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The 7th sky isn’t too far!

You unleash your throbbing erection. As it meets the air stewardess hungry lips, she sucks on you like there’s no tomorrow. She pushes herself deeper on you. You slow her down and take control of your cock. Watch the full-length of this video here!

You tease her, taunting her. She likes it and moans loudly. Cum bursts out of your hard cock, it flies over her head and the rest land onto her forehead, nose, and lips. You know how to make a good landing!

Air Stewardess Says Goodbye with a Blowjob!

She is leaving in a few hours. But this was all you had with her a few unforgettable hours. She travels the world but always comes back to you for a night or a day of unbelievably good oral sessions. Get your moment with the Stewardess, click here!

Piper Cosplay

Her suitcases and bags are all packed; her flight leaves in 30 minutes. Good thing you meet at the airport’s hotel that gives you more time to enjoy each other company. She kisses you goodbye just before falling onto her knees. Get your goodbye kiss right here now!

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A Sexy Nurse for Halloween: Just what the Doctor Prescribed!

Some women are just natural caregivers. They like to take care of your every need without ever asking anything in return. That is just the way they are, helping others makes them feel happy and satisfied. Let Piper cure you, click here!

Naughty Nurse Piper

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Piper is the nurse that has the most success rate in healing the patients. No wonder she takes great pride in making them feel as comfortable as she can during their stay at the hospital. The Doctors love to work with her because she is always smiling and in a good mood. You are about to discover what Nurse Piper is capable of… Become a patient now!


Star Trek Dream Come True

Star Trek: TNG Porn Parody


Well, I guess I need to move to Edmonton now…  It’s in Canada, at least, though it’s even colder than Montreal!  This Craigslist ad from our neighbouring city (well, at least, a city in our country) has been making the rounds among the geeks of the world because it’s just too good not to share.  You know my love of Star Trek: TNG, and particularly of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, so this is right up my alley.


It starts out sweet…  The guy just wants to have (non-sexual) Star Trek: TNG roleplay with a few women.  He extols the virtues of Picard over Kirk (obviously!) and explains that it’ll be strictly TNG.  Fair enough!  Then he (adorably) reveals that it’ll be taking place in an elaborate setup in his mother’s garage and she might bring by sandwiches…  Delicious!


Then it gets a teensy bit sketchy…  No compensation (no problem!) but he has a prescription pad (somehow) and he can give them whatever they need…  Yikes!  That’s a little less light-hearted and geeky.  I guess that’s Craigslist for you!  Apparently he got an overwhelming response and, don’t worry, nothing weird is going to happen…  Allegedly.  😉


Would you roleplay TNG or some other show, either sexually or non-sexually?  Have you ever?  Who knows?  I’ve been told I’d make a pretty great Dr. Beverly Crusher.  But, perhaps more importantly…  Would you do it through Craigslist?

Blackboards in Porn


This blog is hilarious.  I found it on my usual trolling the internet for porn, well, trolling for information about the porn world…  Let’s go with that.  Since there are so many sexy teacher/naughty student porn out there, there are many a school blackboard in porn.  Those blackboards can’t be empty, though.  That would be too easy.  So instead, some director, stage-hand, star, whoever, will be charged with filling the blackboard.


Since I’m such a stickler for details, I’m glad I’ve never been in this position, but if I was, I’d pick something a little more challenging than what some people have put up.  The blog Blackboards in Porn shares some of porn’s blackboards and then assigns the content a grade.  It goes everywhere from advanced university math to Mary Had a Little Lamb.  I don’t know who thought that last one was a good idea…  Regardless, it’s really funny and worth a look…  Seeing the silly set decoration and concepts that go into porn sometimes is just too funny, so blogs like this just bring it all to the forefront.  I love it!