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Niki the Sultry Brunette!

Niki from TheArtofBlowjob

Niki from TheArtofBlowjob

In the spirit of the coming new year, a beautiful wave of changes and renewal has drifted upon us, bringing with it very special things. You have already enjoyed the layout of our new mobile-friendly site, but there is more… So before you get caught in the Holidays frenzy, here’s your little pre-gift from TheArtofBlowjob.

Piper thought you might want to mix it up a little before it gets too hectic. So today she lets you have some quality time alone, with someone she chose especially for you. A new model! Her name is Niki. She is such a brunette beauty, young and firm. Her gorgeous temptress eyes look up at you as she gives you her very first POV on TAOBJ. It only happens once in the life of a model.

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Blowjobs in Slowmotion!




On SlowMotionBlowjob, you can enjoy completely new content captured in a gorgeous cinematic style, where each second lasts three time as long – just so you have more time to pay attention to all those precious details that push you over the edge and into blissfulness.

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Tasting Her Juicy Pussy!

I suddenly felt my thighs tightening. I pictured it in my head, your tongue tasting my folds. I came out of my fantasy, as warm wetness  touched my panties. Here was my reaction to the quite intense poem I found on LibraryVixen!

Read it and tell me if you get the same sensations as I did?

© Copyright 2015 Library Vixen, All rights Reserved. Written For: Library Vixen

© Copyright 2015 Library Vixen, All rights Reserved. Written For: Library Vixen

I suck the meat from your bone

nourishing me until I moan

kitchen smells warm and yeasty

My oven heaves loaves so meaty

branch hard strains reaching for the juncture

juices pour out with each puncture

Dine and gorge I provide the cunt to feast

Your tongue laps up my tasty treat


To read more like those go to : LibraryVixen!

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The Uniqueness of Blowjobs

PIper witnesses an amazing cumshot

Each and every blowjob is like a special, sensual snowflake. Well, not really, but kind of. We have so many updates on the site, and they’re all blowjobs. You might think that would become boring but, well, would you get bored of blowjobs in your personal face-to-face life? No, probably not, provided they were enthusiastic, skilled and connected! The same can be said for our blowjobs. There’s always a new energy, a new approach, a different manifestation of connection. They take on so many different styles and atmospheres and elements… Today, for instance, Piper dons a pearl necklace (the literal kind) and uses a cock ring and her mesmerizing blue eyes to add something different to the blowjob, and she in turn is absolutely spellbound by the eventual cumshot she helps to create.

Watch yet another unique, special and beautiful blowjob now on The Art of Blowjob.

Blowjobs Can Be Beautiful

A beautiful blowjob with PiperThis title should get a big “well, duh!” from everyone who is reading it. I’d like to think that this is common knowledge by now and that we’re preaching to the choir. In case you’re new here, yes, blowjobs can indeed be beautiful. We make beautiful porn focused on nice editing, beautiful shooting and capturing lovely moments of connection, but even the blowjobs themselves are beautiful.

It can be such a maligned act, either being used as the appetizer before the main course or being a passive, almost aggressive or violent act with no skill or nuance beyond being an open and available mouth. While there’s nothing wrong with that, we like to show just how sensual and amazing a blowjob can be, even just in its basic and simple form.

Take Piper here in the latest update on The Art of Blowjob. She’s in a red satin robe sucking with confidence, elegance and enthusiasm. It’s just a blowjob, but somehow it reads as so much more. We hope to inspire you to go beyond what mainstream porn tells you a blowjob can be. Blowjobs ARE beautiful!


Slow, Intimate Moments

Piper gets an amazing cumshot

Our latest video update on Slow Motion Blowjob is about those slow, intimate moments where it’s not about an end result, it’s just about all the interconnected elements that contribute to the sensuality you’re experiencing. Slowly but surely, Piper strokes up and down as his cock gets harder and harder, dripping precum and thrusting involuntarily from all the intensity and electricity in the room. It’s really sexy and fascinating to see her face as she takes in every facet of this erotic exchange, stroking with purpose, but that purpose is the pleasure they’re both experiencing in every moment. As with any situation where the joy is the ride and the orgasm isn’t the only important thing, the cumshot wound up being pretty intense and beautiful as it rained down on her waiting, accepting, enthusiastic face. This is a facial with intent and desire.

Experience a few of these moments now on Slow Motion Blowjob.