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Is watching porn without your partner cheating?

Model Piper Blush

Model Piper Blush

For some couples, watching porn without your partner is cheating. The way you experience a porn movie is getting more and more real. With POV VR porn is so life-like that you feel like you are having sex with another person. Expect for the fact that its only virtual reality, there is so real contact. But it is way more intimate than it is from a computer screen. Where do you draw the line?


The best thing is most certainly to talk about it with your partner before you put on your VR goggles! So why would VR porn be cheating when looking at old Playboy centerfolds is not? Probably because VR has got 3D, head tracking, surround sound and it does not get more intimate than that. You could argue that the video you are watching is recorded, you are viewing a representation, it is not there for real nor is it a live feed. But life is an entirely different subject.


A few reasons to help you out convincing your girlfriend it is alright to watch VR porn as much as it is to watch regular porn. Keep in mind is that it may feel more immersive, but it is not more real than a wet dream, your imagination or even 2D porn. The best thing is to let her experience it for herself and see what she thinks about it. Make her try some VR Porn for women. She will be placed in her usual POV and receive loads of love from the man of her choice or even women if that’s what she is into. Try this site, NSFW content ahead, Sssh.com.


Science Says Find a Younger Woman, you’ll live longer!

Heterosexual couples the are so typical these days we don’t even talk about them. Then you have the ten percent of LGBT couples. We are more open and sensitive to their causes, which was about time if you ask me! But what about the ones in the middle. The couples with an age gap!

We don’t talk about them too much, but we can’t help but stare when 20 something women walk around with a half a century old men. I know the feeling I love older men! But what is the best age cap?

You should know that men should ejaculate about 20 times per month. Yes, that’s only about 10 days in the month without sex! That maybe explains why men tend to always look at younger women; they need the release.

That said men who do go for younger women, and I mean more than ten years younger, tend to live longer. That must be it the real fountain of youth. Don’t fight it, just take a younger woman for a wife!



Chat With Piper Blush In Real Time!

Ever wanted to talk to Piper Blush about The Importance Of Oral Sex In A Relationship?

On Oct 4th You Can!

She will be hosting #SexTalkTuesday on Twitter :)



How Can You Participate?

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Get Ready, Here Are The Questions!

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Q2(How can you #ask your partner for more #oralsex? Give us ideas.) #SexTalkTuesday

Q3(#Giving, what do you think can make you a better giver, and why?) #SexTalkTuesday

Q4( #Receiving, what do you think can make you a better receiver, and why?) #SexTalkTuesday

Q5(How many times a week, do you need #oralsex to be #satisfied? On the #Giving and #Receiving end?) #SexTalkTuesday



Thanks to Sssh.com and SexTalkTuesday.com for having Piper Blush moderate #SexTalkTuesday.

Helping Happy Relationships with Beautiful Porn

Naked while giving a sensual blowjob

I’m in Miami, so this is just a quickie Q+A response, but one near and dear to my heart for a lot of reasons:

Do you get much feedback about your impact on relationships? I doubt that everyone is comfortable with the knowledge that their spouse or lover is getting off thanks to the work that you and Mike do.

We actually get a ton of really wonderful feedback from happy couples who watch our porn.  Whether it’s young couples finding out what makes them tick together or older empty nesters discovering what the internet has to offer to reignite their passion, we get a ton of solid response from people who have used our porn to explore and connect together.  It’s one of the nicest feelings in the world to know that we’re a little part of that.

There’s also a lot of response from people who are nervous to share what we do with their partner, so I try to help encourage people to be open without making it seem like what we do is an ideal for their relationship or that porn is necessary to keep them interested…  Just to honestly share the fact that they find it interesting and sexy to see what it might be able to stoke in their relationship by watching it together.  It’s amazing how well that often seems to work.  Sometimes the significant other will even contact later to say that they’re happy they found out about our kind of porn.

There was even a response once from someone who was initially kind of jealous about her boyfriend’s fascination with our site, but I was able to diffuse the situation and try to contextualize to both of them that porn can be a good thing to enjoy together, but it shouldn’t be something that comes before each other.

How about you?  Do any of you have stories of introducing or enjoying porn as a couple?

Fleshbot Advice Column

Sexy redhead in lingerie on her Macbook.


I’ve been a little tight lipped about this, but I shared it yesterday on social media after they posted it on the site…  I’m the official advice columnist for Fleshbot!  I am really excited about getting the opportunity to share my opinions and to hopefully help people out with problems of all sorts!


I have a feeling that there will be a lot of sex questions, which I’m obviously up for, seeing as it’s Fleshbot, but I’d also love to delve into relationships a bit…  Especially the tenuous mix of sex and relationships.  On top of that, I’m always happy to answer any and all questions about the ins and outs of working in porn, about any theories in the pornographic landscape and really just about anything.  I guess if someone needed advice on dog grooming, car maintenance or tap dancing, I’d be obliged to try to help as well as I could…  That could make for some pretty entertaining posts!


Since I love you guys so much, I would really appreciate any questions you have!  I know they’ll be thoughtful, interesting and fun to answer…  Even if you’re a bit shy about it, I can promise that I’d give it an honest shot to hopefully clarify some things.  Do you have any questions?  And what sort of questions would you like to see me answer?  You can post them here, or in the comment section on my introductory post!