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A BJ Straight Out Of The Shower!



This video was made at the request of one of our dear members.

She comes out of the shower, her hair still wet. She finds you in bed butt naked, which draws a huge smile on her lips. Piper crawls to your mid waist. She looks at you playfully as she takes your cock between her finger and to her mouth. She moans hard while she tries to swallow you. The muscles of her throat clench and her tongue make waves onto your erecting width.

Click Here to Meet her gaze as she swallows your cock!

She looks into your eyes, searching for that moment where you lose all control. Piper teases you, she sucks and rubs you until you are about to come, and suddenly she stops. She wants you to want her so badly. The beautiful brunette dives onto your length one last time, as she knows you are about to fill her. She tastes the first drop and lets you see the rest escape from between her lips. But don’t worry, she cleans it all up.

Intense Shower

Sexy intense shower blowjob

Hop in the shower with me.  It’s a whole lot better on a hot day to enjoy a blowjob away from the sticky, warm air.  The shower is the perfect place, and it really does make it all feel much more intense, don’t you think?  I guess there is just something extra sensual about the feeling of cooling water falling down on our bodies.

So, you’ll see the intensity, and the video is aptly named Intense Shower for that very reason.  It has that passionate edge that we’ve been exploring lately, and we got the camera as close as we could (without ruining it) to give a really good visualization of just exactly how extraordinarily enjoyable our shower time was!

Do you like shower sex?  I certainly do, so you can see a little bit of that here.  The blowjob is especially amazing at the end, as his shower of cum mixed with the droplets of water falling on my face.  It’s so sensual.  So, see for yourself and let me know what you think!  Don’t you feel like a nice, refreshing shower now?  Or maybe just a little personal time.  😉

I Love Camille’s Blowjob

Naked while giving a sensual blowjob


Sometimes when Mike is editing a video, he’ll get a little cute and leave me messages during the earlier versions.  It’s a sweet and kind of romantic way of letting me know he’s thinking of me and he loved the experience just as much as I did.  It’s flirtatious and sweet, which is something I absolutely love about him.  This time, it stayed, and the title of this video is I Love Camille’s Blowjob.  Simple, loving and to the point…  Just the way I like it.


Sexy nude blowjob with gorgeous wet red hair


This video is sexy in part because I had just gotten out of the shower, so I have my cute turquoise towel and wet hair.  I love it when he caresses my skin when I’ve just bathed…  It’s so extra soft and smooth and his hands feel almost orgasmic.  As I sucked him, I could feel the smooth leather of our couch up against certain parts of my body…  The whole thing was extremely erotic and that definitely came out in the way the blowjob unfolded.


Sexy blowjob with stroking and sucking


Do you like the simple wet hair look?  It’s nice to be very dressed down and natural like that.  It’s fun to switch it up between glam, everyday and nude.  Oh, and you do see a lot of my behind, too.  😉  So, take a peek with the trailer and see how I take his cum in the full video…  I get every last drop.

Twitter Interaction and Suggestions

Hi everyone!

Here’s a little video, which is the result of my deliberations on what to do for my shoot for The Art of Blowjob today:

Get the Flash Player to see this video.

I was having a little trouble figuring it out, so I called on my Twitter followers.  Here are some of the ideas you came up with:

@monsieurarrieta said
@CamilleCrimson dans la cuisine ou sur le bureau d’ordinateur!!

@SophieDelancey said
@CamilleCrimson Massage, giving or receiving. A lot of people want it.

@shonrichards said
@CamilleCrimson Oral sex while also reading a book or magazine. A slight disinterested vibe or dedicated nerd.

@veloeuboy said
@CamilleCrimson Tantra chair for me! TY.

@youJerk said
@CamilleCrimson I am a fan of the wet hair look. Minimum amount of makeup. And a towel that keeps falling off

@mordinateur said
@CamilleCrimson in the kitchen or on the desk d’ macheme!!

@alenocente said
@CamilleCrimson tantra chair under the shower;)

@EuroMediGuy said
@CamilleCrimson breakfast nook or table

@Seska said
@CamilleCrimson have you ever shoot faux voyeur stuff outdoors? Not neccesarily bj but perhaps peeks of lingerie?

@Clrd2Land said
@CamilleCrimson – Why not combine the 2 ? A nice soapy & cleansing shower followed by one of your sensual/erotic blow jobs on the chair.

Everybody had great ideas, and I certainly want to try them all out.  In the end, as you can see, I decided to go for a good mix of what people said:  I was reading on the Tantra Chair in a towel with wet hair and very minimal makeup.  It’s something I actually enjoy doing after taking a shower, so it was a lovely experience.  I hope you guys are enjoying my little experiment, because I certainly am!

And I hope you guys think it’s funny. Of course I wouldn’t ignore Mike for long… My book could wait.

iPod Touch Experiment – The Beginning

It’s already been really fun to show off my life in pictures.  It’s nice to write, but I feel like I do so much of that…  Photo/video pictures are the best of show AND tell.  The experiment has only just begun, but here are some of the highlights:

Camille Crimson enjoying a fall day

Enjoying the beautiful fall weather and the crunchy leaves

Hot redhead fresh from the shower

A little candid just out of the shower, not a stitch of makeup.

I love to cook

Since I love to cook, there have been a fair amount of food photos.

Camille Crimson receives a cumshot to finish a blowjob

Of course you have to have a few candids from The Art of Blowjob

At my computer, looking cute

And of course, it seems like I’m always at the computer.

Have you guys enjoyed the experiment so far?  I’ll try to include a little “best of” post here each week, but make sure you’re following me on Twitter, too!