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Focus On The Eyes!

The room is drenched in the fresh sunlight that only the early day can bring. Nothing is better than to be surrounded by a big green leafy plant and some radiant colors to spark in Piper’s creative vibes. She mesmerises you with the way her white laced bra holds her fabulous breasts. Piper’s body is gorgeous at your feet. It’s time she gives your morning kiss.

Click Here To View Video!

Click Here To View Video!

Her eyes are just so profoundly hypnotizing as she takes in every inch of your shaft. Your hardness makes her moan. Your view constantly shifts from the blue of her eyes, to her talented mouth, and to her beautiful cleavage. She does things to you that make your lower stomach scream for release. She looks at your cock with desire as she puts three of her fingers in her mouth. She takes them out and rubs her thick saliva all over you.

Do You Know Your Erotic Thrillers?

Can you guess these gifs are from which movies?

Just a little hint, there are all erotic thrillers!

It’s a secret party!

She may be a bad girl!


She also likes girls!


She has a boyfriend!

Do you think you got some of them right?

Answers: Eyes Wide Shut, Basic Instinct, Wild Things and Killing Me Softly.

Those are some of Piper’s favourites! What are you favourite erotic thrillers?


A Sexy New Model on TheArtofBlowjob!

Niki from TheArtofBlowjob

Niki from TheArtofBlowjob

With the arrival of our new site, we wanted to give you another little something that was new!  An exclusive video with a new girl.

I present you: Niki. She is a very ‘coquine’ brunette. Her smile is enchanting and so are other parts of her body… She will be in this Friday’s Update on TheArtofBlowjob.

Don’t miss it, she quite something!

The Beauty of Face Sitting

Piper has a face sitting cunnilingus orgasm

Face sitting is totally gorgeous. There’s something so sexy about seeing a woman take charge and be in control of her orgasms. In this case, Piper is all dressed up with a beautiful pearl necklace and a pair of lovely white lace panties. It’s nice to be naked, but sometimes there’s that extra little bit of eroticism derived from pushing those panties to the side to taste a beautiful, wet pussy. Piper is riding his face like a queen, sitting there and really sinking in to feel his tongue inside her, lapping her wetness and swirling his tongue around her clit. She comes so incredibly hard, throwing her head back and shaking out her gorgeous brown hair as she has an amazing orgasmic crest into a lovely denouement. She smiles, breathes a sigh of relief and you see the way the pleasure washes over her face.

Watch this incredible face sitting orgasm now on The Art of Cunnilingus.