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Between Her Breasts

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You should be having sex at these hours!

We are too often in a hurry to do things. We choose a coffee for the road, a fast food joint instead of sitting down for an hour at a healthy restaurant and quickies over long and romantic love making. So when is the best time to have sex?

Mornings Between 7 am, and 10 am!

It is a good idea to use what you have and make the most out of it! Mornings were particularly good for intercourse because most men are already up! The bonus of having sex in the morning is that it releases endorphins that will last you all day long, plus it strengthens your immune system.

Before or After Lunch 12 pm to 15 pm

If your girlfriend is not there when you wake up, you can always reschedule and meet for an afternoon delight. Having sex on a regular basis keeps your heart in shape.

Evening round up 8 pm  to 11 pm

According to science, it’s the best time to have sex. You are usually free of all your duties, relaxed. To have sex right before saying good night is a good way to have a good night of sleep. After the climax, your body releases oxytocin and endorphins. Those hormones will make you feel all lovey-dovey as well as knock you cold for the rest of the night. You might only go for a few minutes, but it’s still worth the effort.


If you are thinking of having a baby the best time is most definitely in the morning, that,s where the testosterone levels are the higher.




Anal Sex: What You Should Know!

Anal sex has been happening for centuries. Ancient Greeks were doing it! There is nothing wrong with wanting to try anal sex.

Did you know that your rear part is filled with nerve endings? When they are carefully stimulated, it can feel amazing. No need to go too deep, because most of the nerves are situated at the opening of the butthole.

For Men!

Men have prostates which make anal sex feel great or any anal play. The prostate is a gland that produces the main element of semen, fluid. To the touch, it feels like a small but solid bump. Some men even have orgasms by stimulating their prostates.

For Women!

The experience for women is indeed different. The anus is tighter than the vagina. But to have both holes filled is said to give quite an earth shattering orgasm.

How To!

It is imperative to start slowly and use lots of lube. You can always start with a finger and work up. Make sure your partner is relaxed and willing. Communicate as it is happening.

Silicon lube is the best for this practice, make sure you don’t use any silicone toys or condoms though, they are toxic together. You should always use a condom if you are not in a monogamous relationship and are not sure you are both SDI free. The tissues of the anus are very easy to break and make STI’s more easy to catch. In this case, use an oil-based lube.


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What Sex Feels Like on Molly! (MDMA, Ecstasy)

Piper has made it her mission to show the world what a MDMA trip looks and feel like for women! She prepares herself throughout the day for this big experiment. But as she takes the pill her master plan vanishes and with

She prepares herself throughout the day to be ready for her night experiment. But as she swallows that pill her plans vanish and so do her inhibitions. Watch this educational video to learn more about this powerful drug. For more like this Subscribe to her Channel, click here!

Erotic Sex Scene From Game of Thrones!

The actress in the role of Missandei had a hard time opening up in the season 7 episode 2 sex scene. She confessed that she was pretty nervous about having to take off her clothes. As you can see she came over her fears beautifully…

The actor in the role of Grey Worm wasn’t so bad himself!