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Better Technology Equals Better Beer!

The four most produced grains around the world are in order corn, rice, wheat, and barley. Barley is the essential ingredient of two of the best drinks know to men: Beer and Whiskey! In 2014, we produced 144 million tons of barley.

In 2012, the grain’s genome was mapped for the first time by the International Barley Genome Sequencing Consortium! See it here. This discovery leads researchers to believe that we could grow a much better-engineered barley grain.

Why do you want better barley?

Adam Rogers  one of Wired‘s articles editor said: “But barley has a quality other grains don’t. It’s possible to induce it to make an enzyme, alpha-amylase, that breaks starch into ready-to-use sugar. The process of coaxing that enzyme out is called malting, and malted barley is what you use to make beer—even if you’re adding in other grains like corn or rice, as major American brewers do. The enzyme in the malt turns those grains’ starches into sugar, too, and that’s what yeast converts to alcohol.”

Better barley equals better beer, and probably even more beer!

Camille on Hobo Trashcan

Camille Crimson making a rougail


I know you may already know this recipe from my blog, but the wonderful site Hobo Trashcan wanted to feature me in a SFW way, and this was a very good way to go!  I shared my recipe for Rougail Saucisses with them, going more in-depth than I did on my blog.  Now that we’re steadily approaching colder temperatures, this is the perfect dish to warm you up.  Here’s a little excerpt from the site:


Hey everyone! I’m Camille Crimson, better known for my beautiful erotic site called The Art of Blowjob. When I’m not using my mouth for … other activities … I love to use it to indulge in delicious treats, which is why I’ve become a very good cook.

Although I’m born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and live here now, I spent a
few years living abroad in La Réunion, an island off the coast of Madagascar. It’s a spectacularly beautiful place with breathtaking views, warm beaches, kind people and some very delicious local cuisine.

Back here in Montreal, the seasons are turning and I’ve been craving more hearty and hot food. With this in mind, I’d like to teach you how to make one of my favourite meals from my time in La Réunion called Rougail Saucisses.


Doesn’t it sound delicious?  You can check out the rest of the recipe on the site, and I really suggest trying it for yourself.  It warms you right down to your bones and tastes even better the next day!