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Slow, Intimate Moments

Piper gets an amazing cumshot

Our latest video update on Slow Motion Blowjob is about those slow, intimate moments where it’s not about an end result, it’s just about all the interconnected elements that contribute to the sensuality you’re experiencing. Slowly but surely, Piper strokes up and down as his cock gets harder and harder, dripping precum and thrusting involuntarily from all the intensity and electricity in the room. It’s really sexy and fascinating to see her face as she takes in every facet of this erotic exchange, stroking with purpose, but that purpose is the pleasure they’re both experiencing in every moment. As with any situation where the joy is the ride and the orgasm isn’t the only important thing, the cumshot wound up being pretty intense and beautiful as it rained down on her waiting, accepting, enthusiastic face. This is a facial with intent and desire.

Experience a few of these moments now on Slow Motion Blowjob.

Slow, Sweet and In Control

Piper is on top and giving an amazing hand job

We love going slow and being very sweet, sensual and almost syrupy about it. We also love strong women who are in control of situations, getting pleasure and enjoying herself on her own terms. Luckily, this video has all of the above as Piper gets on top, gets some oral pleasure of her own and makes her partner come with her stroking, sucking and her honestly sexy moans and reactions. This blowjob is exciting because it’s also so much about Piper’s responses. A lot of people understand the pleasure of giving pleasure, and what’s better than experiencing both at the same time. Though the cinematography is all about him, her arousal and orgasm fill the room, too. You’ll have to wait to see the other side of things on The Art of Cunnilingus.

See this slow, sensual eroticism and mutual pleasure on Slow Motion Blowjob,

So Slow and So Sexy

Piper gives a slow and very sexy blowjob

Piper knows how to blow nice and slow, but she never compromises the sexiness of her blowjobs for its slowed down vibe. She’s relaxed, but not lazy. She remains very present and invested in using everything at her disposal to showcase her amazing oral skills. It starts as she sets the scene: a comfortable bed and her in nothing but a sparkling statement necklace and a smile. From there, she works her tongue in unbelievably slow licks up and down the underside of your shaft, making you anticipate the eventual tracing from the balls to the tip and back down again. Her eyes sparkle as the light catches them, and she holds your gaze when she swan dives down to take your entire cock deep in her throat. The only thing that makes this act more amazing than it already is is the fact that she did so nice and slow, taking her time to slide her lips from the cockhead right down to the base, taking you with her on an amazing trail to even deeper pleasure. Now THAT is sexy.

Enjoy Piper’s sexy slow blowjobs on Slow Motion Blowjob.

The Eroticism of Slowness

POV of Amy's beautiful blowjob

We created Slow Motion Blowjob for a whole number of reasons: how hypnotic slow blowjobs can be, how amazing it is to see sexy techniques and skills up close and slowed down, how intense eye contact can be when it really lingers and takes time to connect and hold that gaze… There’s a lot of value in taking it slow, but there’s also the eroticism of the slowness itself. It’s like a slow dance, pressing bodies together, feeling the way a warm, wet tongue drags around the head, circling slower and slower each time. It’s like moving through water, feeling the heat of a heavy and humid summer night, experiencing the moments before an orgasm… Slowness is erotic in and of itself, and Amy’s approach to this blowjob fits it perfectly.

Experience the eroticism of slowness now on Slow Motion Blowjob.

Playing the Long Game with Piper

Piper gives a blowjob with lots of tongue

Piper is playing the long game. This makes her sound devious or conniving, but she’s not. She’s just not in this for short-term gain. Sure, it’s fun to see how quickly she can make someone come using every trick in the book, but there’s something so gratifying about waiting, teasing, drawing it out until you absolutely can’t stand it anymore. It’s a mix of giving you exactly what you want and taking it away in equal measure, just when you’re right at the brink. It’s kind of like edging, but not quite as deliberate… She’s just enjoying the natural ebb and flow of her motions and what they do to you. Are they driving you wild with desire? Good. That’s only the beginning. Slow and steady wins the race, especially when she varies the pace.

Watch more of Piper’s slow sensuality on Slow Motion Blowjob.

A Memorable Blowjob Experience

Piper gives a memorable slow motion blow job

Piper looks like a vision in an all white room, painting the landscape with her big blue eyes and soft pink lips. When she begins to give a blowjob, she always has this look about her like she’s somewhere between getting into mischief and ready to cater to every little whim. An ideal blowjob has a little bit of both of these things. Even with her playful side, Piper knows that it’s not a race. She wants to take her time and make sure that the blowjob is sensual, slow and sweet. Every time she looks up, you can see that little flicker in her eyes, almost like she’s reminding herself to savour every little instant. These moments will stay with her, and you as well. All you can do is take a deep breath, keep your eyes open and try to experience the present as well as you can to get every little detail right for your memory.

See Piper’s memorably sensual slow blowjob on Slow Motion Blowjob.