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Camille Crimson Blowjob Compilation!

Camille at TheArtofBlowjob.com

Camille at TheArtofBlowjob.com

What could be better than watching our favourite redhead enjoying the product of all of her exquisite blowjobs? Whether wet in the shower, illuminated by the sunlight of a warm summer day, taking a break from painting to catch every drop of cum or looking seductive in lingerie, she always gets what she came for. It’s impossible not to have an orgasm with that kind of skill at the helm.

These 16 cumshots are the results of 16 truly spectacular, giving, loving and real blowjobs. Camille is a classic beauty who is absolutely worthy of her title: blowjob queen.

Redhead’s Do It Better!

Amy From TheArtofBlowjob.com

Amy From TheArtofBlowjob.com

Redheads are the most sensual creatures! See it for yourself on TheArtofBlowjob.com or CamilleCrimson.com ūüėČ

Amy’s mouth is phenomenally talented and intricate, challenging the senses to experience their multitudes and potential in this beautiful blowjob. From the moment things shift towards the sexual, she’s there with a kind of overarching care for his pleasure.


Amarna Miller Loves Sucking!

I love sucking!

This is a fact, and anyone who has been with me could confirm it!



This is the situation: We’re on a beach in Tenerife with a few friends, when in the distance we see what appears to be an abandoned house. Of course, we go to investigate.

The house turns out to be a gigantic army building, 50s style, completely filled with rubble and with inscriptions that said ‚ÄúEverything for the Fatherland ‚ÄĚ. We split up to explore the house, and I go with one of the guys.

And this is where the fun begins:  surprise! We are in the middle of a game of paintball. There are people everywhere dressed in military uniforms, sounds of gunshots, and many many nooks to hide. The situation turns me on and thinks that any stranger can catch us doing nasty things make me turning back to my partner and suggest a good session of oral enjoyment. And filmed, of course!

We seek for a place sheltered from the wind, and I enjoy the taste of his cock in my mouth. The camera is always a plus to get me horny, so I finally masturbate myself while I’m sucking him. Drool. More drool. Cumshot.

And with the cum still slipping down my chin and mouth, I just touch myself until I get an orgasm. We were not caught, but almost.



As a good sucker, I have my tricks:

1 ‚Äď Eager sucking

This is the main factor that differentiates a good blowjob: you have to enjoy it as much as your partner. If you are tired, do not get it! If you end up looking bored your partner is not going to enjoy what could have been a great blowjob.

Also, when you really want the other person to feel pleasure, you strive to do your best and that’s what we want! Perfect cum! : D

2 ‚Äď Drooling

Natural lubrication to keep the cock wet. Take care not to put a lot of drool! If it is too much you can make the area less sensitive  (This is what It usually happens to me, I’m a walking factory of drool). Depending on the person and their personal tastes it can be a plus to spit or create threads of drool when you separate the mouth.

I personally like to do threads of drool while I’m jerking off, stare at him and go collect the drool with my mouth without separating my eyes or stop moving the hand. Triple hit combo.

3-Combining  hand / mouth

The purists will criticize this point, but for me, it is an essential part of a good blowjob. The mouth and tongue eventually  get tired, and it’s much better to combine the heat and humidity of the mouth, with the minimalist sobriety of a handjob, to look tired. Return to step 1.

4 ‚Äď Change the speed

The speed and pressure, in fact. There is no better blowjob that the one that goes in crescendo. First with your hand, gently, you move the skin up and down, without too much pressure. Then, now with the mouth, you fill the area with drool as you press a little with the lips. You start to shove it deeper and deeper, while the pressure of your lips increases tightly, sealed around the cock.

If in addition, at the end of the deep throat  you separate your mouth from the cock and create a thread of drool, that means that you’re on track.

5 ‚Äď Looks

For me, one of the essential parts for a blowjob is to look at the right time. For example when he is about to reach orgasm, with a face of ‚Äúohmygodimgoingtocum ‚ÄĚ and then you slow the movements and stare at him.

Or while you ‚Äėre doing a deep throat and you stare at him with a¬†face of ‚Äúpleasecumonmymouth‚ÄĚ.¬†Irresistible.


And there you have my tricks, to give an intense session of oral pleasure .

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Luscious Fire

Camille crimson delighting in the sun during a gorgeous blowjob

Natural light… ¬†Is there anything better? ¬†We’ve had some really great luck with playing with shadow and light these days. ¬†Today’s update on The Art of Blowjob has a gorgeous sun patch that was perfect to curl up in. ¬†I’m not quite a ginger cat, but I do love enjoying a beam of light when it comes to giving a beautiful blowjob.

It’s really exciting to see how this turned out. ¬†The light only emphasizes my pale skin, which is lovely. ¬†It didn’t really obscure my vision as much as it would seem from the shot. ¬†It was just nice, bright and warm. ¬†But the more exciting aspect is definitely how it lit my hair ablaze… ¬†That’s why we called it Luscious Fire. ¬†My hair is halfway between shadow and light, flashing so many different shades as it’s illuminated.

I hope you’ll enjoy the light play here. ¬†It’s amazing how much a simple thing like this can really make the movie. ¬†Oh, and there are some close-ups of my behind, too, just so no one gets too distracted by the light. ¬†You can read a little bit more in the description, but the full video shines like the sun. ¬†Let me know what you think of the choices we made here.

Naked Redhead

Naked redhead having hot sex

Things that people always want to see: nudity and sex. ¬†This is another update from my new site that delivers just that. ¬†It’s called Naked Redhead… ¬†Because who doesn’t like a naked redhead? ¬†This video is great because it features a titjob, which is something I love to do and love to show. ¬†Mike’s cock just fits perfectly between them.

This video is really pretty.  I love the simple blank walls all washed with warm light and the little plants adding a little extra colour, but ultimately being eclipsed by my flaming red hair as it tosses around while I ride through several beautiful orgasms.  My hair is always almost a shock of colour, and I love that.  It just livens up anything!

I hope you’ll go take a look at it. ¬†I love being on top, and this video shows why… ¬†It’s just so perfect for multiple orgasms… ¬†The only thing better than a single great orgasm with my love is more than one! ¬†ūüėČ

Turned On

A sexy handjob from redhead Camille Crimson

People often wonder why I decided to focus on blowjobs for so much of my pornographic experience… ¬†There are a bunch of reasons, of course, from the fact that porn didn’t represent the kind of blowjobs I love to give to how cinematically impressive they are, but the main reason is just that they turn me on. ¬†And that is by far the best reason to do anything sexual, right? ¬†Pure pleasure. ¬†That’s what this week’s update is all about.

Yes, I love giving pleasure and that’s a big part of why I’m enthusiastic and aroused by giving blowjobs, but I’m also turned on by them in and of themselves. ¬†It’s a sensual experience to be so up close, to be able to use all my senses and draw within myself to find new ways to excite him, and myself in the process. ¬†Sometimes I really just get into a particular zone and I find myself simultaneously focused on him, but also incapable of ignoring the increasing wetness…

When you give pleasure, do you ever experience a similar thing? ¬†Do you get lost in your own little world, but also unbelievably turned on? ¬†It’s a pretty amazing feeling. ¬†You can read a bit more about it, but the full video has a clear depiction of exactly what I’m talking about.