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I always put my thoughts in writing, keeping a notebook and pencil nearby. I think that ideas are meant to be shared and discussed with others to take form and flourish. As my patron, you’ll hold the key that unravels my mind. You help me bring my thoughts to life by viewing my experiments, which allow me to elaborate on the theory that submissive women are happier. You also gain access to all my tests and project while helping me writing my book.

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Choose Your Key!

Choose Your Key!

Niki the Sultry Brunette!

Niki from TheArtofBlowjob

Niki from TheArtofBlowjob

In the spirit of the coming new year, a beautiful wave of changes and renewal has drifted upon us, bringing with it very special things. You have already enjoyed the layout of our new mobile-friendly site, but there is more… So before you get caught in the Holidays frenzy, here’s your little pre-gift from TheArtofBlowjob.

Piper thought you might want to mix it up a little before it gets too hectic. So today she lets you have some quality time alone, with someone she chose especially for you. A new model! Her name is Niki. She is such a brunette beauty, young and firm. Her gorgeous temptress eyes look up at you as she gives you her very first POV on TAOBJ. It only happens once in the life of a model.

Share this unique moment with Niki!

Love, Art and Porn – The Life of Carlos Batts

The late Carlos Batts with his wife April Flores

The late Carlos Batts with wife and muse April Flores – Courtesy of LAWeekly.com

It’s been a tough couple of days, probably for many reasons, but chief among them is the fact that the world has lost a talented, innovative man. Carlos Batts was a fabulous photographer and videographer who made a name for himself in art, commercial work and adult content. His body of work on all fronts is truly gorgeous and lush with a uniquely vibrant feel. He engaged with a lot of subjects outside the norm, focusing on exposing “unconventional” beauty in raw, creative ways. Though he had many subjects over the years, his muse was his wife, adult film star April Flores. They were together for over 13 years, married for 10, and in that time he said that shooting her never felt like work, according to Gram Ponante‘s wonderful account of their working and intimate relationship. While reading Gram’s piece after finding out about Carlos’ passing, a particular topic stuck out to me:

Can what you do when you’re in love be porn? Is it porn when there’s commerce involved? Each scene of Alter Ego [a film shot by Batts, starring Flores] is lovingly framed, lit, scored, and constructed, but there are women fucking each other with dildos in it.

Sure it’s porn, but that doesn’t mean it’s soulless.

Michael Ninn could have made Alter Ego, or Andrew Blake, but it would have seemed cold.

That is a question I find that I’m asking myself a lot. Porn is hard to define and nail down, and people imagine that the love slips away from the creators and performers when you cross a certain sexual threshold or when money enters the equation. In my experience working with Camille and Mike, and in meeting, talking with and listening to many other people who blur the lines between love, art and porn, there is some almost inexpressible third heat permeating the work. There’s a warmth and closeness, not only drawn out through familiarity, but through the meeting of the professional and the personal in a defined artistic medium. It invokes a kind of solidarity and that radiates out to the audience, creating a community. They’re in this together, and we get to witness this rare thing.  It’s absolutely something you can see between Carlos and April.

My heart aches for her today. Losing a soulmate is an unfathomable thing. I encourage you to peruse his inventive, original work as well as some of the films they made together. I’ve been lucky enough to meet Carlos a number of times, including when I heard him speak at the Feminist Porn Awards screening and again at the Feminist Porn Conference. His desire to move past stereotypes and labels resonates immensely within the industry. As a big girl, seeing his unabashed approach to other big women in his work made me feel beautiful, and I know I’m not alone in this. He will be remembered for his amazing work, his unique approach to blending sexuality and love with his art and, just as importantly, for being a wonderful partner to April. Rest in peace, Carlos.

– Sophie

Brand New Sex and Nudity Site – CamilleCrimson.com

Gorgeous redhead Camille Crimson having sex

This is a long time coming.  This is a long, long, long time coming.  I have heard every single time someone has told me to show more nudity, take more photos and make videos featuring penetrative sex…  I promise, I have.  But I wanted to wait until the moment was right and I could really focus on making a website that would reflect me and my sexuality throughout the years and in the present.  Luckily, that time is now.  I present to you: CamilleCrimson.com.

The site is still in beta while we bulk up the content, but my friends on my blog and through social media get the first sneak peek.  You can sign up as of right now and see the 40 updates we have so far.  That’s already nothing to sneeze at…  Though you may need a tissue after.  It’s a mix of some vintage content showing different sides of my sexuality and more and more new content, ranging from cute teases to hot sex videos.  We already have a few of them, but there will be more where that came from.

I would really love to know what you think of it, from the layout to the content to the decision to go in this direction.  I’m incredible proud of it, and I think that it’s the perfect way to show a different side of myself and share my sexuality in a new way.  Thank you so much for being such a supportive environment.  I’m glad I can share this with you here first.

And So This is Boxing Day

Did sexy Santa bring you what you want for Christmas?


So, I’m not really Santa, but if I was I would have brought you exactly what you wanted.  But I’m not, so I didn’t.  Maybe you have a couple of returns or exchanges to make, or maybe you just saw a few great deals worth investigating.  Nobody can blame you…  Some are too good to pass up.


For us, we may very well head out because there are a lot of great options for tech nerds like us, both for our computers and our cameras.  We’re not going to do a complete crazy all-day shopping spree, but it’d be nice to pick up a thing or two to make the sites even better, wouldn’t it?


Are any of you braving the crowds today?