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Erotic Photographies!


Selina, TheArtofCunnilingus.com

Photography is capable of capturing the most beautiful sides of a person, showcasing their inner beauty coming up to the surface in a single moment. Portraiture is an art, but so often it’s posed and a little more clinical than you’d like. When it comes to photographing sex, it is an entirely unparalleled experience and results. Seeing a beautiful, passionate moment and finding ways to immortalize that in a still shot is phenomenal. As Selina writes through her pleasure from the first tease to her powerful, incredible orgasm, you see different sides of her emerge, each photo more and more luscious, glowing and alive.

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Discover Amarna Miller!

Discover a friend of Piper Blush, the beautiful Amarna.

Piper loves it when she meets someone who understands and share her love for oral, so imagine how thrilled she was to meet Amarna, who happened to be as big a fan of it as she was. They started to exchange intimate details of their experiences, along with the various skills they’d learned over time. But what excited Amarna the most was when someone would watch her in the act – so she sent a special video to Piper so that she could show it to you. View It Here!



Amarna Miller is a porn actress and director, entrepreneur and graduated in Fine Arts. She is bisexual and loves sex in all its forms; she considers it something natural that should not be hidden. Amarna likes BDSM, antique things, photography, and art. She travels around the world shooting for different producers. In her blog, she writes her experiences, ideas, and also videos and exclusive photo shoots.

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Amarna’s Five Secrets For The Best Blowjob!

As a good sucker, I have my tricks:

1 – Eager sucking

This is the main factor that differentiates a good blowjob: you have to enjoy it as much as your partner. If you are tired, do not get it! If you end up looking bored your partner is not going to enjoy what could have been a great blowjob.

Also, when you really want the other person to feel pleasure, you strive to do your best and that’s what we want! Perfect cum! : D


2 – Drooling

Natural lubrication to keep the cock wet. Take care not to put a lot of drool! If it is too much you can make the area less sensitive  (This is what It usually happens to me, I’m a walking factory of drool). Depending on the person and their personal tastes it can be a plus to spit or create threads of drool when you separate the mouth.

I personally like to do threads of drool while I’m jerking off, stare at him and go collect the drool with my mouth without separating my eyes or stop moving the hand. Triple hit combo.

3-Combining  hand/mouth

The purists will criticize this point, but for me, it is an essential part of a good blowjob. The mouth and tongue eventually  get tired, and it’s much better to combine the heat and humidity of the mouth, with the minimalist sobriety of a handjob, to look tired. Return to step 1.


4 – Change the speed

The speed and pressure, in fact. There is no better blowjob that the one that goes in crescendo. First with your hand, gently, you move the skin up and down, without too much pressure. Then, now with the mouth, you fill the area with drool as you press a little with the lips. You start to shove it deeper and deeper, while the pressure of your lips increases tightly, sealed around the cock.

If in addition, at the end of the deep throat  you separate your mouth from the cock and create a thread of drool, that means that you’re on track.

5 – Looks

For me, one of the essential parts for a blowjob is to look at the right time. For example when he is about to reach orgasm, with a face of “ohmygodimgoingtocum ” and then you slow the movements and stare at him.

Or while you ‘re doing a deep throat and you stare at him with a face of “pleasecumonmymouth”. Irresistible.


See Amarna’s Special Video for TheArtofBlowjob- Click Here!

Coming Out Like A Porn Star!

Jiz Lee, Coming Out Like a Porn Star

Jiz Lee, Coming Out Like a Porn Star

Have you hear of this amazing book? It was written by the famous pornstar  Jiz Lee!

Here’s the story behind the book!

Five years ago I decided to stop keeping my work in porn a secret from my family. After all, I have nothing to be ashamed about! I asked my peers for advice and heard the most incredible range of ‘coming out’ stories. Thinking “This would make a powerful book,” I began a call for submissions, sought out publishing advice, solicited stories from performers, and landed a book deal!

COMING OUT LIKE A PORN STAR is now a tangible, physical thing that can be touched (the cover is surprisingly soft and beckons to be stroked) and the pages are screaming to be flipped through and dog eared. (I love a well-worn book.)

I’m also grateful to performers who declined to submit a story because it was too risky, or chose to publish anonymously or under a pen name. It reaffirmed the book’s importance even in the final stages of publication.

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So You Want to Make Porn

Loving sweet blowjob by a hot redhead

I do get a certain amount of e-mails and social media comments/messages asking how to be in porn…  Sometimes they’re just trying to get a blowjob, but they’re often being sincere.  😉  But, the truth is that we built our beautiful porn world all by ourselves from the ground up.  Our company is just the result of hard work, not connections to companies/producers to help get the job done.  That’s not really how it works outside of a few parts of the world and a few segments of the industry…  So outside of telling people to learn how to shoot, edit, code, share their thoughts and their body…  Well, I don’t have a ton of practical options.

Now I do have a good couple of resources when potential pornstars come to call in the form of great advice from Stoya and Ms. Naughty, predominantly for women and men respectively.  It’s really great to see performers and directors alike putting out a realistic depiction of what it is to make porn, what is expected of you, what personality traits are required and what the job really entails.  So many people think it’s all flowers and rainbows and cumshots, but it’s much more than that, especially when you’re talking about mainstream porn.  That’s one of the best things about making our own beautiful porn…  Natural light is much less hot than big studio lights!  And it requires a lot less makeup, too!

Have any of you ever thought about making your own porn or venturing out into the industry to strike out and become a pornstar?  Whether or not you’re interested, these articles definitely paint a much more realistic portrayal of the industry, especially compared to what many people believe it to be.

Stoya Understands the Art of Blowjob

Sexy porn babe Stoya

Sophie passed this along to me after stumbling upon it during a routine term search.  I’m glad she did.  Stoya is a pretty pale brunette, so I definitely like that about her.  She’s also a porn performer who keeps a blog and writes for other people from time to time about porn-related things that touch on her personality.  I love it when there are other people in the industry who are into sharing a more in depth look into what they do and how they approach sexuality in general.

She recently wrote a piece for Vice all about my undeniable passion pursuit: blowjobs.  But what really made me smile was how much her advice mirrors exactly what I tell people when they ask me how to give a great blowjob, as well as her rejection of the typical (and persistent) requests for specific tips and tricks:

“What’s your number-one tip for giving the best blowjob?”

This question drives me insane. I usually pause to shoot murderous looks at whichever PR person has set up the interview before responding. I have two sound-bite-sized answers: “Don’t chomp down on the dick unless the person it’s attached to has expressed a desire for that sort of thing,” and “Experiment, communicate, and pay attention.”

Sound familiar?  I don’t get upset when asked (people legitimately want to know) but I do make sure to be very clear that there’s no one magic secret to giving an amazing blowjob…  Anyways, she’s clearly a woman after my own heart.  She goes on to talk a lot about the idea of enjoying the sum of a person rather than their individual parts, which I think is very important, especially considering how what someone likes one day can shift the next…  Which she very intelligently remarks on as well.  It’s ultimately all about communication, both in this article and just in life.  And isn’t that a wonderful thing?  What’s more encouraging to motivate an open dialogue than the promise of satisfying blowjobs, and sex in general?

In closing, I’m not sure if she drew this, but it came along with the article and it tickled me pink.  As a gamer, I can see how it might be handy to have a cheat code for orgasms, but blowjobs aren’t a game…  They’re an art.

Blowjobs aren't a game