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Not Your Ordinary Masturbation Sock!

You’ve probably all done it- Put your penis in a sock! Times have changed and the sock as now been reinvented. Trade your rugged sock for the soft and comfortable snug of a SwoonKink cashmere sleeve.



Susanna Gray is a sex-positive 54-year-old from Sunfish Lake, Minnesota. She is the creator of the Swoon Kink cashmere hand-job and masturbation sleeve. Her background as a packing designer was going to serve her for something a little less ordinary. She saw a pair of fingerless gloves in a store and decided to make her own pair at home. Once done she showed them to her husband who said: Know where this would feel good?, as he pointed his crotch.

Gray says: “There are men who prefer a moister experience when masturbating, and there are men who like friction. From what I’ve heard, [the sleeve] appeals to the friction guys. There’s nothing out there for them, so it filled a niche in a very luxurious way.”




This is what Brian Moylan from Vice had to say about it:

“After a brief visit to PornHub, I was ready to get into my turtleneck. Jerking off with the Pleasure Sweater feels like a Muppet’s dosed your dick with MDMA before jumping up and down on it until you have the warmest, strongest, most tingling orgasm of your entire life. It was absolutely incredible. I put the ribbed part around the base of my shaft, which it hugged with the perfect amount of tightness that not only provided pleasurable pressure but also kept the sleeve from moving around too much.

The soft fabric creates friction that doesn’t chafe—an intense sensation produced because, whereas normally there’s only sensation where the hand contacts the skin, the cashmere sleeve drags over all of your eager nerve endings for an overdose of stimulation. There’s no time for the best parts of your Johnson to rest.”


You don’t even have to be afraid of making a mess on your fancy cashmere sleeve. Once you are done, all you have to do is wash it in cold water and dried flat… And don’t worry it comes in many colors and shapes 😉

Full Storie Here


Chat With Piper Blush In Real Time!

Ever wanted to talk to Piper Blush about The Importance Of Oral Sex In A Relationship?

On Oct 4th You Can!

She will be hosting #SexTalkTuesday on Twitter :)



How Can You Participate?

Log in to your Twitter Account on October 4th, a little before 3 pm Est. The chat will last until 4 pm Est.

To see the tweets Go To @SexTalkTuesday.

Every 10 minutes or so, you will see a new question pop. In this format: Q1(Question Here?) #SexTalkTuesday

You can Get Engaged in the conversation by answering the questions or resharing information.

Don’t Forget To Include the #sextalktuesday in all of your tweets, or they will not be posted on @SexTalkTuesday’s feed.


Get Ready, Here Are The Questions!

Q1(How big of a place do you wish #oralsex will occupy in your #sexlife, weekly?) #SexTalkTuesday

Q2(How can you #ask your partner for more #oralsex? Give us ideas.) #SexTalkTuesday

Q3(#Giving, what do you think can make you a better giver, and why?) #SexTalkTuesday

Q4( #Receiving, what do you think can make you a better receiver, and why?) #SexTalkTuesday

Q5(How many times a week, do you need #oralsex to be #satisfied? On the #Giving and #Receiving end?) #SexTalkTuesday



Thanks to Sssh.com and SexTalkTuesday.com for having Piper Blush moderate #SexTalkTuesday.

The Wednesday Tip: Explore all the positions!

The Wednesday Tip: Explore all the positions!

There is no limits to the positions you can explore with your partner…except those of your body!

So try it all: top, bottom, side ways, reverse, what ever makes it a little different!



Can You Replace Sex By Exercise?

I’ve tried to summarize for you a great article I just read on IFLScience!

Sex does have some similarities to exercise. Your heart rate increases and so does your blood pressure. But sex only elicits a moderate level of physical stress, about 75% of a maximal exercise. These physical stress levels were intermittent, meaning much of the time was spent at a lower level of stress. Making sex a moderate physical activity such as brisk walking.



Can sex change your physiology such as exercise?

It could! But because most of us don’t sustain sex for long enough and often enough, it does not give you physiological changes. Also, to gain muscle mass you will more likely need resistance training. We don’t yet know if sex brings you this type of muscular training.

What about masturbation? Well, sorry but masturbation is only equivalent to a slow walk. You better get a girlfriend really soon, if you want to make it more of a physical challenge ;P

Exercise affects sex!

Exercise in general mixed with an healthy life style will make you less tired during sex, especially cardio. Women who train their pelvic floor with exercises, will have more control, heightened sensation and less pain during sex. As for men, to train the perineal muscle helps with premature ejaculation.

Sex affects exercise!

Sex has no affects on exercise, but it does have negative affects on recovery. Just wait 2 hours after sex before starting exercising!

Becoming A Sex Machine!

Have you heard of The Borg? Of course you have, if you are a fan of Star Trek like me :) Some people actually do want to become more like them.

Did you know, there is a subculture known as biohackers or grinders. They modify there bodies, trying to enhance human life through technology.

Rich Lee is part of the grinder culture, his dream is to implant the first sub-dermal sexual modification on himself. He already has magnets into the cartilage nubs in front of his earholes that connect to a copper coil around his neck, permitting him to pick up signals beyond the human hearing.

His next project is called the Lovetron9000, he has been working on it for the past 5 years. He wants to implant a vibrator into his pubic fat.

Here’s how he made the Loveton9000:

The first prototype was made out of RadioShack electronic parts and ballpoint pens—a bunch of household items. The plan was to coat it in silicone and implant it. We’d already figured out methods to power it under the skin using induction. But the vibrations weren’t enough. Then I had to up it, and I was like, Oh wait, this is too big. I needed a smaller motor. Then when I had it running for long periods of time I found that it had super fine chips of plastic breaking off and causing friction between [the vibrator] and the silicon layer. Then I had another prototype where I had leeching in the bio-coating that surrounded it, so it would’ve absorbed blood or different body fluids, which would have compromised the electronics. It’s this evolution where I’ve got a lot of things that I’ve just trial-and-errored. I had one that just completely broke when my wife got on top of it. Lots of different setbacks. None of them were implant worthy.

Rich Lee plans on getting is implant in August 2016, so stay tuned.

I guess those people are not really like the Borg after all, because sex would be Irrelevant!

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