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Slap That Ass!

Piper’s femme fatale look gives you much to imagine! She has those amazing hourglass curves. As she lays prone, all you notice is that round backside sticking up. Her obedient nature obliges you to claim her!  

Naked Ass Spanking BJ

Naked Ass Spanking BJ

You assert your dominance. Red finger marks appear on her backside. She asks for more. A second strike breaks the silence. A huge smile appears on her lips betraying her.

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Learn About Cock Slapping

Piper exploring a blowjob with cock slapping

We waited a little while to showcase cock slapping as a technique in our educational video series because we really wanted to set the tone to show that it’s not an outrightly aggressive act. So often in blowjob porn, you see cock slapping being used only to degrade the giver, when it’s actually a great sensation to explore, especially with other more soft and sensual component. The video shows Piper taking control, using the cock to smack at various levels of intensity across her cheeks, chin, lips and different parts of her tongue. She shows the variety of speeds and how they can go from seductive to playful, how the lips can be used almost to create sweet kissing, and how a few pointed slaps along the tip of a soft tongue can feel like licking approached in a whole new way. The thudding feeling of cock slapping can be very satisfying, and it’s actually something that a lot of people report wanting more of in their sexual experience, so we’re happy to show how it can be included in a sweet, loving blowjob.

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