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New Photo Update on TAOBJ!

This week on TAOBJ, you get multiple photo updates. That’s a big extra to accompany the sexy Facial Friday video that’s already online!

Throughout the week, Piper will put up all of the pics she took during her time in South Beach. Go to the Photos section of TheArtofBJ. Careful, torrid content ahead!

Here’s a sneak peek 😉

Piper Blush Photo Update

Piper Blush Photo Update

My first day of exploration in South Beach was to find the perfect Miami bikini. This Photos update is focused on me wandering around the streets trying to find a great swimsuit store… See more wild pics, click here!

And So This is Boxing Day

Did sexy Santa bring you what you want for Christmas?


So, I’m not really Santa, but if I was I would have brought you exactly what you wanted.  But I’m not, so I didn’t.  Maybe you have a couple of returns or exchanges to make, or maybe you just saw a few great deals worth investigating.  Nobody can blame you…  Some are too good to pass up.


For us, we may very well head out because there are a lot of great options for tech nerds like us, both for our computers and our cameras.  We’re not going to do a complete crazy all-day shopping spree, but it’d be nice to pick up a thing or two to make the sites even better, wouldn’t it?


Are any of you braving the crowds today?

Boxing Day

Woman holding lots and lots of shopping bags and boxes.

Is anyone going out for boxing day madness shopping?  I hope I find some really great deals…  Maybe score a few video games and some lingerie.  Or a fun new Mac toy!  Oooh!  Or some new camera equipment!  Boy am I a funny combination.  I hope it won’t be too crazy outside!  Wish me luck!

Black Friday Sale!

Black Friday Sale on sensual blowjob website The Art of Blowjob

I did a Black Friday sale for The Art of Blowjob.  It’s 100% over, so if you missed it, you missed it.  Sorry, but absolutely no begging will work, so don’t bother.  😉

Still, I’m interested to hear feedback.  What do you think of sales for porn?

Mont Tremblant Trip

This Friday, Mike and I and our friends from La Réunion to Mont Tremblant, a little ski village just a short while away from Montreal.  We left in the morning and took a pit stop to Tim Horton for coffee and triple chocolate muffins, which were delicious!

It was raining and very cold and my friends couldn’t believe how cold it was.  They were really not even able to imagine how cold it would be here.  It’s funny for Mike and I because this is chilly, but nothing compared to the dead of winter in Montreal.

We strolled a bit in the beautiful little village and took pictures, which feature our friends so we figured we’d leave them their privacy on the blog.  We checked out a few boutiques – christmas decoration stores, ski clothing, chocolatiers and the like.  All of the shops in Tremblant are very beautiful.

Then we went for lunch. It was so delicious!  Pizza with bacon, black olives and pesto for me.

We also had some other great food, including poutine, which is absolutely necessary to experience Quebec life!

After lunch we went for coffee in a nice café where I bought some for my machine because it was so tasty.  I am such a coffee obsessive sometimes, it’s always such a treat to get a nice new roast.

We finally made a last tour of the village, and we really were awestruck from all the amazing views.  I know I keep saying how beautiful it is, but it really is a gorgeous place!

On the way home, it started snowing.  Since it never snows in La Réunion, my friends where all excited and we stopped to take pictures and make short videos.  It wasn’t the winter wonderland we’re used to here, but they were still very impressed.  I’m so happy they got to see it!

They were happy, we were happy.  Little trips like that are so wonderful, especially with great friends.