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Slow, Intimate Moments

Piper gets an amazing cumshot

Our latest video update on Slow Motion Blowjob is about those slow, intimate moments where it’s not about an end result, it’s just about all the interconnected elements that contribute to the sensuality you’re experiencing. Slowly but surely, Piper strokes up and down as his cock gets harder and harder, dripping precum and thrusting involuntarily from all the intensity and electricity in the room. It’s really sexy and fascinating to see her face as she takes in every facet of this erotic exchange, stroking with purpose, but that purpose is the pleasure they’re both experiencing in every moment. As with any situation where the joy is the ride and the orgasm isn’t the only important thing, the cumshot wound up being pretty intense and beautiful as it rained down on her waiting, accepting, enthusiastic face. This is a facial with intent and desire.

Experience a few of these moments now on Slow Motion Blowjob.

The Beauty of Face Sitting

Piper has a face sitting cunnilingus orgasm

Face sitting is totally gorgeous. There’s something so sexy about seeing a woman take charge and be in control of her orgasms. In this case, Piper is all dressed up with a beautiful pearl necklace and a pair of lovely white lace panties. It’s nice to be naked, but sometimes there’s that extra little bit of eroticism derived from pushing those panties to the side to taste a beautiful, wet pussy. Piper is riding his face like a queen, sitting there and really sinking in to feel his tongue inside her, lapping her wetness and swirling his tongue around her clit. She comes so incredibly hard, throwing her head back and shaking out her gorgeous brown hair as she has an amazing orgasmic crest into a lovely denouement. She smiles, breathes a sigh of relief and you see the way the pleasure washes over her face.

Watch this incredible face sitting orgasm now on The Art of Cunnilingus.

Slow, Sweet and In Control

Piper is on top and giving an amazing hand job

We love going slow and being very sweet, sensual and almost syrupy about it. We also love strong women who are in control of situations, getting pleasure and enjoying herself on her own terms. Luckily, this video has all of the above as Piper gets on top, gets some oral pleasure of her own and makes her partner come with her stroking, sucking and her honestly sexy moans and reactions. This blowjob is exciting because it’s also so much about Piper’s responses. A lot of people understand the pleasure of giving pleasure, and what’s better than experiencing both at the same time. Though the cinematography is all about him, her arousal and orgasm fill the room, too. You’ll have to wait to see the other side of things on The Art of Cunnilingus.

See this slow, sensual eroticism and mutual pleasure on Slow Motion Blowjob,

Piper Explores Blowjob Eroticism

Sensual blowjob by gorgeous babe Piper


Piper looks so beautiful in this shot, but it pales in comparison to the beauty of her blowjobs. She really pulls out all of the stops with this one, exploring different facets of eroticism as she plays with the reaches of what a blowjob can be. It is at once simply elegant and yet unbelievably creative. She’s like an artist at work and, well, we do call it The Art of Blowjob for a reason. Just let yourself fall for her as she seeks out the eroticism of the blowjob with all the skills and techniques she has at her disposal. It’s hard to take your eyes off of her, so why even try? Just settle in, enjoy yourself and follow along as you imagine what a blowjob can be if you just position yourself as a conquerer of pleasure, open to new sensations and interesting ways to play.

Explore with Piper on The Art of Blowjob.

Amy is Amazing

Sexy and sensual blowjob with brunette Amy


Amy is amazing. Her ass is amazing, her eyes are amazing, her tongue is amazing, her repertoire of skills are amazing and her attitude is amazing. Look at the way her back curves to expose her amazing backside. Appreciate at the way she looks luminous and effortless throughout the blowjob. Just gaze into those incredible blue eyes as she works over your cock with the kind of magic you should be so lucky to experience. You’ll utterly fall in love with her abilities and her vibe in this video… Amy really is a phenomenal woman. Her blowjobs are only a part of that.

See Amy’s amazing blowjob now on The Art of Blowjob.


An Offbeat Valentine’s Day

Erotic and beautiful sensual blowjob

Valentine’s Day porn is kinda cheesy usually. We like embracing the fromage of the holidays sometimes, but we also enjoy bucking conventions and showing off a side of ourselves that doesn’t necessarily involve red satin, pink lace, hearts, chocolates, wine and rose petals… Piper looks really great in blue and this is what she felt like wearing. Instead of forcing her into a costume, why not just let her be as she wants and focus on the love and connection of a beautiful, sensual blowjob? You’ll fall in love with Piper and her amazing blowjob skills, and really, that’s much better than having her dress up as sexy cupid, isn’t it?

Celebrate Valentine’s day with a little self-love on The Art of Blowjob.