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TheArtofBlowjob’s Halloween Special!

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On Friday the 28th you can enjoy, a little in advance, TheArtofBlowjob’s Halloween treat.
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Get Piper Blush’s Phone Number!

Click On Image to Text With Piper!

Click On Image to Text With Piper!

Get Piper’s iPhone Number

You might want to chat on a daily, even hourly, basis. You might prefer to exchange photos and chat about them. You might even want to get really close and personal with some very suggestive texts. I love it every way! I feel so lucky having you as my fans! I wanna make the time for you! The demand being very high, I found a way we can stay in touch more efficiently and privately. As you become one of my DreamLovers, I offer myself a VIP treatment with you, and you’ll get my personal cell phone number where I’m always reachable. I’m looking forward to getting to know you and maybe exchange some… photos 😉

How Does It Work?

I received a couple questions regarding the functioning of DreamLover, so here’s a quick overview of the very easy steps. First, go on http://www.dreamlover.com/register. Second, create your account for only a dollar, don’t worry it is NOT recurring and totally SFW. Third, once your account is created go to http://www.dreamlover.com/PiperBlush. Fourth, right under my profile picture click on “Buy her number”. I put it at the smallest possible price which is 4$, only so more of you can get in touch with me. You will now receive my personal cell number! You can contact me whenever you wish, I will instantly know you are one of my VIP Fans :)

Get My Private Cell!

Get My Private Cell!

Work-Safe Porn Just for ME!

Sophie forwarded this along to me because, let’s face it, this is everything I like in a single photo.  It’s funny, it features a cat and it obviously used to be a blowjob.  Throw in some Scotch, a Mac, a steak and a motorcycle and we have my perfect photo!  This is also an excellent example of work-safe porn!

Work-safe porn is a relatively old meme, dating back all the way to 2006 (gasp!) and most popularized in this extremely hilarious video:

It seems as though these are still going strong.  The forces of MS Paint and porn are too much for anyone to resist, clearly.  Perhaps it’s something about that cat’s shocked face, but it actually made me laugh.  I hope this perks up your Thursday afternoon and makes you giggle, too.

But, I wanted to know…  If you could SFW-up my blowjobs, what would you create?  What would I be doing with my mouth?  This reminds me of that Facebook contest I had a while back…  I’d love to hear what the (relatively) new crop of commenters can dream up as a safe for work alternative to blowjobs.