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Shivers in my Spine

Camille Crimson enjoys a beautiful encounter from behind

Shiver shiver.  Don’t you love that feeling of (good) shivers as they drift down your spine and spread across your skin?  Kind of like goosebumps, but more subtle and hard to pin down.  It’s one of life’s lovely little sensory games.  Your body knows what you like in such perfect detail that it reacts almost before you even register what’s going on.  It’s not purely sexual, but it certainly has sexy applications.

This video is called Shivers in my Spine and it’s a capture of exactly one of those sexy moments.  Mike approached me from behind and slid in effortlessly, playing with my breasts and fixing his rhythms perfectly with mine.  We both just felt amazing.  Sometimes everything clicks perfectly, and this is one of those times.  We rarely have bloopers, but in this case, we barely cut a second.  It’s surprisingly natural to shoot sex on camera.  It’s wonderful to come to this realization AND have amazing orgasms on film in the process.

I hope you’ll take a look and let me know if you experience any shivers from watching.  I do every time.  It’s just so easy to remember such an intense sensation, isn’t it?  I’m almost getting chills just thinking about it!

Partners in Crime

Sexy redhead getting her breasts fondled

I just had to share a little bit more about this video from my brand new website…  It’s called Partners in Crime and it’s about a different kind of passionate exploration, always done together.  Mike came up behind me to play with my breasts which, as I’ve said many times, is something that really drives me wild with desire.  I countered by playing with his cock, which ended up getting me so worked up that I began to touch myself as well, slipping my hand right into my jeans.

What happened was a beautiful, sticky orgasm for both of us.  He shot an impressive cumshot which narrowly missed the denim and slicked my hand with his orgasm, and I came not long after, just from the way he stimulates me and kisses my neck while my fingers are hard at work inside of me.  Not all sex has to be naked or penetrative…  There are so many ways to be creatively sensual, playfully teasing and still get what you want.  I love having an orgasm this way.  It’s not standard, but it feels amazing.  It’s very much “me” in the way I see my sexuality.

Join the site to see more!  And I’d love to know…  What unconventional sex really turns you on?  Do you practice it, or is it purely imagined?  Do you think that you can have amazing sex without the standard sexual script ever coming into play?

White Paint

Sexy redhead Camille Crimson giving a sensual blowjob in a kerchief

One of the funniest little side effects of shooting porn is that I get to play amateur interior decorator, too.  Since we shoot at home, we don’t want it to always look like the same rooms and the same furniture over and over again, so we get creative with decorations, placement, new items…  We have so many sheets and curtains!  :P  Sometimes it’s nice to start fresh, and we decided to redo a room with fresh white paint.  I do like to keep you all interested!

Painting is fun and satisfying, but it’s nice to take a break to enjoy something else that’s fun and satisfying…  Of course, I mean a sensual midday blowjob to reward us for our hard work.  I love the playfulness that comes from painting, and that certainly comes into play with this blowjob.  It’s sexy, of course, but it’s sweet and enthusiastic and varied, as all blowjobs should be.

If you want to take a little break just like we did, you can read more about the update with a little erotic description or check out the full video and dive right in.  Don’t worry, we did go back to painting after.  Have you ever taken a sexy break from a chore before?


Sexy blowjob sweetness

Did you feel that little shiver?  This video certainly gave them to me.  Both the video and the experience itself.  You get a nice little closeup of my behind, covered in goosebumps, as I navigate this beautiful blowjob.  The best things in life sneak up on you, spread across your skin and make you smile: love, cum and goosebumps.  ;)

We’re both bathed in natural light, adding to the lovely simplicity of the video.  He lovingly holds my face and guides me through this erotic experience before I take over, emboldened to lick and kiss in playful ways.  What’s more beautifully erotic than that?  I just love having that moment of shifting into place and showing him my skills.

There’s a description and a photo to give you a little sample, then the full video will hopefully give you as many goosebumps as I had!  It’s like a cool, refreshing breeze on a hot day…  Let me know what you think about this expression of sensuality, and maybe also your favourite way to feel goosebumps of your own.  Who knows?  Maybe it’s a blowjob, or even a blowjob video!

Wanting and Needing Men

Today, I stumbled upon an article from Good Men Project about the distinction between wanting and needing men.  It’s largely about the way women have “caught up” to men socially, and how men don’t know who they are anymore without their traditional roles to provide for and protect…  Now that we have rights (Here. I’m not saying we have achieved equality, especially not in many other parts of the world…) and can handle things ourselves without society getting in the way, there’s been a crisis of masculinity.

All of that is important, and something we’ve discussed here in the past, but what really got me was the idea of how men have to feel needed because they don’t feel wanted.  This is especially relevant for me in a sexual context.  Even when people talk about how women “need” men sexually, it’s always about either procreation or some primal need, not a more surface, pleasure-based need.  And that’s sad.  We’re taught that women are beautiful and to be desired, and men aren’t, outside of the men we’ve deemed “the hottest” according to magazine rankings, of course.  ;)

Even in porn, men don’t get to be the candy.  Sure, we can say that’s because most porn is still aimed at heterosexual men, but I think it’s valuable for there to be focus on the sexiness of a man. I love to make Mike feel sexy and wanted.  It’s nice to feel deeply desired.  It may come off as aggressive for a woman to intensely desire a man, but I try to show in every video we make just how much I want Mike.  It’s not just a biological thing…  I find him sexy.  I feel that visceral draw to him.  And I make that known as much as I can.

It’s sexy to have this back and forth, and I really hope that more people adopt it.  It’s good for self-esteem, it’s good for furthering equality and it’s good for really beautiful sexual experiences.  What do you think?  Do you feel desired?  Do you desire?  Is this something you want in your life?  Or, even something you need?

Making Sexual Chemistry By Yourself

Camille Crimson touching herself

I love reading things that give sexual advice for both solo and coupled people.  It’s so often that people talk about sex strictly as a multiple-person activity, forgetting that a lot of people (both single and in relationships) have sex all by themselves.  We often assume that masturbation is just a means to an end to relieve tension and have an orgasm, but there can be so much more than that…

Thought Catalog has a whole lot of pieces that deal with the self, but this one specifically deals with the sexual side.  It is ultimately a discussion about how to seduce others, but it starts with self-seduction.  The idea of prolonging masturbation, of tricking the senses, of artfully teasing oneself and trying to bring everything to a more intense end result is so exciting, and, it’s the best way to eventually learn about how to seduce someone else, too.

The piece closes with some wonderful wisdom:

We mistakenly leave teasing and play behind in the sandbox of childhood. We think what looks sexy will be sexy. We forget our hands and nose know what’s sexy far better than our eyes. If you can seduce yourself, you can seduce others. As Socrates urged, “Know thyself.” Your curiosity will reward you with orgasms.

Does this make you think differently about the time you spend with yourself and what you could be doing and learning in that time?  Or would you say you already dabble in self-seduction?  What do you do?