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Is watching porn without your partner cheating?

Model Piper Blush

Model Piper Blush

For some couples, watching porn without your partner is cheating. The way you experience a porn movie is getting more and more real. With POV VR porn is so life-like that you feel like you are having sex with another person. Expect for the fact that its only virtual reality, there is so real contact. But it is way more intimate than it is from a computer screen. Where do you draw the line?


The best thing is most certainly to talk about it with your partner before you put on your VR goggles! So why would VR porn be cheating when looking at old Playboy centerfolds is not? Probably because VR has got 3D, head tracking, surround sound and it does not get more intimate than that. You could argue that the video you are watching is recorded, you are viewing a representation, it is not there for real nor is it a live feed. But life is an entirely different subject.


A few reasons to help you out convincing your girlfriend it is alright to watch VR porn as much as it is to watch regular porn. Keep in mind is that it may feel more immersive, but it is not more real than a wet dream, your imagination or even 2D porn. The best thing is to let her experience it for herself and see what she thinks about it. Make her try some VR Porn for women. She will be placed in her usual POV and receive loads of love from the man of her choice or even women if that’s what she is into. Try this site, NSFW content ahead, Sssh.com.


How Much Porn Did People Watch in 2016!

You don’t see many people spreading the word around that they watch porn on a regular basis. But that doesn’t mean they are not doing it. Numbers don’t lie!

Pornhub released a very detailed summary of its year 2016. The largest porn site on the internet sure has enough data to put us all to shame.

Just to give you an idea, they have 729 visits per second. And that is nothing compared to the amount of time people spend on their site, actually watching porn. We are talking 524,641 years of content. Imagine if that time was spent doing something else?

In the United-States alone the visitors spend about 10 min 15 sec per session. Maybe you would have guessed this, but your average Joe prefers to watch porn between 10 pm and 1 am.



What Do We Think About Women Who Love Porn?

Sexy redhead does porn in glasses

As a woman who makes porn, I like the idea that, among other people, other women enjoy the work that I create.  To me, it feels natural that women should enjoy porn as men do, for arousal, for stress relief, for ideas…   But a lot of people have hangups about what women can and can’t enjoy sexually, whether they’re overt notions or just things that make them uncomfortable.

For women who really actually do enjoy porn as part of their lives, they sometimes experience a kind of negativity when they’re honest about it.  I recently saw an article from a self-proclaimed female porn junkie, which echoed a lot of this.  It also indicated other issues, stemming specifically from watching porn at a young age and from watching mainstream porn, but her complaints about how men react to her enjoyment of porn felt pretty applicable and wide-spread.  As she so eloquently put it:

At the end of the day, women will always be held to a more specific and stringent set of sexual standards than men will and whilst it might not be right or fair, this is the world we live in. However this doesn’t stop me from strongly suspecting that there are a significant number of females out there who share my secret.

What do you think?  Women, since you’re here, you probably enjoy at least some types of porn.  Have you ever felt like people found it odd that you enjoy porn?  And men, what do you think of women who enjoy porn?  Would it be a good, bad or neutral thing?  And would the type of porn actually matter?

Weekend Blowjob

Camille gives a sexy blowjob in a t-shirt


We did promise the update, and here it is!  It’s called Weekend Blowjob, and it is made to capture the sweet simplicity of waking up and knowing you don’t have anything in particular to do except be with each other and enjoy the opportunity to thoroughly relax.


I love this one because we’re just totally casual.  My hair is up in a messy bun, I’m wearing my cute t-shirt/short tunic which shows off my body just right without seeming too done up and I’m all fresh-faced and happy.  You can see our cozy blanket, Mike’s cast-off pyjama pants and just the little bits and pieces that makes a comfy winter weekend blowjob so lovely.


I’ve been loving X Files lately, as it’s up on Netflix and I’m going through a rewatch, so that’s what we did after the blowjob finished…  We just cozied up and enjoyed ourselves by indulging yet another pleasure.  Isn’t that what weekends are all about?  You can see a little excerpt from our lovely morning in the trailer and cozy right up with us in the full version.  I hope this resonates with you and gives you a little something to look forward to for next weekend.

Update Snag

Seductively slow blowjob


We hit a little snag with today’s update on The Art of Blowjob.  Because we’ve been moved from our home for the past little while due to our neighbours getting their floors varnished.  It turns out toxic fumes are bad for you!  So, having to relocate was an issue that made it difficult to get this week’s update out on time.  It’ll be up this weekend, and I know you’re going to love it, so don’t fret!


In the meantime, you can check out the latest update on Slow Motion Blowjob, which takes a different look at the awesome (and burny!) cumshot from our Miami vacation.  Nice and slow, just the way I like it…  Although, if our reality had been shot in slow motion, I might have had time to dodge and catch it in my mouth instead of in my eye.  😉


So, thank you for your patience while we work to get it all set up, and I hope that you’ll agree that the update is worth the wait.  Once in a while, doing the tech and shooting all yourself gets the better of us…  But at least you know that we’re real people really doing what we do!  It’s like a cookie baked with love!