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Jemma Gives Passionate Cunnilingus to Cassie

Sensual cunnilingus between two beautiful women

Jemma and Cassie are so sensual together. There’s something really special about watching women together, enjoying exploring each others’ bodies, which are both similar and uniquely different. No two vulvas are alike… They’re like snowflakes, in that you’d probably love to catch one on your tongue. Lesbian sex isn’t a spectator sport, but it is always lovely when you get a little insight into what goes on between two women. Their give and take is amazingly hot to watch, seeing how Jemma is egged on by Cassie’s reaction. It’s like a vicious cycle, only just viciously sexy. When Cassie finally gets to the brink, Jemma does everything in her power to usher in her orgasm. Her passion and intensity works, but you’ll have to see that for yourself.

Watch Cassie come on Jemma’s talented tongue on The Art of Cunnilingus.

Learn About Slippery Blowjobs with Lots of Spit

Educational blowjob video with lots of saliva

Since the official launch of our educational series, we’ve been working on all kinds of amazing ideas for ways to teach people about giving and receiving incredible blowjobs. It’s fun to show off how beautiful blowjobs can be, but there’s a tremendous benefit from actually explaining how our beautiful performers do what they do. In this week’s educational series blowjob video, Parker shows off her love for giving wet, slippery fellatio. Learn all kinds of techniques and tricks for incorporating saliva into a beautiful, sensual blowjob experience and immerse yourself in the erotic words and images, working together to inform and arouse. Check this and other educational videos out on The Art of Blowjob.

Halloween Lovers, Unite

Sexy blowjob in a witch costume

Last year’s costume: Camille as a sexy witch!

Halloween has long been my favourite time of the year. I grew up as the type of teen who would go to the shadow cast version of the Rocky Horror Picture Show every month, dressed far more liberally than my parents probably should have allowed for such a young age. In hindsight, I was kind of made to work in porn, wasn’t I? My love for the sexy, the fringe and the exciting far precedes my foray into the world of adult entertainment. I have always loved costumes, getting theatrical and relishing the opportunity to become someone else, spooky or silly, though always at least kind of sexy. This year, and particularly the past month or so, has been tumultuous, but Halloween does always lift my spirits… Insert joke about raising the dead and communing with the spirits here. And candy is delicious. Plus, Jezebel posited that Halloween lovers are the best, and we all want to consider ourselves the best, don’t we?

I want to wish you all the happiest of Halloweens. Even though there’s no special update this year, I hope you’ll all share your plans and costumes here. There’s nothing better than communing over all hallow’s eve, even if your plan is mostly about carving pumpkins and handing out candy. Speaking of which, I need to go snag some for the trick or treaters. Wouldn’t want to get egged!

– Sophie

Last Minute Halloween Idea?

Pam from Archer

Pam, the loveable HR representative from Archer.

Halloween is just around the corner. It’s my favourite time of year, I’d have to say. I love dressing up, parties and candy. I’m not actually so much about the spooky stuff, but one of my favourite traditions is to carve a bunch of pumpkins, save the seeds and toast them to eat later while watching a few of the classic Treehouse of Horror Simpson’s Halloween specials. While I already know what I’m going as (Pam from Archer: see header photo) I have just the thought for those of you who are 2 days out from various parties without a single idea of what to wear:

So easy! A suit jacket with tails, fishnet thigh highs and a g-string with a bow tie. Oh, and the incredibly ability to move your buns to Beethoven in perfect time with grace and elegance. I assume at least one of you will wear this… But who will it be? Regardless, I hope you enjoy this ode to the butt and to one of the world’s most celebrated composers. Can’t forget about him.

Intimate Silence

Camille Crimson gets a sexy facial

We all know that moment when everything just becomes quiet around you and you’re entirely focused on the immediate sensations happening in your body.  Anything else is just noise…  Literally.  This is a really beautiful kind of intimacy to me.  I just want to be close, focused and present for every little feeling and look and second.  This is what it feels like when love and lust are in perfect harmony.

This update is called Intimate Silence, and that’s what it is.  Sure, there’s music, but the atmosphere is one of almost suspension.  Not suspense, just a moment in time completely untouched by any interference.  It’s so amazing to get to experience connection in a way where everything else drops out.  Capturing that on film is just even more amazing.  Thinking that I’ll always be able to look on these videos and photos is wonderful.  It’s a time capsule for my relationship.  To think about it that way…  I’m so lucky!

Please let me know if you’ve felt this silence, check out a bit more about the update and then watch the video…  Because it dissipates at the end in the most delightful, silly, sweet way.  I hope it’ll make you smile as much as it did for us.  It’s a classic moment between us.

Shivers in my Spine

Camille Crimson enjoys a beautiful encounter from behind

Shiver shiver.  Don’t you love that feeling of (good) shivers as they drift down your spine and spread across your skin?  Kind of like goosebumps, but more subtle and hard to pin down.  It’s one of life’s lovely little sensory games.  Your body knows what you like in such perfect detail that it reacts almost before you even register what’s going on.  It’s not purely sexual, but it certainly has sexy applications.

This video is called Shivers in my Spine and it’s a capture of exactly one of those sexy moments.  Mike approached me from behind and slid in effortlessly, playing with my breasts and fixing his rhythms perfectly with mine.  We both just felt amazing.  Sometimes everything clicks perfectly, and this is one of those times.  We rarely have bloopers, but in this case, we barely cut a second.  It’s surprisingly natural to shoot sex on camera.  It’s wonderful to come to this realization AND have amazing orgasms on film in the process.

I hope you’ll take a look and let me know if you experience any shivers from watching.  I do every time.  It’s just so easy to remember such an intense sensation, isn’t it?  I’m almost getting chills just thinking about it!