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Quickie BJ in the car!

I, Piper, decided to share with you something more personal and original for this update. I thought it would be fun to take you with me on an exciting little road adventure. The YouTube Vloggers inspired me to make this video. To stay faithful to the Vlog style the video was made with only an iPhone clipped on a handheld stabilizer. Watch the full NSFW video here!

Piper Blush

I won’t say too much here because I am quite talkative in the video. So let’s go! But first, we should stop by Starbucks to get something for the road. Then it’s more driving until I arrive at the secret location… got to make sure no one is watching and there goes your belt!

I take your cock out. Place it between my lips. It feels so great to swallow you whole. I move up and down on your hard shaft. As I come up for air, I look around to be sure we are still alone. You throb on my tongue. I this moment when you are about to explode. I stroke the cum out of you into my mouth. It’s so thick and warm. It’s time to clean up and go!

Boobs, Titts, Jugs… A 4K POV Boob Job!

Spring is here and with it comes the arrival of clothes that barely covers a women’s most attractive assets. Let’s take the time to get used to seeing skin again before summer takes us all by surprise!

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This video is all about the female breasts and how it makes her feel to have your cock between them. You get the best POV breast-job experience because it’s filmed in 4K. Download it like so, to fully admire the plump beauty of her curves and the way her nipples reach erection.

Watch The Full-Lenght Video Here!!!

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Niki the Sultry Brunette!

Niki from TheArtofBlowjob

Niki from TheArtofBlowjob

In the spirit of the coming new year, a beautiful wave of changes and renewal has drifted upon us, bringing with it very special things. You have already enjoyed the layout of our new mobile-friendly site, but there is more… So before you get caught in the Holidays frenzy, here’s your little pre-gift from TheArtofBlowjob.

Piper thought you might want to mix it up a little before it gets too hectic. So today she lets you have some quality time alone, with someone she chose especially for you. A new model! Her name is Niki. She is such a brunette beauty, young and firm. Her gorgeous temptress eyes look up at you as she gives you her very first POV on TAOBJ. It only happens once in the life of a model.

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Piper’s Friday Update on TheArtofBlowjob!



Here is the video description of this week’s update, just to get you in the mood!

Piper knows how to captivate you with her gorgeous blue eyes. The longer you stare the deeper you get lost. Her technique is certainly to blame for the hardness you feel erecting below your stomach. Her mouth envelops your tip with warmth and passion. You look down at her and your surroundings disappear.

What really makes her different from all the other girls, is the way she communicates her love for the blowjob. She never thinks of your pleasure, only hers is important. As she swallows your cock, she waits for you to fill her. She graves for your fresh seed to sliding down her throat. The action of swallowing will not be fulfilled until you give her something she can take away with her. So she goes on rubbing you between her wet fingers and pushing you in her.

The thin lace covering her breasts lets you glimpse at the change of white to pink. Her lips kiss your tight balls. She moans as she releases you from he grips, her thick saliva still connects you to her. You are so close, she knows it. You look into her smiling eyes, your semen bursts on your belly, she seals your cock between her lips. Your taste has her blushing, as she opens up, more fluid falls down on your length. You look at her closely, she licks and swallows.

Watch the full video: http://theartofblowjob.com