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The 7th sky isn’t too far!

You unleash your throbbing erection. As it meets the air stewardess hungry lips, she sucks on you like there’s no tomorrow. She pushes herself deeper on you. You slow her down and take control of your cock. Watch the full-length of this video here!

You tease her, taunting her. She likes it and moans loudly. Cum bursts out of your hard cock, it flies over her head and the rest land onto her forehead, nose, and lips. You know how to make a good landing!

Planes, Trains and Blowjobs

Camille Crimson giving a sensual blowjob before a vacation


I’m off to Paris pretty soon and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  I am of French lineage and I can’t wait to get to spend time luxuriating in a city so close to my heart in many ways.  French food!  Amazing destinations!  Lots of culture!  Wonderful people watching!  There are so many things to do…  But first, we had to pack.  Planes, Trains and Blowjobs takes a little diversion before we get back to organizing our suitcases to make sure they’ll fit on the plane.


Sexy sucking with a sensual blowjob among the suitcases


While we’re away, I’ve got some blog posts lined up and we’ll have updates.  Sophie will be making sure everything runs smoothly and I’ll no doubt be checking on social media to say hi and let you know how my Paris vacation is unfolding.  Well, it’s not just a vacation.  As much as we’ll be enjoying ourselves and experiencing the city, we’ll also be doing a lot of shooting to get lots of new content inspired by the sensual and romantic surroundings!


Sexy kissing from sensual blowjob goddess Camille Crimson


As we get back to getting things straightened out for our trip, I hope you’ll take a peek at the trailer or watch the full video and let me know what you think of this nice little break we had before getting back to the headache of making sure all my lingerie is present and accounted for!  😛