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Teacher and Student Role Play on TheArtofBlowjob

What would you do if you were a teacher and had to deal with a none obedient student like Piper? Make her stand in the corner, keep her during the recess, make her write: I will not…, hit her fingers a the rules… Don’t guess any longer see what happens now, click here!

Click here to watch now!

Click here to watch now!

See the length of what her teacher filled her with to make sure she obeys the school rules from now on, click here to view.



Best Ass In Thong



Jemma Valentine definitely has one of the best ass in thongs! You can enjoy the superb view in ‘A Passionate Blowjob With Jemma’. If you are more of a giver then receiver, you can always push that thong to the side and give ‘Oral Sex To A Reclining Blonde’.

What will you choose?

Passionate Sex and a Dripping Cumshot Blowjob

Camille Crimson gives a sensual blowjob


This has been another great week with three new updates:  a portrait series called Sexy Red and Black Striped Knee Socks, a photo set called Straddle Me – A Passionate Blowjob from Below and today’s video called Passionate Sex and a Dripping Cumshot.  It all sounds pretty fun, doesn’t it?  I’m quite lucky that I get to explore all sorts of erotic moments for a living!


Sexy Camille Crimson gets her cumshot


I love cumshots, and I also love swallowing, so dealing with cum this way is kind of the best of both worlds.  I let the first shot flow into my mouth, then I move his cock around on my face so I can get some on my cheeks, lips and chin.  I even have a great little cum drip on the edge of my chin at the end.  It’s pretty hot, if you’re a facial enthusiast.  I’ve grown to love facials more as time grows on, because I guess I have a more meaningful and almost philosophical approach to cum.  It’s pleasure, it’s results…  Why wouldn’t I want it on me?


Camille Crimson gets her dripping blowjob cumshot


On top of the really hot blowjob and the beautiful facial cumshot at the end, this video also includes a little bit of sex at the beginning, just to give you an idea of the things we like to do together asides from a blowjob.  It’s not too long, but you get to see Mike rolling down my underwear, rubbing up against me and finally entering me.  It’s elapsed, so you only see fragments of what we’re doing, but we think it’s really sexy.  You can get a taste from the trailer, but I know you want to see that facial at the end, which is in the full video.  I’d love to know what you think of it, if you agree with me about my approach to cum…  Whatever you have to say!

Sexy Red and Black Striped Knee Socks


Yesterday’s update is pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.  It’s called Sexy Red and Black Striped Knee Socks and it’s a portrait featuring myself in some very cute socks I got over the holidays.  There’s something that I find so sexy about socks.  It’s like the video I did in the tube socks…  There’s a magical kind of sweetness that comes with socks, especially if you’re wearing little else.  In this one, I’m just wearing my red and black panties as I romp around the house.



I’m hanging out on the Tantra chair, by the piano, just lounging around in my home and enjoying the fact that I can be nearly nude and still have toasty toes.  I’ve always thought that knee socks are like the girl next door equivalent of sexy nylons, and I think this portrait series embodies that idea quite nicely.



What do you think of my socks?  Or are there any other kinds of socks you’re into?  I’m always intrigued to try out some new hosiery, especially in cold weather.  I hope you’ll go check out the rest of the portraits!

Violet + Rye = Hot


Violet and Rye of Uncommon Appetites are pretty awesome and sexy, so I figured I’d share a little post the put up recently on the subject of honesty with your significant others:



We wrote about this quite a bit in the early days of the blog, but now it’s just a thing we do, so it’s fun to think about the roots sometimes.

After being a few years into our relationship, we began to really explore each other in ways that neither of us had with other people. We dug into anal play, spanking, some light bondage, sex toys, mutual masturbation, sexting and all sorts of other fun shit. Then it came time to talk about porn. In the past, I had a partner that frowned upon it in a major way. And also frowned upon sex. So naturally, I was well versed in not only jerking off to porn, but in hiding it.

So I hid it for a while from V. Which is ridiculous, because she’s incredibly open-minded and about the coolest woman you’ll ever meet. She in no way fits any media stereotype about women, as many of our female readers also don’t. Because fuck that stereotypical bullshit! Women are horny too!



Anyway, we started talking about what kinds of porn we like. And then would share our ideas of good porn. It became a sort of challenge to hit on exactly what the other person would enjoy. And it just so happens that we like very similar things in our porn. Then one day, we stumbled upon a blog, written by a couple, that we really, really enjoyed. And we got to talking.

At first, it was just going to be stories and photos/videos we found that we enjoyed.

But then we took a few photos. And got a better camera. And talked about a video. And then another video.


We find, more and more that the world lacks the type of porn we enjoy. So we’ve begun setting out to make the kind of material we want to see. Photos are plentiful and delicious, but videos are really lacking. With Vimeo and new dSLR’s making artistic and stylish videos easier than ever, it seems silly that the porn world hasn’t gotten there yet. We’re hoping to help lead the charge, along with a select few people that have been there before us. A certain redhead has provided some inspiration, as most of our readers know by now.


Penis Peppers


You know I love to cook, and I love to use fresh ingredients.  I love to have a few herbs to draw from when I want to make something fresh and delicious.  So, when I want something a little bit spicy, maybe I should turn to this inventive little product.  It’s a plant that grows chilli peppers that look like penises.  Really.  Chilli Willy…  I know, I know.  It’s silly.  But do you know what’s really silly?  The video:



My favourite part is either the fact that all of his friends are high giving him for looking like a penis, the dance scene which is so good that it’s repeated or his weird little socks and shoes.  It’s all pretty good.  So, did this convince you to invest in penis-shaped chilli peppers?  I’m not sure it worked on me, but at least they’re getting some free advertising out of it.  I think I’ll just stick to real penises, thank you very much, Chilli Willy!