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Piper and her titanium collar!

She has been wearing her collar 24/7 for a year now!

Here’s what she has to say about it!

“The most common reaction is for people to think it is a fashion accessory: choker. But they are wrong!” Watch more… or leave her comment to learn more about the collar, link here!

If you are interested in seeing the Reddit post on the subject, here’s the link: Reddit BDSM!

Get a collar like this one on EternityCollars.com


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FreeOnes Contest

FreeOnes Contest

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Piper Blush Is Hosting #SexTalkTuesday!

Ever wanted to talk to Piper Blush?

On Oct 4th You Can!

She will be hosting #SexTalkTuesday on Twitter :)

How Can You Participate?

Log in to your Twitter Account on October 4th, a little before 3 pm Est. The chat will last until 4 pm Est.

To see the tweets Go To @SexTalkTuesday.

Every 10 minutes or so, you will see a new question pop. In this format: 

Q1 How big of a place do you wish #oralsex to occupy in your #sexlife. Weekly, more/less? #SexTalkTuesday

Q2 How can you #ask your partner for more #oralsex? Give us ideas. #SexTalkTuesday

Q3 #Giving, what do you think can make you a better giver of #oralsex, and why? #SexTalkTuesday

Q4 #Receiving, what do you think can make you a better receiver of #oralsex, and why? #SexTalkTuesday

Q5 Give us some of your favorite #oralsex techniques. Don’t be afraid of being graphic. It’s what #SexTalkTuesday is for!

You can Get Engaged in the conversation by answering the questions or re-sharing information.

Don’t Forget To Include the #sextalktuesday in all of your tweets, or they will not be posted on @SexTalkTuesday’s feed.

Thanks to Sssh.com and SexTalkTuesday.com for having me moderate #SexTalkTuesday.

Ask A Porn Star Your Sex Questions!

Hey guys, I found this awesome comic while reading Jiz Lee’s blog! Tell me if you like it?

Comic artist, Erika Moen, got together withPorn Star Jiz Lee to answer some of your questions about sex!

Read her truthful answers to your questions about sex!




You can read more here: http://www.ohjoysextoy.com/jizlee/


Partner Interviewing

Hot sexy sucking by beautiful babe Camille Crimson

I’m always talking about communication as a tool to give the best blowjobs, have the best sex and experience happy, fulfilling relationships in all ways.  But what does that actually mean?  Dr. Jess wrote an article a while back detailing some questions that you and your partner can ask each other to check in every few months, kind of like an interview to stay updated on what’s working for them and what they want out of sex and your relationship together.  Here are a couple examples I really like:

6.Name one place you’d like to have sex that we haven’t tried yet.

7.What is your favourite position?

8. If I were to initiate sex tomorrow night, how would you like me to do it?

Are these the types of questions that you’d want to check in with your partner about?  What are some other ones that pop into mind?  And is this something that you do, either formally or just casually when you want to make changes/make your feelings known?

Q+A Call-Out

Sexy lingerie clad redhead Camille Crimson

If you can believe it, I have less than 30 posts left until I reach 1000 on this blog.  When I first started here, I had no idea I’d have the kind of momentum needed to keep it going, especially for such a long time.  In a way, it doesn’t feel like 1000 at all, but going back through the years, it all adds up.

One thing I’d love to do in anticipation of my big milestone is to do some posts based on a Q+A model.  I’ve done call outs for topics, suggestions, questions before, but this would be a great way to elaborate on that idea.  I’d specifically love to talk about things like beautiful porn, pleasure, sexuality and the like, but I’m pretty open to topics that might feel interesting here.

I’ll be putting together a bunch of best-of posts and maybe revisiting some older blog entries to add new ideas and experiences or even just to open them back up to comments now that there are so many people coming here to discuss things so passionately.  It’ll be so lovely to go back through all the things that have been shared here.

It seems like only yesterday that you all slowly came here, commenting for the first time and eventually making this into not just a blog, but also a community for people who are passionate about the idea that porn can be beautiful.  I feel so lucky, so I want to make sure that the things that interest you are represented here.

So…  What have you got for me?