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Loving Cunnilingus!



Seeing a woman totally relaxed and being utterly pampered with attentive and loving cunnilingus is an amazing thing. It’s a breathtaking sight to behold as she opens herself, lets go of any tensions and allows herself to be completely in her body and aware of all these incredible sensations. Vacillating between slow moments of awe-inspired licking and kissing to frenzied, furious and passionate cunnilingus like you’ve only dreamed of seeing before.

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Oral Sex Is An Art!



You might have been with us since 2007 or are just joining us, no matter for how long you have been one of our dear readers. We are happy to share with you all that is happening on TheArtofBlowjob.com. With 2017 almost at our doorsteps, we have decided it is about time, after ten years, TheArtofBlowjob gets a brand new look. We are thrilled to announce that TAOBJ is now compatible with any mobile devices. Yes, we are talking smartphones, tablets, and everything. Don’t panic! We didn’t change a thing to our incredible content. It is only in a different package. Enjoy the brand new site right now!


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This week’s update on TheArtofBlowjob is something unique. The quality connoisseurs out there will instantly know that this video was shot in the impressive 60fps format. The 60fps look gives the viewer, You, a much more realistic experience rendering the images more lifelike. It enhances every detail while smoothing them out, adding more fluidity. Only so you can admire Piper’s skillful movements in their most pure form!

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 3.30.52 PM

What is excellent image quality without great sound? To give you the best of both worlds, we gave our new microphone a chance to prove its worth. You will not be disappointed! It doesn’t leave any place to the imagination, catching each stroke, swallow, and even the wetness of it all. Care to hear the difference?

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Dripping Wet Fellatio Exclusive 60FPS!



The passionate brunette is already naked on her knees next to the bed. She patiently waits for you to approach. As you give her what she wants, you sense her craving. To be on the receiving end of Piper’s desires is not an experience for the faint of heart. She pushes her limits, swallowing you deeper and deeper to maintain you on the edge of that sweet ecstasy. She is insatiable.

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