sometimes she can know you well enough to know when you’re about to finish, but if you don’t speak up, it can be hard to tell – so help her out!

If you’re going to do it on her face, make sure she wants it too and make sure she’s ready. If you both like dirty talk, you can play up the anticipation and ask her if she wants it, or maybe she’ll even be the one to ask you.

All the ways are good as long as she’s in on it; she’ll be able to enjoy it more if she can prepare for it, because no woman wants it in her eyes, it burns like fire for a while after!

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The Lelo: Sex For Men Facts!

From the lesser-known male turn-ons to the complex range of emotions they experience before, during and after sex, men are surprisingly complicated creatures when it comes to lovemaking.

A man’s motives for sex also seem to be often misunderstood – probably by men themselves as much as anything – sowe at LELO decided once again to team up with our good friends science, logic and common sense to pick out a few of our favorite facts that will hopefully shed some light on the mystery of menkind.

Let’s Talk About Feelings

  • Sex is one of the most effective ways men show that they are in love.
  • The number one sexual act desired by men is oral.
  • Generally speaking, and especially during sex, men don’t notice and never will notice the things women don’t like about their bodies.
  • A man’s body releases sleep-inducing hormones after sex so far from being offended if he dozes off after a steamy session, women can be pleased with a job well done.

Facts About Sperm

  • Contrary to the school of thought that this is a myth made up and popularized by men, sperm actually is good for the skin, as the tightening effect it has on the epidermis is considered by some to be an effective anti-aging treatment.
  • One teaspoon of semen contains five calories, once and for all debunking the idea that if you swallow, you have to forego dessert.
  • Sperm has been known to live on in the vagina for as long as eight days after ejaculation, although 48 hours is more common. This is more or less exactly the same time an egg remains open to the idea of fertilization. Coincidence or what?!
  • While diet can have an effect on the way semen tastes, the extent to which the flavor of his man milk actually changes is minimal.

Male Orgasms

  • The male G-spot, or prostate, is located at the base of the penis and is best accessed through the anus. Exploring the male G-spot is one of the most effective ways for men to achieve a more powerful orgasm, which is why prostate massagers are gaining in popularity.
  • Having at least four orgasms a week can reduce a man’s chances of getting prostate cancer by as much as 33%.
  • Statistics show that around 75% of men always reach orgasm during sex.
  • The average male orgasm lasts for about six seconds. The average female orgasm lasts for about 23 seconds.
  • The oxytocin created during a man’s orgasm can increase his pain threshold by as much as 50%, just one of the many health benefits of sex for men.


Article from Lelo: https://www.lelo.com/blog/sex-men-facts-figures/?utm_content=buffer10869

Many Sexy Cumshots with Ariane!

Capture d’écran 2015-08-01 à 11.16.26

Hope you have not forgotten Ariane, she was with us for a while!

Ariane’s gorgeous nature has always been so easy to see, and her skill and enthusiasm for amazing blowjobs are just as obvious. Sometimes it’s fun to get a different kind of context for her amazing take on oral sex, and a compilation video provides just that. Enjoy this vision of brunette beauty as she uses her body, her eyes and her mouth to seduce you to ecstasy… And a whole bunch of orgasms. Her lust for cum is the perfect punctuation to this collection of intimate, sensual moments.

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The Camille Crimson Guide to Owning and Operating a Penis #5 – Volume

Camille Crimson receiving lots of hot cum on her face


No, I don’t mean how loud your penis is…  Sorry, bad joke, but I had to!  This post is a response to a whole lot of questions I’ve been getting all about how to have more voluminous cumshots.  I’ve always received a fair amount of them, but there’s been a definite uptick in the frequency since we started focusing on including facials/cumshots as a regular part of The Art of Blowjob.  There was a pretty immediate and intense response to that.


The truth is, it’s hard to say exactly what can encourage more cum.  If I knew a totally fool-proof way to make cumshots significantly larger, I would be rich and famous.  What I do know is that there are some contributing factors that can work for some people and they’re all safe and easy, so no worries.


Diet  and hydration can both play a role in the amount of cum you produce.  If you’re dehydrated, your body isn’t going to be wanting to part with much else, so it’s always good to make sure to get plenty of fluids if you want to increase the likelihood of releasing plenty of fluids.  In terms of diet, asides from the foods associated with delicious/less than delicious cum, there isn’t much specifically that increases load size…  That said, if you’re lacking any vitamins, your body won’t be firing with all cylinders, so neither will you.


Saving up is a tactic that a lot of people use, and while it’s not super scientific, it also seems to work for a lot of guys.  If you can go a few days without coming, wait it out and see if your body responds to it!  Another strategy to increase semen production is the stop and go method.  If you get fairly close to orgasm and pull back a bit a few times, many people see a bigger end result.  Even just staving off orgasm in general by having a long sex session with sustained arousal can potentially cause a sizable amout.


Gimmicks aren’t worth looking into.  If any of them worked, they’d be sold everywhere.  If you find anything promising more cum, a bigger penis, more stamina…  Keep your wallet in your pocket.  At best, it’s a waste of time and at worst, it’s a fairly unsafe thing to take drugs with dubious claims and likely little to no regulation.


When it comes to Mike’s amount of cum, I really like it because it’s part of who he is.  We play it up on the site the same way we play up the fact that I’m a redhead…  It’s a nice thing that people like, sure, but it’s also just who we are.  I’m not with him because of his orgasms, and if they changed, I would still love them just as much.


An orgasm is an orgasm, after all.  They feel good!  If you focus on the pleasure, that’s the best you can do.  You can try what I’ve mentioned, and it certainly works for some people.  Regardless of the outcome (no pun intended!) though, don’t get too hung up on the amount of cum you produce…  Enjoy the experience!