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Teacher and Student Role Play on TheArtofBlowjob

What would you do if you were a teacher and had to deal with a none obedient student like Piper? Make her stand in the corner, keep her during the recess, make her write: I will not…, hit her fingers a the rules… Don’t guess any longer see what happens now, click here!

Click here to watch now!

Click here to watch now!

See the length of what her teacher filled her with to make sure she obeys the school rules from now on, click here to view.



Piper Blush is a Naughty SchoolGirl!

Naughty Schoolgirl!

After School Naughtiness

Piper is the naughtiest of all schoolgirls. She never listens, always talking and writing in her diary. A real brat. Today her teacher has had enough of her indiscipline. She stays after school hours to write all of the bad things she will no longer do in his classroom. Watch her punishment right now, click here!



Teaching Good Sex


I finally read the article Teaching Good Sex from the New York Times.  It’s almost a month old, but I just caught wind of it.  It’s amazing, a very long read, and it covers a lot of really important ground.  Essentially, it’s all about different ways to approach sexual education for young people, but I honestly think that it’s equally valid and applicable for people of all ages.


Above, I’ve included a video that was linked to in the article.  It’s about things we “learn” in porn and how they aren’t actually true, and I think that this is the case (at least initially) for pretty much any mainstream porn consumer.  Whether it’s fear about size, not knowing how to get/receive oral sex or how to get comfortable about sex in general, it’s all contextualized pretty poorly in most porn, and that’s where most people are getting their information.


I also wanted to share an excerpt from the article that is completely revolutionary and I hope that everyone who reads it will take it to heart:


Vernacchio has a way of getting at its positive potential without ignoring the fact that, however good sex may feel, it’s sometimes best left off the menu. “So let’s think about pizza,” Vernacchio said to his students after they’d deconstructed baseball. The class for that day was just about over. “Why do you have pizza?”

“You’re hungry,” a cross-country runner said.

“Because you want to,” Vernacchio affirmed. “It starts with desire, an internal sense — not an external ‘I got a game today, I have to do it.’ And wouldn’t it be great if our sexual activity started with a real sense of wanting, whether your desire is for intimacy, pleasure or orgasms. . . . And you can be hungry for pizza and still decide, No thanks, I’m dieting. It’s not the healthiest thing for me now.

“If you’re gonna have pizza with someone else, what do you have to do?” he continued. “You gotta talk about what you want. Even if you’re going to have the same pizza you always have, you say, ‘We getting the usual?’ Just a check in. And square, round, thick, thin, stuffed crust, pepperoni, stromboli, pineapple — none of those are wrong; variety in the pizza model doesn’t come with judgment,” Vernacchio hurried on. “So ideally when the pizza arrives, it smells good, looks good, it’s mouthwatering. Wouldn’t it be great if we had that kind of anticipation before sexual activity, if it stimulated all our senses, not just our genitals but this whole-body experience.” By this time, he was really moving fast; he’d had to cram his pizza metaphor into the last five minutes. “And what’s the goal of eating pizza? To be full, to be satisfied. That might be different for different people; it might be different for you on different occasions. Nobody’s like ‘You failed, you didn’t eat the whole pizza.’

“So again, what if our goal, quote, unquote, wasn’t necessarily to finish the bases?” The students were gathering their papers, preparing to go. “What if it just was, ‘Wow, I feel like I had enough. That was really good.’ ”


This is really the most interesting thing I think I’ve ever read when it comes to discussing sex and pleasure.  If we could just get rid of all our hang-ups and expectations and focus on how to have a delicious experience for ourselves and our partners, sex would always be awesome, piping hot and satisfying!

Blackboards in Porn


This blog is hilarious.  I found it on my usual trolling the internet for porn, well, trolling for information about the porn world…  Let’s go with that.  Since there are so many sexy teacher/naughty student porn out there, there are many a school blackboard in porn.  Those blackboards can’t be empty, though.  That would be too easy.  So instead, some director, stage-hand, star, whoever, will be charged with filling the blackboard.


Since I’m such a stickler for details, I’m glad I’ve never been in this position, but if I was, I’d pick something a little more challenging than what some people have put up.  The blog Blackboards in Porn shares some of porn’s blackboards and then assigns the content a grade.  It goes everywhere from advanced university math to Mary Had a Little Lamb.  I don’t know who thought that last one was a good idea…  Regardless, it’s really funny and worth a look…  Seeing the silly set decoration and concepts that go into porn sometimes is just too funny, so blogs like this just bring it all to the forefront.  I love it!

Teacher Loses Job Over Porn

Just as I was saying yesterday about how sexual women aren’t respected as they should be in many situations, news hit today that a teacher in St. Louis had to leave her job after one of her students saw a video she did nearly 20 years ago online.  She had already been fired from one job because it came out that she was a former porn performer.  In an article from Jezebel, they said:


Myers’s porn past had also gotten her fired from her job at a Kentucky school back in 2006 — in both cases, the Daily News said her porn career didn’t show up in a background check because it wasn’t illegal. There’s also no reason it should have affected her teaching ability. It’s not like she was showing porn to her students — and in fact, she never would’ve been outed at her St. Louis job if the teenage whistleblower hadn’t been looking at porn in the first place. Memo to Parkway North and high schools nationwide: your students can learn way more about porn from thirty seconds on the Internet than they can from a teacher who was in Major Sluts fifteen years ago and by all accounts never talks about it in the classroom. And the American education system has way bigger problems than whether some lady used to have sex on camera. Even if it was entirely Myers’s own decision to leave Parkway, she likely came to it in light of the stigma she faced in Kentucky. At that time, she said, “Anybody who has been in my classroom could tell you how much I love teaching and how much I love these students, and that should be what matters more than anything in my past.” If only everyone she worked with were so reasonable.


I completely echo all those ideas.  Besides, with the amazingly high rates of amateur porn, the cult of the Suicide Girl and of 18-19 year olds posting revealing pictures on Tumblr, having naked pictures/sexual videos of yourself online won’t be able to be grounds for termination because practically everyone will have done it.  Besides, as the quote above states, it’s not illegal.  Showing off something natural and empowering is never a bad thing.  Just because you have a more “straight-laced” career doesn’t mean you can’t have an active and fulfilling sex life, currently or in the past.


I just feel horrible for this woman and I hope that the day will come where any kind of healthy, legal sexuality won’t be seen as a personal fault or liability.

Scarleteen Support

If you’re a sex blog reader, you probably know that Scarleteen is currently inspiring a blog carnival, where various bloggers post their experiences growing up with/without sex ed, always indicating that something like Scarleteen is essential.  If you don’t know, Scarleteen is a site for young people who have questions about anything to do with sex or sexuality.

I’m not going to go into my whole back story on how I learned about sex, but I will say that I think it’s unbelievably important to have this type of information accessible to all young people, and really everyone.  As I’ve mentioned before, Montreal has cut all sex ed in schools, and if it weren’t for some great organizations, a lot of kids would be left with nowhere else to turn but sites like Scarleteen.  In a lot of areas of the world, there is no sex ed and no organizations to step in and pick up the pieces, so sites Scarleteen is actually all they have.

Kids shouldn’t be learning about sex from porn, in the schoolyard or through basic biology textbooks…  That’s just setting them up for being unable to cope with sex when the time comes.  We’ve got to realize that unless we’re honest about sex, young people are going to have the wrong idea about all sorts of things from how to stay safe to what they can expect to how to approach sexuality.  I don’t mean to say that “the children are our future”, but if we don’t take care of the upcoming generation and ensure that they’re safe, informed and able to make good choices, things will never improve on any front.

So, thank you, Scarleteen!