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Best Most Sexy Halloween Costumes From Piper Blush!

Piper Blush’s Will It Fit Friday- The Show! is gaining much-deserved popularity on YouTube, because every Friday you can see her try clothes that her YouTube Subscribers send her thru¬†the mail. Wait that’s not all, on this particular month of October she has made a very special edition of the famous WIFF! For this Halloween season, she only puts on the costumes you send her. You’ll see her fans have quite the taste for pretty outfits ūüėč Here’s what she received so far! Find more sexy¬†photos on PiperBlush.com

Piper Blush the Cowgirl

Get the Photo Set click here!

Get the Photo Set click here!

Piper Blush the Schoolgirl

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Get the Photo Set click here!

Piper Blush the Stewardess

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Get the full Photo Set click here!



TheArtofBlowjob’s Halloween Special!

Don’t miss it!
On Friday the 28th you can enjoy, a little in advance, TheArtofBlowjob’s Halloween treat.
Because no matter our age we all need to get some candy–¬†TheArtofBlowjob.com!


Halloween Special, Scarier Than You Think?

Keep both eyes open, because this Halloween’s Special on TheArtofBlowjob will be something you can never unsee. Piper is going to be your guide in one of the most occult towns of the USA.

Can you guess where?

Here is a hint, it is renown for its witchcraft!

On the 31st of October, Piper is taking you to Salem, will you be ready for what she is about to show you?

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‚ÄúThe Witch, No. 1,‚ÄĚ lithograph by Joseph E. Baker, published by George H. Walker & Co, circa 1892

‚ÄúThe Witch, No. 1,‚ÄĚ lithograph by Joseph E. Baker, published by George H. Walker & Co, circa 1892

Halloween Lovers, Unite

Sexy blowjob in a witch costume

Last year’s costume: Camille as a sexy witch!

Halloween has long been my favourite time of the year. I grew up as the type of teen who would go to the shadow cast version of the Rocky Horror Picture Show every month, dressed far more liberally than my parents probably should have allowed for such a young age. In hindsight, I was kind of made to work in porn, wasn’t I? My love for the sexy, the fringe and the exciting far precedes my foray into the world of adult entertainment. I have always loved costumes, getting theatrical and relishing the opportunity to become someone else, spooky or silly, though always at least kind of sexy. This year, and particularly the past month or so, has been tumultuous, but Halloween does always lift my spirits… Insert joke about raising the dead and communing with the spirits here. And candy is delicious. Plus, Jezebel posited that Halloween lovers are the best, and we all want to consider ourselves the best, don’t we?

I want to wish you all the happiest of Halloweens. Even though there’s no special update this year, I hope you’ll all share your plans and costumes here. There’s nothing better than communing over all hallow’s eve, even if your plan is mostly about carving pumpkins and handing out candy. Speaking of which, I need to go snag some for the trick or treaters. Wouldn’t want to get egged!

– Sophie

Weird Fake Lips

Weird blowjob lip toys

What comes to mind when you see these, um, lips? ¬†I certainly drew my own conclusions, thinking that this was some very extreme sex toy to turn a blowjob into a whole new and perhaps slightly frightening experience, but… ¬†It’s actually an exercise system for your face. ¬†Well, so says Dangerous Minds, anyways.

Apparently these lips are really a Japanese face slimmer that you pop into your mouth and use to contort your face and tone its various muscles. ¬†This doesn’t sound like it has much weight in terms of actually being a good way to slim your face, but I guess it couldn’t hurt as long as you’re doing it in the privacy of your own home and not, say, on a public bus. ¬†You could scar a few small children or dogs for life with a choice grimace.

Would you ever use something so… ¬†unusual looking… ¬†in the name of beauty? ¬†Do you think facial toning is THAT important? ¬†And perhaps more interestingly, is any part of this sexy to you? ¬†Can you think of ways it might be used for a blowjob that wouldn’t be more disturbing than hot? ¬†I can’t personally imagine using it, but far be it from me to deny any one else a shot at creativity.

Zombie Science

This is a funny and educational video with a very scary edge… ¬†And it’s geeky too. ¬†If it were sexy (it’s not) it would be the perfect video to share here, but it’s still pretty close. ¬†And it’s definitely perfect for Halloween. ¬†Are you ready to learn the science of a potential zombie apocalypse? ¬†Warning: ¬†it might make you want to stock up on zombie preparedness kits.


I already knew this, but it’s interesting to see it explained in such a clear and direct way. ¬†It is weird to make the mental leap from fiction to reality, though. ¬†As much as I love zombie movies and zombie culture, I don’t actually want to be devoured by one. ¬†Sometimes things are best left in fantasy.


What do you think? ¬†Do you think a zombie apocalypse would ever happen? ¬†And would you be at all excited, or just scared out of your mind? ¬†And of course, since I have to ask, what’s your favourite zombie movie?