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Multiple orgasms… oops, updates!

This week you get multiple updates on TheArtofBJ!

Start off with this Friday’s Facial! Piper hourglass figure combined with her small waistline makes her stick out of the crowd when she walks out of the ocean still dripping. She had so many compliments on her turquoise micro-bikini that she decided to slip it on again just for you. Today, it doesn’t get wet because of the ocean if you know what I mean 😉

Piper Blush Bikini Blowjob

Piper Blush Bikini Blowjob

Don’t go away too fast! Throughout the week, Piper will put up all of the pics she took during her time in South Beach. Go to the Photos section of TheArtofBJ to view the content of her camera. Careful, torrid content ahead!

What do you want to see first? Click Here for the Facial and Here for the pictures!

New Photo Update on TAOBJ!

This week on TAOBJ, you get multiple photo updates. That’s a big extra to accompany the sexy Facial Friday video that’s already online!

Throughout the week, Piper will put up all of the pics she took during her time in South Beach. Go to the Photos section of TheArtofBJ. Careful, torrid content ahead!

Here’s a sneak peek 😉

Piper Blush Photo Update

Piper Blush Photo Update

My first day of exploration in South Beach was to find the perfect Miami bikini. This Photos update is focused on me wandering around the streets trying to find a great swimsuit store… See more wild pics, click here!

An Artful Depiction Of A Woman’s Orgasm- TheArtofCunnilingus

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 2.09.39 PM

The Art of Cunnilingus is a beautiful porn site devoted to sensual, erotic oral sex with gorgeous women, moaning orgasms, pussy worship, and squirting. Our photo and video updates are artful depictions of the genuine pleasure of cunnilingus and the moments of connection that makes oral sex so amazing.

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Your Favourite Updates

Camille Crimson gives a sweet and sexy blowjob

This is the week I’ll be hitting 1000 blog updates, and I did want to address the question I got in the Q+A about my favourite updates, but I also wanted to know yours for the momentous occasion…  At least in my mind!  Here’s the original question:

When you think back on all the shootings of the past years, do you’ve some personal favourites? Something like your all time favourite, something like your top five of all shootings? – and please, tell something about them.

Before I get to that, I would really like to know, what are your top 5?  Are they videos?  Are they photos?  Are they old?  Are they new?  Are they focused on something in particular, or based more on a feeling or simple look?  There are so many wonderful ways to make these videos, and I think my reasoning for having favourites would be so different from yours.  I’m sure we could have a little interplay between the two and that would make for quite an interesting conversation.

So, let me know which updates pique your interest and then I’ll tell you mine!

A Little Twitter Experiment

Sexy redhead Camille Crimson smiling for a candid photo


I’m kind of a social media geek.  Scratch that…  I’m a total social media geek.  I love getting to share my life and communicate with other people across all sorts of communities, including right here.  One of my all-time favourite places to post is on Twitter, so I decided to shake things up a bit and try some new things.  It’s a constant evolution.  At varying times, I’ve tried different ways of sharing and I wanted to include a bit more of my day to day life with you guys there.


What I’ve decided to do is challenge myself to share more candid photos of what I’m up to for the month of September and see how that goes.  Since we’re known for our photos from our professional sites, sometimes it’s not as intuitive to share little snaps taken with my phone, but it’s a great way to be present and show a bit more of who I am when I’m not all done up.  Of course, I’ll be all done up sometimes too…  It’s just a way to show yet another side of myself with you guys.

So what am I going to share?  Lots!  What I’m cooking or eating, where I’m going, the motorcycle adventures I have, little extra hobbies and fun things I see that are too good not to post.  It’ll be a different slice of my life with each photo.  This gives me the chance to play with the balance of photos and text-based posts and responses, which will be an interesting part of the research.

For those of you who hang out with me on Twitter (and for those of you who don’t, what are you waiting for? ;)) I’d love to hear what you think about this idea.  I know a whole lot of people have been asking for more candid photos for a while, so I’m happy to oblige with this and see how it goes.  I just want to make sure that I do it in a way that is true to myself, and that’s what this experiment is all about.

Face Math

Are you prepared for one of the weirdest, funniest, most disturbing thing I’ve seen on the internet today?  It’s called Face Math, and it’s a relatively new Tumblr that’s about to blow your mind.  I’m not even sure who everyone is, but I picked a few with some familiar faces/looks to show you just how creepy and eerily accurate it is!


Face math featuring Nigella Lawson


Oh no!  My beautiful Nigella!  What have they done to you?  She looks so sexy there, but this unholy union somehow creates Russell Brand…  I didn’t even know what to say when I saw this!


Face math featuring Louis CK


Fellow ginger Louis CK was also included in a completely disturbingly correct equation…  I don’t even know how they do it, but it’s remarkable how spot on it is.


Face Math of sexy redhead Emma Stone


And, one that is much less scary…  Just the making of a beautiful redhead like Emma Stone.  Even though it’s less shocking, it’s still unbelievable how much they all fit together.  I kind of can’t believe it.


So, do you think that there are celebrities that could be blended to make up your looks?  Can you imagine a Face Math for me?  I’d love to know who you think might contribute to making a Camille…  I might be a perfect blend!