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Piper Blush’s First Anal Play Video!

Anal Play

Anal Play

EXCLUSIVE video of Piper’s very first anal play on TheArtofBlowjob.com! She entrusts you with the most private part of herself in this 15-minutes long video. Enjoy filling all of her beautiful holes for the first time! The breathtaking slow motions leave no place to the imagination. She gives you all of her, to conquer and satisfy!

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I start by teasing your cock with my mouth, licking every inch, getting you hard. Just as you’re about to burst I slide off and let you enjoy my body. I give you a great view of my ass, licking the buttplug in my hand. I slip in inside me with a little moan, enjoying every sensation, then start teasing you with my pussy. With both my holes filled, I can’t help but cum, over and over again…

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Kinky Blowjob In A Tight Corset!



Piper wants to impress you with her womanly charms this Valentine’s Day because there is no better day than today to try something new! She seduces you by showing off her best asset in a black corset that is knotted tightly around her small waist. Her hair stands in a bun letting you see the leather collar that surrounds her neck and the soft skin of her shoulders. Her large breasts fall on top of the fabric giving her all the curves you like so much to admire.

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Double Pleasure For A Sexy Brunette!

Nothing better than an afternoon spent reading a good old hardcover paper book. Piper is on all fours reading The Story Of O. You know it is an excellent choice for the sexy intellectual brunette in front of you. As you lay in bed under her, she includes you in her erotic daydreams. A smile grows on her lips.

Double Pleasure

Double Pleasure

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How To Have Anti-Feminist Views in 2017!

Piper Blush is one of the exceptional women who doesn’t identify with feminism. You might think, that because she is a woman feminism runs thru her veins. But you would be wrong to assume that all women are feminists. Many women are against feminism, in its entirety or some of its views.



Here’s a little piece of her mind, and it might just be the water shooter you need to help you swallow that red pill :)

“I’m disappointed to say feminism as apparently brainwashed the vast majority of men who participate in my experiment…Men are so feminist nowadays that they don’t even want me to performing any kind of surgical alterations to my body, even if I’m the one asking for it. Isn’t that awful?”

You can read all about Piper’s views on her blog ThePiperBlushExperiment.com. If you don’t agree with her, don’t be shy to voice your opinion, she loves getting comments.